Four Smart Questions and Answers About Dreams You had not Thought of Yourself

This dream is part of a series of four blogs. 
How to Use A Dream as a Tool For Self Development;
How to Analyse a Dream with an Archetype in 4 Easy Steps;
Q & A: 7 Questions and Answers about Dreaming, and Mythology;
Four Smart Questions and Answers About Dreams You had not Thought of Yourself

Most people want to know what their dream means. They assume a psychologist or a dream dictionary will give them instant access to deeper meaning. They even assume a dream might give them a prediction about their future. Mindfunda sets the record straight. It is up to you. Here are  4 smart questions and answers that will instantly help you make much more sense of your own dreams.

Smart Questions and Answers #1

One of the most powerful question is not to seek the answer a dream is giving you. It is to seek the question a dream is asking you. A dream wants to set you in motion. Dreams do not like the status quo, They challenge you.
Look at the small and simple dream discussed in the first blog.

I am standing with my parents and brother in the street, and all of a sudden, a man comes running towards them and stabs my brother down“.

What question does this dream ask the dreamer? I can think of a number of questions. What in this moment of your life threatens you? Why are you watching while your brother gets stabbed? Is it time to move on now?

questions and answers


Any time you remember a dream and want to know more about its possible meaning, play with these kind of questions. In my eyes this dream-play is even more valuable than the answers you get.



A very smart question to ask yourself if you want to know what a (repeating) dream means, is if you should want to hire a dream expert. As a dream expert, of course I would like you to do that. But there are some things you need to consider before you put your valuable money down to pay their consultation fee.

smart questions and answers

  • Can you trust this person? Even if someone has a certification like I do, people who advice other people about their dreams can put a label on a dreamer. I once attended a dream group in which a Jungian therapist called a dreamer “neurotic”. Needless to say this dreamer disengaged from the group. If something like that happens to you, make sure you get out and don’t pay. No self-respecting dream therapist would ever put a label on a dreamer.
  • Is my dream important enough to have clues that will help me improve my general sense of well-being? This is an intuitive feeling. It has to do with the fire that is enlightened in your soul after you wake up.
  • After you pay your money, what do you get? An email? A Skype Talk? A written report with action points to undertake? Is there a follow-up where the dream worker checks to see if you have honoured the dream? I always have a Skype talk and writ out a report for the dreamer. I follow-up after the dream consultation by sending an email a week after the consultation.



What about dream dictionaries? Is it alright to use one to attach meaning to your dream?
This is such a complex question, but an important one to address. Online Dream dictionaries are huge. Lots of visitors. Among the majority of people who professionally work with dreams there is a shared contempt for dream dictionaries.

smart questions and answers

I am stuck in the middle with you. I see al lot of people getting stuck into the complexes they think they have. They mentally re-write everything to fit this basic assumption. I estimate about 99.995 percent of people, including myself, fall into this category. So if people interpret their own dreams, those dreams will revolve around those same paradigms. And you want a dream to show you some new information, a dream dictionary might be able to give you that. But just like a professional dream worker, a dream dictionary isn’t always right. So use any interpretation you find online in the most creative way. Let it suggest new layers of meaning to you, not definite answers. A dream can have a different meaning 10 years from now!


What is the theme of my dream? In my eyes dream symbols are nice, but dream themes are gold. Don’t get stuck on dream symbols, look at the big picture. In my eyes there are nine themes in every person’s life.

Who are we?

Carl Gustav Jung was one of the guys who made a living out of exploring every inch of the Self and he created a model of the psyche that isn’t scientifically validated but is still extremely popular. But you don’t need Jung to answer this question. As long as you experience your life as a journey in which you can surprise yourself, you will discover amazing things about you.


A dream is a place to test boundaries of reality. A place to explore new forms of being, new worlds, new phases of life, new genders.


Usually in a dream an archetype reflects the values of the culture you are living in. We are social creatures and I am convinced that we are able to “pick” things up and pre-dream the future, even though this is not the commonly excepted Western vision about dreams. You can test it yourself very easily: try to dream for someone else. You will find out that when the emotional connection is high: it is a person that belongs to your “tribe” you will definitely pick up something.


What does you dream say about your behaviour? Does it give you a direction to change your ways?


Wat kind of bias does the dream indulge in? One of the hardest things to discover yourself. Usually you would have to take a step back and tell yourself the story of your life as if you are the hero.


Whose perception is told in the dream? Let’s look at the dreams I have discussed in the two case studies in this blog-episodes. The first small dream from the blog How to Use A Dream as a Tool For Self Development:

I am standing with my parents and brother in the street, and all of a sudden, a man comes running towards them and stabs my brother down“ talks about a first person perspective. In general this could be a clear indication that the theme of the dream is the Self of the dreamer. But the dreamer is not a participant she is an observer. Whose view is she observing? Who is the hidden dream maker?

The second dream is from the blog  How to Analyse a Dream with an Archetype in 4 Easy Steps:

In the first part of this dream which I vague recall, I am in a boat on a large lake – as if I arrived on a boat… I have arrived with Catherine who is in early pregnancy. I am bringing her to a woman who is refusing to see her because Catherine intends to terminate the pregnancy. I look out at the lake, its distant coastline, and the small boat that I will be returning in. The lake is calm and peaceful and smooth like a mirror. I think to myself, “I can do that.”
Now from a position of standing in the water [although I don’t feel the water] observing Catherine on the shore. I see a black bear above her in a tree. I call out to her, “Catherine, there’s a bear!” She doesn’t seem to hear me. Then I see four bears in the tree shaking it wildly. “Catherine! Catherine!” She moves to the other side of the tree I think she sees the bears and is ok.
Here the first person perspective is used but there is a moment in the dream where the dreamer looks back and sees the bears in the tree. To me this si a key point in the dream worth exploring further. If I was to professionally work with this dream, I would focus my attention on this aspect. Because right after the dreamer looks back while standing in the water, the tree of life with the four bears appears. All very strong archetypical symbols.


Where do we come from?


This theme is associated with the first theme of the Self. We belong to a tribe, we are the product of our ancestors. It is a melting pot that alchemically shapes our sense of Self.




For many people emotions are at the core of every dream. I would never reduce someone to an emotion however… Emotions are a key to decipher what a dream might mean to you dreamer. But one of means keys, I hope that I have given you several others in this blog that you can use right away!




The big mystery. For years and  years I have educated myself in neurology, hungry to discover the origin of consciousness. It is still a mystery. It is an accumulation of neuronal activity, that exceeds a certain threshold.
In the second dream consciousness is gradually introduced, there has been a vague beginning of the dream. I would definitely see that as a suggestion towards a new found consciousness about life and death.
smart questions and answers


I hope I have helped you to see your dream in ways that enlighten your life. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help with a dream.


Did I forget any smart questions you usually ask yourself when you remember a dream?  Let me know in the comments or send me your feedback!
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Connect Your Inner Strength With The World

Join us now! Spiritual Soul Searching. 

Do you think all living things are connected? I think we are connected in much more ways than we are aware of.

When people start to connect, energy changes. For the better or for the worse, but transformation is an inevitable result. We add value to our live and the life of others when we connect. We do not want walls. Even though the may protect us, they leave us feeling alone, depressed and isolated.

This blog connects to Spiritual Soul Searching. If you want to find out how you can add value to your own life by connecting your own inner strength to this world, this is the blog for you.

If you have ever stood on the top of a mountain and looked down, you must have felt it. Every little thing on this earth is connected. Life is build on cycles. There is the cycle of water, there are inner cycles in your body that govern your hormones and glucose levels.


And life is build up this way to maintain homeostasis. Inner balance. Only when you are able to sustain inner balance, you are able to live a healthy life.

Connect with a broader vision

You want to do more than look at yourself as a physical unity, as a “car”. You know you are so much more than a collection of homeostatic cycles. You have felt it in waking life. You have met mythological giants in your dreams. You yearn to have a better sense of your own innate spirituality. You know that it will make you happier. Better equipped to face challenges of life.

Mindfunda offers you an online course to guide you through this re-connection with inner strength. Step by step, during the course of a month we will tune into dreams, meditations and questions about different aspects of spirituality.
We will connect wit our innate sense of spirituality. We will dive into our own shadow. We will carefully analyse dreams to detect the archetypes they represent. And finally you express your new sense of spirituality through art. Because often there are no words to express this inner feeling.

Connect with inner strength

If you think back, what were the circumstances when you looked at your life and recognised how things are connected? Once, I was flying back to Europe after I gave a presentation about dreams in America, I looked out of the window, and admired the beauty of the earth.  I said to the lady next to me: “how gorgeous is this world we are living on”. And she responded: “yes, I feel blessed every day”. Looking downwards upon  the trees, the mountains, the water, I could so easily feel how things are connected. Not only physically. Connected mentally and spiritual as well.

But the world is hard and you are not always on top of a mountain or in a plane. Life gets you down. When you feel depressed, you feel alone. You have lost the ability to connect. This loss happens in your psyche and is reflected in the world around you. Mindfunda Spiritual Soul Searching contains four lessons that will re-connect you with your inner sense of spirituality.

Connect with Your Shadow

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also If I am to be whole”
― C.G. Jung

After we have explored dreams that showed our innate spirituality, it is time to take the next step. We will follow the path of the hero. We will incubate dreams about our own shadow. There is an ancient technique called dream incubation. You write a clear statement that will focus your dreaming mind into receiving dreams about a certain topic. Every dream you remember will be interpreted by you as an expression of the shadow.


This course is not about dream interpretation. It is aimed at enhancing your knowledge so you can make connections. You will discover metaphors that your dreaming mind uses and you will be able to make more sense of your life and the path you have taken so far. The course offers four incubations for you to use to capture your own dreams.

Connect with Archetypes

James Hillman, who coined the term “Archetypical Psychology” in the seventies of last century said: “dreams tell us where we are, not what to do”.
Hillman was the first director of the Jungian Institute in Zurich. An archetype is an innate, universal prototype for ideas and may be used to interpret observations.



Mindfunda Spiritual Soul Searching will devote itself to help you look for, and connect with archetypical energy. Not only the archetypical Father, but also the archetypical Mother. We will discover that archetypes represent the origins of life as well as personifying the unconscious.

This might be the most interesting, life changing course you have ever done in your life. If you take the version with personal guidance, you will get four hours of personal coaching. An objective perspective of either me, Susanne van Doorn, or Christian Gerike. You will get one coach, so he/she can mentor your process of personal growth. This way, you can be sure that repeating dream themes are detected and that your dream incubations will be more effective. It is in human nature to perform better with a personal mentor.

The Course: Mindfunda Spiritual Soul Searching

The course consists of 4 weekly blocks. One lesson each week;

Lesson 1 is about your innate spirituality;

Lesson 2  about connecting with your shadow;

Lesson 3 about archetypes;

Lesson 4:  The concluding lesson is about your personal mandala;
a treasure for the rest of your life.

Each block you will also get:

  • Specific dream examples to guide you in re-interpreting your dream journal;
  • Challenging questions to explore your own inner wealth;
  • A dedicated dream incubation to use the rest of that week, or any time you would like to re-discover this aspect;

When you finish the course you will have created a personal roadmap for your Spiritual Self. A valuable asset to obtain inner balance. A way to seek fulfilment within. It will keep you focussed and balanced. 

Add more value to your life exploring your own Spirituality. Come and join us!

An even more personal experience is provided to you when choosing the premium Personal Guidance Plan, with an additional 4 hours of One-on-One consultation.

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What is Mindfunda about?

My name is Susanne van Doorn, I am a Dutch psychologist, blogger and author. I have been working with psychology, dreams and mythology ever since I finished my study in psychology at Tilburg University. I made this independant site to share insights, and recent scientific articles about the brain, dreams, and mythology for use in your personal life.

This posting is categorised as Spirifunda:
psychology for everyday with a spiritual layer of meaning, searching for the soul. Our brains are wired for believe in magic. In a world filled with rationality, you sometimes need a little magic, a little “I wonder why”. Synchronicity, the insights of Carl Jung, the mythology used by Freud, the archetypical layers in the Tarot, the wisdom of the I Tjing, Shamanism, the oldest religion of humanity, all that information gets published in the Spirifunda section of Mindfunda.

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Nightmare and Dreams: a presentation for Rivas

Six percent of the population regularly suffers from a nightmare. But a nightmare is a blessing in disguise. No other dream gives a dreamer such a strong impulse to act upon a dream. It is like a dream urges you to change your ways. Literally, or symbolically.


I was invited by the Dutch Rivas Organisation to give a presentation and a workshop about dreams and nightmares. An invitation I gladly accepted. I spent an evening listening to Professor Kerkhof, who was the main speaker for the evening. His expertise is Sleep and he works for the University of Amsterdam and the Sleep centre of The Hague. After his presentation, people gathered to visit several workshops. Here is a brief summary of my presentation that evening. Continue reading Nightmare and Dreams: a presentation for Rivas

Online Courses from Mindfunda

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Bob Marley, Get up stand up

I am in a different time frame. I am in the past.I see my husband with his former girlfriend on a party. The girlfriend is a very nice colored lady, I like her immediately. Because this lady has no clue who I am she starts to tell me how she and my husband met: at a party they started dancing at a Bob Marley record and then all of a sudden they where kissing. I wake up jealous…

Bob Marley
Bob Marley

Bob Marley as an archetype

Whenever I hear a dream about a celebrity I start to wonder what archetypical feature best defines this pop or fim star. Usually a pop star is a clear coat rack to “hang” the symbols of an archetype on.
What is an archetype? Carl Jung himself defined them in this way: archetypes are part of human inheritance.  They are extraordinarily stable and enduring structures that form the fundamental organization of the psyche, that arise anew in every human incarnation, and that are akin to the instincts. We all know archetypes: The Magician, the Wise Man, the Fool, the Empiror, the Goddess.

Bob Marley… The King of Rasta. Bob Marley is an archetype. The King, the Empiror takes care of order, of rules, of laws. The Empiror brings order in chaos. In the ’60s Bob converted to Rastafari. He grew dreadlocks, because of the rules: “All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in the which he separateth himself unto the Lord, he shall be holy, and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow”. (Numbers 6: 5 KJV).

The heavenly mandate in China acknowledged an Empiror when he was able to bring heaven and earth together. If in this dream the husband symbolizes the heaven, and the dark lady symbolizes mother Earth, the the stage is set up for the sacred marriage. Marriages are blessed by God. Bob Marley oneself said once, in an interview: well God come black. True true (Davis, Steven, Bob Marley: the biography (1983) p. 115).

“Most people think great God will come from the sky
Take away ev’rything, and make ev’rybody feel high
But if you know what life is worth
You would look for yours on earth
And now you see the light
You stand up for your right, yeah!”
(Get Up, Stand up, Bob Marley)

This might be the song that the husband and the girlfriend started kissing on.
The dream does not specify it, and when I asked the dreamer about it, she could not tell which song it was. But the message from Get Up Stand Up is that one should look for god on earth, search for your inner spark.

The archetype and the collective unconscious
If you are interested in archetypes and want to buy it, please use the link on the page. Mindfunda will get a little kickback fee.