Winter Solstice 2018

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The longest night of the year on the Northern Hemisphere,
the winter solstice is a night dedicated to dreaming.

Mindfunda invites you to walk the misty dark paths of the soul and enter the gate of the underworld. In this pre-course you will become acquainted with Goddess Hecate, the star of our Holy Nights of Dreaming event.

In Mythology the Giants usually represent forces of nature that are hard to control by humans. Hecate used to rule the Earth, the Sea and the Sky. But as the centuries progressed, she became known as a liminal Goddess. She is a catalyst that enables personal growth. She is the Goddess of the crossroads, with her torch lighting the way. She is also associated with animals, dogs in particular. In the Holy Nights event you will receive a lesson dedicated to Hecuba, her dog who has a special mythological origin. There will also be a lesson dedicated to the frog, the animal symbolizing fertility.

In the Homeric Hymn of Demeter, Hecate is one of the Gods who hears the cry for help from Persephone, who has been kidnapped by Hades and taken into the Underworld. A lesson in the Holy Nights will be dedicated to this story.  Tuning into your own inner wisdom, seeking the guidance of your dreams to help you overcome the challenges of the year to come.

A lesson will be dedicated at stewing up your own magic, if you feel drawn to it.  At this moment in time, Hecate is mainly associated as Crone. A powerful witch stirring her cauldron.

And one lesson will be dedicated to your Tree of Life. The tree dedicated to Hecate is both toxic and healing. In this lesson you will tune into your own Tree of life and you might receive a dream that will help you tune into your soul.

There are a lot of aspects to this magnificent Goddess. I hope you will sign up for the Holy Nights Dreaming Event because it promises to be a lot of fun.

This is a bonus pre-course for anyone who buys or has already bought the Holy Nights Dreaming. (Holy Night participants will be automatically enrolled free of charge. This works both ways; when you enjoyed this pre-course and additionally want to join the Holy Nights, you will only have to invest the reduced fee).


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