13 Holy Nights (this Dec. 24 – Jan.6)

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3 Replies to “Evaluation and Sharing January 6”

  1. Susanne-this was such a profound and meaningful way to transition between the end of 2018 and beginning of the New Year. tI is also a beautiful, poignant, and powerful way to spend the Holy Nights. For me, there is always a ‘hush’-a sacred stillness this time of the year, which is best honored by reflection and inwardness. Exploring our dreams is a perfect way to do this-especially when they are inspired by your thoughtful, wise lessons-I was really impressed by them! Your reflections on each of our dreams was amazing!-what a gift! This, along with the group members and their sharing insights really made our dreams come alive! I am so happy to have been able to participate this year, and I truly hope that you will consider offering this opportunity again. Thank you so much for this rich experience!

  2. I’ve enjoyed every part of this . I feel it has gotten me back on track with my dreaming. The feedback is wonderful, insightful and very helpful in getting a direction in life. Im looking to be able to print the lessons to look back on.

    1. Clearly a lot of up front effort went into the preparation of The Holy Night’s course, and preparation paid big rewards. (I don’t believe I truly began to appreciate how much effort until the summary of each nights’ invitations came on the last night!) Also, I appreciated the involvement, comments related to the dream itself, and alternate sources for potential investigation of the myths.
      As with Lauralee, the class allowed me to readily pay attention to, transcribe, and get into my dreams–the class created a container, a bit of a pressure cooker for dreams to stew in.


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