13 Holy Nights (this Dec. 24 – Jan.6)

13 students

13 Holy Nights

starts Dec. 24th 2018


Hecate  is the keeper of the darkness, as well as the seer of ways and opportunities. Mindfunda invites you to tune into her energy to focus your energy for the new year ahead.

On December 24 the Holy Nights will start again. After a year’s absence, demand for a new edition was too strong to ignore. This year, during 12 days and 13 nights we will connect a group of participants again through a series of meditations and incubations with the Goddess Hecate. 

Photo: Max Busse

It is the time for dreaming, because the veils between the worlds are thin. Hecate is an ancient Goddess with her roots in Asia minor. She is believed to be a Goddess of pathways and doors. We will search for doors of opportunity. We will mourn doors we have shut. We will grief over opportunities that closed off for us during the path of our life. We will honour the animals associated with Hecate: the frog, the dog, the horse and the owl. 

Each day you will receive an incubation so your dreaming abilities can be tuned in to this ancient energy. You will have the opportunity to share your dreams in a Private Facebook group and will have the opportunity to ask for reflection on your dreams using the Ullman method. 

Each day you will receive some background information about this fascinating Goddess about whom William Shakespeare wrote:

Now the hungry lion roars

And the wolf behowls the moon,

Whilst the heavy ploughman snores,

All with weary task fordone.

Now the wasted brands do glow,

Whilst the screech-owl, screeching loud,

Puts the wretch that lies in woe

In remembrance of a shroud.

Now it is the time of night

That the graves all gaping wide,

Every one lets forth his sprite,

In the churchway paths to glide.

And we fairies, that do run

By the triple Hecate’s team

From the presence of the sun,

Following darkness like a dream,

Now are frolic. Not a mouse

Shall disturb this hallowed house.

I am sent with broom before

To sweep the dust behind the door.



Hecate is a Goddess of darkness, a goddess of dreams. But also the goddess who bestows prosperity on families.
Gift yourself (or a loved  one) with 12 days of self-improvement, including exclusive access to a safe private group of kindred spirits to share gained insights. Previous group was very excited about the results and the group bonding that arose.

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