Holy Nights Silver Package 2020 – 2021

11 students

The 12 days and 13 nights surrounding Christmas are known as ‘the Holy Nights’. It is a good time to retreat and contemplate on what the old year has brought you and what the new year will bring.
This year the event will be centred around the old God Odin, also known as Wotan. Odin, Norse God who is on an eternal journey for wisdom and knowledge is -together with Frau Holle who joins him in the Wild Hunt on Christmas Night
a perfect guide for us during these dark nights before the sun gets reborn again.

In this course, you get a mythological story to contemplate and each night, you can listen to an incubation. Your experiences and dreams can be shared on a private forum. Other participants can reflect on them in a respectful way, if you ask for it.
You are also invited to reflect on the dreams and insights shared by others each night. It is fun, it is good for the soul and each year it is a pleasant event among friends.
Whenever dreams are shared, we use the ‘if it was my dream’ method. With each reflection you give on a dream, by using this phrase you make sure that the dreamer understands that it is your reflection. But just giving your own insights into a particular
story can give the dreamer a new perspective on possible meanings a dream might contain.


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