Turning the Wheel of the Year (recurring program)

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Turning The Wheel of the Year 

starts each quarter – ongoing event


Susanne van Nijnanten van Doorn from Mindfunda  invites you to an inspiring ongoing event called Turning the Wheel of the Year. This year-round event consists of four inner contemplations based on ancient Celtic wisdom.
Turning the Wheel of the Year circles around the four quarters of the year.

wheel of year


Each quarter you will be invited to read a mythological story. Mythology enables us to give words to experiences that are a mystery. You will be given questions that will enable you to apply the lesson of the myth to your own life. Answers to those questions are not required, they are just for your own intellectual and spiritual entertainment and development.

Furthermore, you will get a dream incubation each quarter that touches upon the heart of the fire festival that we celebrate. Dream incubation is an ancient technique that allows you to direct the wisdom of your dream to contemplate a challenge in your life. There will be a possibility to share the dreams triggered by this incubations on a forum in a Private Facebook group. This requires a Facebook account, either your personal or a newly created one.

The Circle will move through four events  in the year. The so-called “light fires” of the ancient Celts:

Samhain October 31,

Imbolc February 02,

Beltane April 30

Lughnasadh August 1.


This event starts yearly at Samhain, October 31 2018 but you can join any time you want, we circle the year round!

The Celtic year was divided into a dark and a light part. The dark part begins at Samhain, the end of the summer. Night becomes longer as the day: it is the time for dreamers…

If you register, you will get access on to the myth of the Banshee. The fairy who is a lady of death.


wheel of the year

Photo: Chandler Hilken

It is the night that the veil between the worlds is thin. The time to tap into the knowledge of your ancestors. We will take the challenge to tune into the friendly version as well as the Banshee that whispers about death. If you want to tune into lost loved ones, or lost parts of your Self, this is a good time to do that.


The second event will take place February 2. Imbolc was the time that milk was available again. At the Imbolc ritual milk was poured over the ground celebrating its nurturing qualities. The wisdom that retreated in the earth at Samhain now has been fertilized by the unconscious.


wheel of the year

Photo: Lawrence Green

At Imboic, you will receive a mythological story about Brighid, the two-faced lady. She is the hag of winter as well as the beautiful bride of summer. This myth will challenge you to think about the two sidedness of life. Like Carl Gustav Jung said: “The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being” (Memories, Dreams Reflections).


The third event is Beltane on April 30,  a time for inner growth. The light increases and it is a time that enables you to enter the realm of fairies. Boundaries between the earth and the magic realm of fairies become more sustainable. It is the time to decide what you want to grow in your life.

Beltane will be dedicated to exploring the mythological energy of Guinevere, like Nimue a lady of the Arthur myth. Or maybe even THE lady of the Arthur myth.


wheel of the year

Photo by Florian Pagano

The origin of her name is ‘gwena’ meaning Queen. She is the May Queen, a place that in the Catholic religion has been taken over by Mother Mary. The story of Guinevere is a love story. She has to choose between two loves: Lancelot and Arthur. Between her heart and her duty.

On a personal level you will be challenged to answer questions like: “How many of the flowers in your garden have grown out of love and how many have grown just by simple dedication?” You will be invited to explore the vividness of your spirit, your inner joy to be alive.

The incubation will be focused on meeting your inner May Queen. On this night we will attempt to walk around in our dream garden and see if there are things that want or need to grow.


The fourth event, on August 1, is Lughnasadh, a celebration named after the Celtic god of light. On August 1, the fertility of Mother Earth is celebrated. This is the time to look at your life and decide what you want to harvest from your life and what you want to sow for next year.


wheel of the year

Photo: Tuan Anh Tran

The myth I will share with you in this period is that of Igraine, mother of Arthur. Its a myth about love and boundaries. It will take you back to explore ever so gently how your own boundaries have been shifted in relationships.

The incubation of this period will focus on love in your life. Love for yourself, for your own being and how it reacts to or against others. 



On four auspicious occasions during the year you will treat yourself with an incubation, accompanied by a mythological text to reflect upon, with questions that will help you explore your own inner depth.  The group will be private for  an exclusive chance to share dreams and insights safely with other participants.

You will become familiar with mythological themes and learn to look at your own life as part of a greater mythological story.

Join now to secure your place and enjoy a year of growth!

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