Fourth Holy Night: Dec 28 – 29

12 holy days - 4th night

Tonight the moon is in the sign of Leo. A sign associated with consciousness. The incubation tonight is focused on looking in the mirror of our soul, to see how we can serve society. This night we focus on the month of April 2016. The beginning of spring, new opportunities, new changes. We will need our consciousness to engage our spirit in serving our community. How can I be of service to society this year? Use the day to meditate on the incubation and make it your own. (accessible exclusively for logged-in MoreMindfunda members!)

Edit: We will be back in 2016,  this year it will be available in Mindfunda Courses.

Herbert Hahn, member of the Theosophical Society wrote about Rudolph Steiner in his book “Rudolph Steiner, wie ich ihn say und erlebte” (Rudoplh Steiner, the way I perceived him). He tells about the mysteries involved in each Holy Night. Tonight’s’ mystery to meditate about:

Personal work is to be placed in the service of all for the good of all. The Archangel Uriel places us before a mirror in which we see ourselves as we are.

Herbert Hahn



With the Moon still in the sign of Leo tonight, our dreams will have the tendency to reflect our conscious power. Last night we incubated a dream about our animus energy, tonight we will focus about how to put this energy to work for the community we belong to.


Uriel’s name means: “God is my light”. He is the angel that stands by the Garden of Eden with a fiery sword. He is not only the angel of poetry, but he is considered to be the regent of the sun. While the Moon is in the sun sign of Leo, Uriel is the perfect angel to be meditating about this night.


James Powell and Sons of the Whitefriars Foundry - St John’s Church, Boreham, Wiltshire
James Powell and Sons of the Whitefriars Foundry – St John’s Church, Boreham, Wiltshire



Uriel is considered to be the angel of the wind of the south, while Michael is the angel of the East wind, Raphael the angel of the West wind, and Gabriel the angel of the North.

“Straightway, a forgetting wind
Stole over the celestial kind,
And their lips the secret kept,
If in ashes the fire−seed slept.”

Emerson, part of his poem “Uriel”

Amethyst is considered to be the stone of Uriel. I know several of us have dreamed about stones so if you have an amethyst at your house, it might be a good idea to cuddle it during the day and keep it near you when you go to sleep.


Uriel serves as the eyes of God. When you look in the mirror during waking life, you usually look if everything is alright. “Is my hair still ok?”, “Is my make up smeared?”

When you dream of a mirror it is usually a symbol of the unconscious. The face you see in the mirror need not be a face you recognise as your own. The intention of our incubation is to see ourselves as members of our community. This can be any community your heart is open to, physical or virtual.

The mirror is used as a bridge to a phantasy world where you can explore possibilities, like Alice in Wonderland does when she dares to step through the looking-glass.


Tonight, when you retire, go about your usual nightly ritual as you always do. Relax, retire, shake the day off mentally. When you are in bed, put your mind on “replay” and walk through the day, closing off the energy of all that happened.

Take a few relaxing breaths. Internally, check your body. Is there a part of your body that needs some extra attention? Direct your attention to that body part and imagine you talk to it. Ask it if it is alright, what it needs, what it is worried about, what you can do to comfort your own body. Usually, I get some very good intuitive tips about my diet and my food habits when I use this method.

Now you shift your focus to your spirit. You envision Jacob’s ladder to the sky.

Jacob's Ladder Colored Page


With every breath you take, you climb a step higher. There are ten steps to take. On the tenth staircase you see an angel. An impressive angel with a scroll in his hand. While you walk towards him, he looks in his scroll. “Your name is mentioned” Uriel says to you. Uriel invites you to come with him.

The both of you walk to the Sephiroth. You intuitivly know this is Uriel’s tree and you came here to become aware of your inner light.



Uriel invites you to explore the tree with your hands. You reach out to this wise being and feel how it gently opens. Surprised, you step inside and find a room that is just to your taste. Your colors, your furniture, your favorite books. This is home to you. You relax and feel like you are in heaven. Your body receives all this good energy of piece and wisdom. You feel sheltered, loved and protected.

You feel a hand upon your chest. Your heart knows it is time to follow Uriel to the mirror. Within the glowing golden light you look into the mirror of your soul. “How can I be of service to society this year?” The answer will come to you, intuitively and symbolicly in a dream that you will remember and understand.


Mail me your experiences and stories, and I will share them anonymously  in tomorrow’s blog. Or just leave it in our private area below (it will be sent to Mindfunda, and will not show public):
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Below we will share the results of day 4, only visible to the other participants.


Odin and the telephone contract

In my dream I am tryng to arrange a smaller fee to be paid for the telephone contract of the apartment building I live in. I am negotiating with Santa Clause, dressed in his red suit. I am carefully pleading for contract that people will be able to afford.

I know that Sinterklaas and Santa Claus are manifestations of Odin. Odin made a big sacriface for the community: he gave one of his eyes in the Well of Remembrance to gain knowledge about hwo to prevent a war in his country. In my dream I am trying for a small group of people that live near me, to enable communication at an affordable price. So my first interpretation would be to become more active for the older folks in an appartment building near us. I know they are regularly looking for volunteers so I will check up on that.

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay: CHILDREN AND ANIMALS
December 29, 2015

I am in an office, where a new co-worker is to be welcomed. I prepare all the paperwork for him to sign and make sure the coffee is ready. A few minutes later, he arrives, and I usher him into the board room. He is a tall, good looking young man, with light-brown hair, and wearing a tailored suit just a few shads lighter than his hair. The rest of the greeting committee is already in the board room, and once he is seated, we get to work. He looks over the paper work, and signs everything where needed. He makes it very clear that his name is ‘Kenneth Harley’, not ‘Ken Harley’. “I don’t want to be confused with the King by the same name,” he adds with a smile. I wonder in confusion – since when was there a king by that name? And in what country? Certainly not in Britain! Everyone laughs in understanding.

All the formalities now out of the way, we walk out and almost trip over a little tawny kitten. It looks at us and then scampers away. As we go further into the office, it changes, morphs into an outdoor space. I see huge plants in lush dark green tones all around us. Our clothing also changes from business wear to casual, made far more for comfort.

The environment around us is becoming a jungle and now I hear laughter of children. A little girl darts out being chased by a couple of boys. In mock terror she hides behind Kenneth, before running off again with a shriek of laughter. As though they appeared out of thin air, there are more children now, some quietly touching the leaves, some playing with full energy, while others simply sitting there stroking the kittens and puppies that also materialized out of nowhere.

Just a short distance away, I see a long neck unfold upwards – it’s a giraffe! And beside it, a stern-looking ostrich strutting around. Hanging off the tree is large mirror that both the giraffe and ostrich may gaze into. Like a child myself, I clap my hands in delight. All my co-workers sort of disappear among the large plants, exploring the space, so I to begin to run, laughing, in the first direction that lies before me. Soon I’m playing games with the children, petting the little animals and becoming a child myself.

One of the kittens scampers off, and I follow it. Somehow, all of us adults end up in the same space. The kitten is obviously going for a small ball that’s just on the other side of a low wooden fence. The ball is clear, almost as though it’s made of crystal, and is caught between a couple of branches. Suddenly, it begins to flatten out and melt over the impeding branches as though it has become liquid. “Did you see that?” “Oh, my gosh!” “That’s amazing!” Everyone is making some sort of comment about what we’re seeing. As the ball now completely flows over the branch, it re-forms itself into a perfect sphere, and gently rolls towards the kitten, who pounces on it.

I think to myself that whatever the orb is made of, it’s infused with magic. In fact, this whole place, now much larger than the original office has been, is a place of magic. I don’t spend any more time wondering about it – there’s serious playing to be done here – and run, skip, towards the place where I last saw the giraffe and ostrich…


I prepared for this dream experience very carefully, even setting up a small altar on my night table. Dreams are never what we expect them to be! I finally met Leo in the form of the kitten, the office became a garden, the mirror is for animals to admire themselves in, and I am too busy in the company of children to give much mind to a job.

If I read this dream correctly, I am exactly where I am supposed to be – retired from work, and enjoying life. I think back to all I’ve done – contributing my time and energy to various organizations, lending out sumptuous costumes to theatre companies for various productions, working on community festivals, and now my time has come to play. I think today I shall find my colouring book and pencils, and become a child again. After all, I’m now experiencing, what?, my third childhood – lol?


Again an amazing dream! In my interpretation of it, the King is the Conscious Ego (I am a Jungian, after all). So the guy you meet in scene 1 let’s you know he is an animus manifestation, not the King. You can work with that (and you do).
About the name Kenneth: here is somthing I copy-pasted from the site

This name was borne by the Scottish king Kenneth (Cináed) mac Alpin, who united the Scots and Picts in the 9th century. It was popularized outside of Scotland by Sir Walter Scott, who used it for the hero in his novel ‘The Talisman’ (1825). A famous bearer was the British novelist Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932), who wrote ‘The Wind in the Willows’.

Could this be the King “your Kenneth is referring to? It might be worth while to find out more about him…

It is such a magical event of connection, the animal energy of yourself you meet in the mirror. The Giraf, reaches up and connects with heaven, while the Ostrich reaches in, and connects with earth. I see it as a task to serve society, that fits you like a glove.

That recurring theme of the glass-crystal transforming… What are your own thoughts about that Lidia?

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay)


Glass is made from sand, and through a process of heating that fine sand to red-hot temperatures, the sand becomes a viscos liquid that is then cooled into panes for windows, or vases and urns of incredible beauty. Yet glass still remains a slow-moving liquid. Many of us have seen old houses, which have windows that seem to have developed gentles waves, and appear to pool at the bottom. It’s motion in stability, and can always be re-heated and remade – it’s malleable, or can become so, when thrust into a high-temperature kiln. Glass gives us the ability to look outside from indoors (or the other way around). Sand, Earth made clear. Glass has been made into something else.

By adding a layer of silver paint or foil, it becomes reflective. Even unlined glass has the capacity to reflect the environment around it! I love looking at reflections, not of myself, necessarily, but at the things around me reflected in the glass furnishings. Candles in the dark, sunlight bouncing off the crystal hangings, my sacred tools and statuary in glass cabinets – they all speak to me of infinity. Place two mirrors opposite to each other, and they will bounce the image between them forever.

No one can actually see their face other than through pictures and mirrors. Our eyes are made to look outward. So we need tools to tells us what our features are like. I can well imagine how the first peoples of the Earth may have reacted when they saw themselves in pools of still water. Mirrors show us reflections that are the same, but slightly different, more focused, picking up more detail than the eye may catch at first.

The woman looking back at me from the mirror was a stranger. I know I have seen her before, I know that this is a reflection of what I am supposed to look like, but this morning, she appeared to be a stranger. I examined her – a face remarkably unlined by wrinkles in spite of being close to 70 years old, the flesh in the cheeks and chin hanging a bit low, as though finally giving in to gravity. Her hair was silver-gray and way past her shoulders. Her smile, in spite of a few missing teeth was bright and cheerful. The figure, what could be seen of it, was quite plump.

“When did this happen?” I ask the Stranger, “The last time I looked at you, you were but a young girl, full of dreams and not an iota of anything else between the ears, but empty space.” I pulled my hair back into a pony tail. “I really must get off my ass and get to a hairdresser to get this chopped off,” I stated to the Stranger. “It doesn’t suit me, drags my face down.”

“True,” the reflection answered, “But the feel of that long hair on the naked back still does feel very sensuous, don’t you think?”

I grunted, twisting the elastic around the hair. “Sensuous, sexy, what do I know of that at this age?” She laughed brightly, adjusting her glasses. “Who do you think you’re trying to fool here, woman? You know of these things all too well. Maybe I should jog your memory a bit.”

“Don’t you dare!” I cried out. “This isn’t the time!” The Stranger simply smiled. I looked back, trying to outstare her, but she just kept smiling until I was forced to shift my eyes a bit. The background morphed from the clean, sterile bathroom to deep dark red folds of velvet. I finally closed my eyes. She would not give up and I knew that sooner or later, I would give in – sooner, actually. No, that really didn’t bother me that much. I finally looked at her again, adjusting the gray jacket over the black pullover. “I’ll see you again tonight after work,” I promised her, smiling in a knowing way we both understood. “For now, let me be the friendly grandmother who sells books and art.”

Just for an instant, the background shimmered again, showing something darker, more mysterious – almost sinister – then reverted to the white walls of the bathroom. The Stranger bowed slightly to me, and disappeared as I turned away, ready to begin my day. – NIGHTSHADE, Lidia Adaman-Tremblay


For centuries, crystals have been prized for their beauty, from diamonds to quartz, from emeralds to amethyst, from sapphires to lapis lazuli. Crystals are minerals that collect and actually grow in the dark depths of the Earth. Crystals and gems have been fashioned into jewellery, and adorned the shrines and temples of many Gods. It is no surprise that eventually, but millennia ago, crystals have taken on magical properties, emitting many different energies, and absorbing them as well. Eventually, crystal balls came into fashion. Through them, mediums and other magical people were able to see events yet to come, and secrets people kept. Crystal Skulls were then unearthed, giving more credence to magical properties of crystals. This is yet just another way of using glass and reflective mirrors, seeing beyond what the eye can see initially.

Of course, today many of the ‘crystal balls’ may be made of glass, and as such, the same viscous liquid properties are within them. Malleable and able to be reshaped. Firm, yet clear. Glass, Mirrors and Crystals are all tools to see beyond, see inside, see anew.


I love the depth of your interpretation. I want to share my thought on the dream theme, just to give you another persepctive (not that yours is not perfect already, but it might tickle your creativity.

In dream number 01 you meet River Song and find a broken diamond in the trash: in my eyes a call for alchemy where trash is transformed into gold.

In dream 02 your shadow anima Yvette slams a book that turn out to be pieces of glass together so the yellow flowers flow. In alchemy yellow is seen as the earth shape of the sun. So your shadow needs to be transformed by conscious attention. Now the difference between diamond and glass is the order of their molecules: diamonds or ordered, glass is not. Diamonds also have a blue glow, this comes back in the third dream in the form of the Jeans your animus wants you to soak out. Not only consciousness but also feeling, soaking is in order to retrieve your gold from the garbage Yvette has left behind for you to clean up.

In dream number 3 your anima has put on a blue and white dress.
“The color blue cannot be found in alchemy, but it is found in the East, where it takes the place of black and actually represents a color of the underworld”. Copy-pasted from carljungdepthpsychology.

In dream number 4 you encounter crystal: glas in combination with lead, the first of the seven metals of alchemy (the others being gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron & tin). It flattens out between the green branches. In alchemy the green lion swallowing is a sign of gold being dissolved. George Ripley says: “Learn then, to know this Green Lion, and its Preparation, which is all in all the Art; it’s the only Knot; untye it, and you are as good as Master: For whatever then remains, is but to know the outward Regimen of the Fire, for to help on Nature’s Internal Work.”

Lidia, these are just some thoughts I had while tying your dreams together as a coherent spiritual story. It is only my interpretation, you are the one that can signify true meaning to you dreams.


Dream someone made a rectangular shaped something that holds a mirror with a dark green and black football jersey along the frame.

Then scene where a college group of 4 in seems a new dorm room just arriving and meeting. Seems connected to a wedding place where I see women in white dresses in the hallway.
One of the guys has on green toe tip socks mismatched pair but the style. Then I see a green blanket on the ground saying how wow really set up for the Jets game about to start. Then I am in a side by side bathroom stall hovering above.

Dream someone sitting in the middle looking side to side. Like watching a tennis match.

I went to sleep wondering if I would see a mirror and an image like Susanne’s image. I did see a mirror with shiny green and black jersey so looked up team colors of Jersey and found most like Philadelphia Eagles.


Four was -in Jungs’ eyes- the number of perfection: all 4 elements, 4 corners of the world. In your dream you see the mirror in the middle of the symbol of wholeness.

In the second dream you are invited to the union of the two: the sacred marriage. Multiple women in white and a male in green socks that stands out. The color green is the color of growth, transformation, like a marriage is a transformation from a single unit to a duality.

The Eagle, which wich you associate your dream, was the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. If it was my dream, i would be inclined to interpret them as a call to serve society by spiritual growth.


I am with a group of people and we are part of some organization. I am working to help the organization. But I made some mistake. I am driving somewhere, and a large piece of equipment is stopped along the highway. I don’t remember what I did, but I knew it was my fault. No one else knew this.

A man who was like a supervisor called me to his office to praise me for something. I could not make myself tell him what I had done.

I met with a female coworker over lunch and it was my intention to tell her what I’d done. But we were interrupted by a guy in the group who was kind of a joker. He distracted us and made us laugh. I never did tell her. End of dream.

I cannot think that this dream says anything good about what I am to offer the world. Maybe I am to forgive myself, or forgive others. Or maybe take the good with the bad, and don’t take it all so seriously.

I had just had a bad argument with my husband before I went to bed, where he was very accusatory, and I had no good response. I could not fall asleep for several hours, and was surprised that I dreamed at all.


Being married is like being a part of an organization. Each has its duties, its responsibilities. Alongside the road you both travel, you have lost some important cargo. It was a big deal that fell of the truck. In the dream you want to come clean with it, but you are distracted two times, by men. How is your marriage connnected to your place in society? Could it be that your dream tells you that feeling guilty about the cargo that has been lost along the way might not be a real good thing? In my eyes the dream seems to suggest that you find common grounds between you and your husband and laugh together. Nothing establishes friendship as well as joining in laughter.

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