Sixth Holy Night, Dec 30 – 31

12 holy days - 6th night

Tonight the moon is in the sign of Virgo. A sign associated with rules and regulations, but also with intestines and food. The incubation tonight is focused on how the rules and regulations of the Web of Life. This night we focus on the month of June 2016. The beginning of summer, ripening of opportunities, growth. We will use our dreaming mind to incubate a dream about how your soul fits into the Web of Life. Use the day to meditate on the incubation and make it your own. (accessible exclusively for logged-in MoreMindfunda members!)

Edit: We will be back in 2016,  this year it will be available in Mindfunda Courses.

Virgo, Rules and the web of life

The Moon is in Virgo, and Virgo is known for being strict when it comes to rules and regulations. Tonight we will visit the Grandmother Spider, who weaves the web of life. She has her own set of rules, her own pattern. She sings a song while weaving it, if you listen careful and intuitive, you might be able to hear it. We are going back to ancient knowledge. Like Chief Seatle said in his speech in 1855: “Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand on it.”




One of my dreams during the Holy Nights has been the inspiration for the incubation this day. In this dream I get lessons from the seamstress. She is strict, rule driven. It is important that rules are followed, because there must be a pattern in the web.

The Spinning Goddess

“The Great Mother herself spins and weaves because  she is the primal embodiment of the triad of the weavers of all things earthly, of growth, of time, of destiny. The primordial lady spins out of her own being the thread of time and weaves it to mak ethe tissue of things, just as the woman spins in herself the tissue of another being’s flesh… ”

Myth of the Goddess, Anne Baring Jules Cashford



This lady knows the rules. We have a Western illusion that we can change things, but we are “merely a strand on the web.” Now I don’t encourage you to become passive, just to loosen up a bit. You are not responsible for everything. Tonight, you will tune into the Great Mother Goddess with the bold question: “How does my soul fit into the pattern of life?”


In the evening, when you go to your bedroom, be very quiet. Hear if you can hear the spindle and the soft song of Mother Goddess who is weaving.

While gently breathing, start to imagine how the world is connected. You see silver lines of energy connecting all living things. Each living creature has his own package of energy circling around them. You see your own energy pattern, you perceive its color, you perceive its tone. You can hear how you sing out to the universe. Take this time to connect with people you miss, or with people you long for. Sent them your energy, filled with love. Feel if the energy is accepted.

If you want to disconnect with somebody who has not been good for you, but you still cling towards, start pulling your energy back. Carefully wind the string of energy in a knot and carefully cut the string with a golden scissor. Wish the person you want to let go all the best.

Now take a new deep breath and start to perceive how all living things connect with one origin. You hear a soft song, so sweet and so gentle, you start searching for her. She might invite you, or you might search for her energy line yourself. But when you intuitively perceive that the moment is right, you use the line of your own energy field to transport your being to the dimension of the Goddess. You can climb, you can fly, or you can simply envision yourself in her realm.




A woman, so old and so wise sees you walking in. You recognise her. “There you are” she says, “I have been waiting for you”. Meanwhile she is weaving an impressive web, filled with colors, stars, connections. You become a bit dizzy when you look at it. “How does my soul fit into the web of life?” you ask her? “That is not an easy question to answer” she says. I must show you and you will understand. And she gently touches your shoulders and the both of you look at your life pattern and the web-of-life being created in 2016. You will remember and understand the images of your dream.

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay): When I read the introduction to tonight’s dreaming, I got shivers. Your powerful words reminded me of a ritual that I once took part in. This is not a dream (that will come tonight), but I wanted to share it here anyways:


I was part of a coven, and I regret I have no date for this vision. It must have been around 2001 or 2002.
Our purpose that night was to honour and seek guidance from The Spider Woman, a North American Goddess. This was one of the very first times I had such a vision, and it was so vivid that I really did not know how to interpret or make sense of what I had seen. Nevertheless, I wrote it down as best I could:

After setting up the tools and casting the circle, we were guided to settle deeply into a meditation as we chanted:

We are the flow
We are the ebb
We are the weavers
We are the web

We were asked individually, if we were ready and willing to go. All answered, “yes”. We were then then instructed to visualize the circle as an egg around us all, a cocoon.

We floated into the astral and into the Spider Woman’s domain into her beautiful web spun from sunlight, starlight, lightening light, and every other kind of light imaginable and unimaginable. We lit down on a strand, and watched the Spider Woman come for us. She lifted the egg, and carried us towards the centre. Leaving us on a strand, She returned to resume Her duties.

We each leave the egg, and I become aware of two things: 1) All of my fellow coven members were like white flames. They had no bodies, only what I assume was the pure spirit essence. That consciousness was always with me. 2) The Web was reduced now to a single shining road.

At some point, I did see the Web in its entirety, and saw the bead which was me. “There it is!” I silently cried out and was instantly melded with it. The strands were crystal white against a soft black velvet background.

Now, even though I was still aware of others, I became more alone. It was my time with the Mother. She was indeed Spider Woman – two of her hands gathered the light from all sources, two hands wove the light, two hands wove the light into the ever-expanding web, and with two she anchored herself. She wore a rainbow shawl that was infinitely delicate, the finest silk of her own making.

I asked why, since She made me a weaver, did my talents now become my hindrance. I thanked her nevertheless for granting me this gift and gave her my piece of silk upon which I had embroidered a sigil for her to weave into the cosmic. I watched her work, and then asked her, “Are you tired?” She lifted up her head to me at that point. She had an ancient face, her skin like tan parchment, which was a web in itself, from all the thousands of lines on it. Her head was covered with the rainbow shawl and her deep eyes were black. She looked directly at me. I could not read what her face said – there was nothing in the eyes or lips to indicate approval, disapproval, joy, sadness, anger or love. She just was and looked at me. Never faltering, she continued with her task.

We were called back to the egg now. As flames we flickered across the strands into the comfort and safety of the Egg. As we neared, the High Priestess and I reached the door at the same instant and actually jostled for position. I laughed, stepped back and bowed her through. The High Priest followed after me. I think he was the last.

Gently, we were guided back to the confines of the physical world and the room. With the passing moments, we each settled into our mortal bodies.
Once we were back, I was asked, “What was that silliness about by the egg?” So someone else saw it, although not clearly enough to identify exactly what was happening! This served as confirmation that what I experienced was not just in my imagination.

Dreams of this night:

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay)

December 31, 2015

Bake Sale

This dream happened around 5:00 a.m. – I am at some outdoor fair full of people who are sullen and not very pleasant. It occurs to me that this is some sort of religious community, perhaps Amish. I walk around and notice that almost every booth is selling baked goods. There are pies, cookies, cakes, buns and bread of every variety and flavour. However, every time I try to buy something, it’s immediately taken off the table and I’m told it’s not available.

Eventually, all the goods are gathered up and placed on the ground in the middle of a large open space. The people gather around them, and form a circle. They walk around while changing or singing something, and then they sit down on the ground, as though protecting the food. Whenever any ‘outsider’ approaches, members of the group actually growl warnings.

I wake up thinking this is not what I was supposed to have been dreaming about.

Trouble with Friends

I am living as a tenant in a large wooden house that’s about three stories high. My apartment is open concept and airy, with windows facing in three directions. While I know there are other tenants in the building, along with the owner, I do not have much to do with them.

A notice comes to me saying that my friends from New Brunswick are coming for a visit. Since there are unoccupied apartments in the building, they have been offered one of them to stay during their visit. They arrive, and we have a happy reunion. That, however, does not last long. During one of our get togethers, I find out that R. is involved with some shady activities. He’s lying back on a bed and gloating over the letters he’s going to be sending out, spamming thousands of people. I get angry and grab one of the letters out of his hand. During the short struggle, my elbow hits his gold-framed eyeglasses and bends them slightly. While I know it won’t make any difference, I take the stack of letters he’s already printed off and throw them into the fireplace (thinking, “Where did the fireplace come from!?”). His wife, J., tries to stop me, but I am too quick.

I ask them what the heck happened to the lovely couple they used to be. In response, all R. can do is complain about his glasses, and J. is raging at me about burning the letters. After a few moments, I simply stop talking, and march outside. They follow me.

Instead of being in the city, I now find that the house is located on a huge lot of park land. There are many groups of people out there having all sorts of activities. Strangely, while it’s quite warm, like early summer, there are banks of old snow around the edges of buildings and sidewalks. I walk away, and am followed by R. and J. They are hounding me about the bent glasses and the letters I burned. A group of people gather around, as though they are the jury in a trial. One girl in particular catches my eye – she looks young, about 18, with a wreath of flowers about her blond hair and a long white dress. She looks young, but I can see there is far more to her than first meets the eye. She has an aura of all ages from all worlds about her.

All right, I think to myself. This is a trial indeed, and she is a judge. I stand still, simply looking at her. No one else seems to notice anything unusual about her, so I give her a slight bow in acknowledgement, and she smiles back. Eventually, my ‘friends’ and I tell our stories, and without any words, the entire group simply turns away. The ranting stops awkwardly. I head back to the house.

Now I am confused. Somehow, the stairways have changed. Even though R. and J. are still hounding me, I concentrate only on finding my apartment, only to come to a dead end. Suddenly, my ‘friends’ start talking about something else. They are trying to get me to buy a certain product, and if I do, I will get a lovely balcony built “for free”! J. takes me to the apartment they’re staying in, and shows off the balcony like a seasoned salesperson. I can hardly believe it. “You mean you had this constructed in a home that is not yours and without the landlord’s permission?” I say angrily. “I don’t know who you people are any more!”

Following my intention now, I go out into the hallways and this time have no problem getting to the owner’s apartment. He is not there, but his wife is. She is a beautiful middle-aged woman with dark long hair and is sitting on the couch wearing only a flowered silk housecoat. I tell her my concerns and she just looks at me, thinking. She inclines her head in acknowledgement and understanding, while at the same time bending down to pick up a kitten. Her robe falls open, and with unconscious grace, she simply sits there in nude glory. Instinctively, I know this is important – more important than the problem I seem to have embroiled with my former friends. Also instinctively, I understand that the issues will be resolved, and I back out, followed by R. and J., who are also now quiet.

I feel the need to go outside again, and do so, just as I drift towards wakefulness…


I honestly have no idea why I would dream about R. and J. in this manner. They are truly my friends, and I have never ever had any trouble with them. Perhaps they are dream images of other people I am having difficulties with.

Once again the colour gold came up, crystal/glass (in the form of the eye-glasses), as well as flowers (in the silk dressing robe).

The Maiden and Mother were obvious, both acting as judges in disputes.


If it was my dream, it is a celebration of the corn-goddess: the bread that is eaten in a circle, in a mandala, in the first dream called bake sale.

If the second dream was my dream, meeting the spider goddess as the mother of the little kitten who also appeared to you several nights ago (I have been searching, but i was not able to find it back, it was the night after you met the wolf – lady). She weaves the pattern, bad things happen, like friends that are not trustworthy, and by meeting her you know it is all in the game of life.

I see the burning of the letters as the fire of spiritual transformation. After this fire, you discover there was a new, nicer home ready and witing for you.


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