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Dream explanation consults by renowned dream-worker and psychologist Susanne van Doorn.

When you book a session with me, I will ask you to sent me a dream a couple of days before the consult will take place. This will give me time to prepare so you will get the best experience and the most valuable information from your dream.

In the session we will first talk about you, your childhood, and your life until this moment in time. 
I will ask you to tell me your dream as if you are in it, experiencing it again. 
I will ask you some questions to clarify the story of the dream.
From the outsider point of view it is easier to see themes in dreams and symbols that might need some more clarification.

After the session is done, you will get a short written report about the dream consult.




  • introduction to Dream Explanation; what to expect.

    In this section we will explain what to expect, and -you will get familiarised with the "If It Was My Dream" concept.

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  • preparation instructions; how to benefit most from a consult

    To benefit most from a consult, a few simple but relevant preparations are needed from both ends. Please follow the instructions.

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  • the consult - relax and enjoy it!

    This is where the magic happens after an introductory chat we start the actual consult.

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  • evaluation and next steps

    In this section you will recieve a written evaluation report of the personal consult for future reference, including conclusions and tips or applicable literature suggestions.

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