Winter Solstice – MINI / BONUS course

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This year, now we have been in isolation for so many months, we crave connection. Join us for a Christmas celebration filled with mythological stories and dream incubations.

This special evening, when Saturn and Jupiter are so close they shine as bright as the Christmas Star, we will drink the Mead Of Poetry together and read all about how Odin used his tricks to get this liquid. 


This mini-course is a great way to get familiar with the course environment.
It consist of a written ‘lesson’ to get deeper into the Winter Solstice which is an introduction to the Odin theme of the complete Holy Nights course.
You will secondly get a dedicated audio incubation, produced especially for this Solstice event.


If you sign up now for the Silver or the Gold package of the Holy Nights 2020-2021, you get free access to this Winter Solstice Event on December 21 as a bonus:


What is the Holy Nights 2020-201 edition about?

Each year Mindfunda organizes the Holy Nights Event. Every year a particular winter God or Goddess guides us through a spiritual journey that prepares us for the year ahead. This year our guide is Wotan also known as Odin.  He will lead us through the nine worlds of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Each of the twelve days corresponds with a particular month of the coming year.

click here for the event page with al packages explained.


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