The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Golden Package

3 students

A Tarot Course that will guide you through the 22 cards of the big arcana as Archetypes that you encounter in life and dreams.

Do Not take this course if you want to learn the tarot as Oracle System!

You will get:

  • 22 lessons: each lesson will discuss the card of the major arcana;
  • Each lesson has an audio incubation that will help you explore this archetype in your dreams;
  • Each lesson has exercises that will help you see how this archetype plays out in your life and in your dreams;
  • The Golden Package includes a word document with your dreams during te course;
  • The Golden  Package includes a written dream analysis that is aimed at the connection of frequently occurring archetypes during the course;
  • The Golden Package includes a dream consultation of an hour about your dreams during the course or any other dream you want on Skype.

note:  Gold and Silver are subject to availability and the extras cannot be refunded once enrolled.


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