Birthday dreams: an example

Celebrating the 10th birthday of my youngest son made me think about birthday dreams. Not the dreams you have about the presents you want to get but dreams that can shed a light on the year that lays ahead.

Birthday dreams and literature

The thirst time I heard about birthday dreams was when I read The Woman’s book of dreams written by Connie Kaplan (click the link to read about my interview with her).


Birthday dreams: be alert

Every year, about a week before your birthday the moon is in the same sign, at the same position as when you were born. That dream would have a predictive quality for the year you are about to experience. So each year my dreaming mind remembers dreams in april.

Here is my dream from April 03 2015, when the moon was in Virgo, like my birth moon.

First dream:
I am standing at the dock of the bay talking to a guy about his problems.

Second dream:
I am in the kitchen. My dreaming friend K is sitting at the kitchen table talking with a friend. I am trying to make cookies. I chop down luncheon meat from the Ardennes into little pieces and add some onions. The dough is too dry so I add a can of beans. Now all the beans are on top of the dough and my emotions are very sad: I failed. I try to pour the juice of the beans into the sink and ask for a glass of water. When I look at the kitchen table I see that my glass of water is already standing there ready for me to take a sip.

About dreaming with the moon in Virgo, Connie Kaplan says: ‘Virgo, the virgin is always appropriate. She is pure, polished, focused, discriminating and perfectionistOne might have One may have dreams about breaking down and assimilating food and/or information’.

When I look at this dream as a guidance for creating Mindfunda, my cookie filled with soul food I am most fascinated by the contradiction. Cookies are sweet while I am busy mixing up savoury ingredients. The water from the dock in the first dream returns at the end: it is already on the table. Water gives live.

Birthday dreams interpretations

The thing that struck me is the fact that I am preparing am afternoon snack, a cookie, using ham and beans. So I decided to become the beans in my dream (This is a fairly common method of dream interpretation: you use your creative imagination, re-enter the dream and pretend, well, in this case, the beans floating on top of the cookie. This is what the beans had to tell me:

'I don't know what I am doing here, so I drift to the top. If you want to get rid of me, you can easily do so. I get spilled too often. I am packed with nutrition but you used to get sick with us'.

Now that was true. When my diabetes was undiagnosed and my mother used to cook beans I got sick. I was not able any more to digest beans. But this was such a good clue for my work. I now knew that it was good to write about the things I could not ‘digest’ (click here to read an example).

The luncheon meat from the Ardennes was another enigma. Using the same technique I mentioned above I ‘became’ the luncheon meat from the Ardennes:

'I have to be chopped up to give some substance. I am easy, cheep and everybody is able to digest me. You don't want too much of my because my substance (pork meat) is not really healthy.'

And indeed I have gotten used to chop up ‘easy’ pieces of Mindfunda to give substance to the mixture that you are glad yo read. For en example click here to read my Mindfunda about Inside oud a very good Pixar film.

The kitchen table is a familiar dream symbol for me. At my kitchen table I have met many dream friends including Travis Wernet who was a guest blogger for Mindfunda. Click here to read his blog about dreams and music. The lady in this dream at my kitchen table with her friend seems to be a symbol for the triple goddess. For friendship. She is very aware of food and has lots of food dreams. So dreaming about food for the soul in her presence is a very good thing. I am trying to impress her. And frankly, I am trying to impress with Mindfunda. I will be blunt about it. I want Mindfunda to be the best. I want people who want to know more about the best books, the best methods to read Mindfunda. That is ambitious I know. But that is the way I am.



The animus in my first dream is like Otis Redding ‘sitting on the dock of the bay’. The water only found as a solution in the last part of the second dream (it was there all along) is here in abundance. The ships of life come here to take a rest, to refill and sail on. That is exactly my aim with Mindfunda. To be a haven for the various ships of life.

In the second part I am trying my best to be innovative. Creating an afternoon snack that is not sweet. But it has to be juiced up a bit. With the water of life. I hope I have added enough to please you, reader.

Did you have birthday dreams yourself? Did they have guidance for you? Advice that you needed? I would love to hear about it.

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