Holy Nights 2019-2020: Dream with The Cailleach, Celtic Winter Goddess

17 students

Holy Nights Dreaming

Each Year, In the Days and Nights from Christmas Eve until January 6th, It’ s a Special Time For Dreams. Mindfunda Gives you the Opportunity to Tap into the Wisdom of Your Dreams.

Join us for a spiritual journey!

video credits: © 2019 –  created by christine anderson 

Included Content:

  • Each Day you get Access to a Blog Filled with Information about The Ancient Queen of Winter: the Celtic Cailleach;
  • Each Night You can Listen to or Read the Incubation written for that Night to Tune Into Your Dreams;
  • You will be Given Access to an Online Dream Group.
  • Each Morning You can post your Dreams in a Private Facebook Group that’s especially Dedicated to the Dreams During These Holy Nights.
    You can reflect on your dreams and on those of others always in a respectful way.

You will notice how your Dreams will Come To Fruition. Often Participants Notice that Dreams indeed had precognitive elements.
This online event can help you notice your own precognitive symbolism.

Extra Content Value Packs:

Airgid – Silver:

If you’d like to add a personal in-depth analysis of five dreams with an eye for archetypical and mythological content of your dreams,
we highly recommend to choose the ‘Airgid’ Silver Value Pack



Oir – Gold

And if you also want to include a one hour personal dream consult through Skype on top of that,
sign up for the limited seats ‘Oir’ Gold Value Pack.







Susanne van Doorn, you have done a wonderful job of presenting us with myths for the Holy Nights and the enthusiasm and dreams of the participants have been marvelous. A fun and insightful experience, may there be more such presentations in the future.”
~ Christian

“I love the FB group and all the sharing everyone did with their dreams and responses to mine. So easy to be in a group with experienced dreamers who know how to comment on dreams!
And most of all…I appreciate your big generosity in sharing your dream wisdom with each of our dreams each day – what a big job! You are so insightful and just taking the time to respond is a big blessing for me. On that level I love that it was a small group. And on another level – I really enjoy what you teach so wish you the magic of gathering more dreamers together.Using this 13 day window of time is perfect. It’s a gift and tool I can use the whole rest of the year.Thank you! I love what you offered us! Keep going 🙂 ”
~ Sage

“Thanks again, Susanne, for creating a meaningful chalice for us to transition from one year to the next in such a poignant way -Hecate guided us across the threshold with wisdom and reflection that has set the tone for this year in a soulful, profound way.”
~ Christine

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Two prior participants have written blog about their personal experiences during past Holy Night Events:

“I came back to the twelve dreams, meditations and exercises I engaged in during the Holy Nights. Every day Susanne’s new message would add to and expound on what was already learned. Each day I wondered if I was up to the task. And each night, new revelations would come to me by way of dreams.”
read more from Lidia ‘Urban Crone’ Tremblay 


“I think surrender is key to this process. Susanne will offer you amazing incubations for each night. Hold those firm and deeply surrender for the wisdom of the dream to manifest that exactly as THEY see fit. You can trust them! When it comes to prophecy, we tend to brace ourselves and go, “show me…but it better be pretty and happy.’ Let that go, affirm you trust even if it’s not what you’d want.”
read more from Steven Ernenwein 


video&images: ©2019 created by christine anderson


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