Holy Nights 2020-2021 – Copper Package

4 students

In this Copper Package of the 12 Holy nights you will get:

  • 12 blogs dedicated to Odin, each for one night.
    The journey will travel from the Wild Hunt, towards the Yggdrasil, a visit to Mirmi’s Well, the runes, the Norns, Valkyries… Such a wealth of mythological information to dive into;
  • 12 incubations, each aimed at dreaming for a particular month of 2021.


This way you are all set to travel this journey the way you want to. At your own pace if you’d like.

PREMIUM available:

  • If you also would want to get access to the dream sharing forum you are advised to choose to the Silver Package.
  • If you want to fully profit from the psychological wealth of this event, treat yourself to a complementary dream consultation to ally discuss one of your dreams in length. This full package is available as the Golden Package


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