About last Holy Nights – previous HN edition

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About last Holy Nights; The previous ‘Cailleach’ edition (Dec.2019 into Jan.2020) was spiced up with 12 dedicated audio incubations. An addition that was well appreciated by last year’s participants. These files remained accessible to the attendees for the whole year.

If you hesitate about joining this year, or prefer to experience the previous Holy Nights 2019 – 2020 edition singularly and at your own pace, we added a low-cost possibility to access these audio incubations.
A timeless and precious set of twelve beautiful audio incubations that you can play when you go to sleep. These incubations are dedicated to the Cailleach: the dark witch of winter. An old wise woman, who rules during the dark period of the year.

Why this offer? We defined three good reasons to offer you access to these files:

  1. This is meant as a real basic way to get familiar with the Holy Nights, it will not give valuable access to the dream sharing forum or the in-depth blogs about the Cailleach.It simply contains the audio incubations for each night and their written transcripts, and these again will be available for 52 weeks.
  2. If you are already familiar with the concept from earlier Holy Nights, but had to skip this last one for any reason; then you will be delighted about the quality and depth of the incubations.
  3. We will consider your small investment a sympathetic way to modestly support Mindfunda this challenging year, while giving you a precious gift in return.


During this entry-level Cailleach journey, you may want to put the cherry on your private Holy Night’s pie after all. Then you can easily add a personal dream consultation.
In this 1-hour video consultation we can talk about your experience and discuss a specific dream in depth.


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