The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: About Tarot, Archetypes and Dreams

  • 22 Lessons

    The Fool is the Pure Energy of Life, Searching for his Path, learns how to use the elements to create, tunes into his intuition, sets the rules, goes out on a journey, sees his world tumble apart and learns to rebuild it. Each step takes him closer to his authentic Self. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly are all part of our personality. Join me on a journey of self discovery though lessons and dreams. Each lesson features a card of the big arcana, an analysis of the symbols on the card, a connection with dreams, an incubation and dream sharing opportunity.

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6 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: About Tarot, Archetypes and Dreams”

    1. Hi Gloria,

      The course is online, you have to register on the site, so you can access to read the lessons. If you do that on your mobile phone you will be able to listen to the incubation at night, while going to sleep.

  1. It sounds wonderful Susanne and I’m sure it will be, with you at the helm. I would love to do this – the price is a bit prohibitive for me given our exchange rate, plus time is an issue for me. About to go travelling from next week ..

    1. Oh it would have been wonderful if you would join the course given all your wisdom and expertise. Have fun traveling and exploring new territories

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