Holy Night Eight: Jan 01 -02

12 holy days - 8th night

Tonight the moon is in the sign of Libra. A sign associated with balancing energies and forces. This night we focus on the month of August 2016. The middle of summer, ripening of opportunities, growth. Having been through seven nights of spiritual concentration and incubating dreams, tonight we will ask our dream to show us a symbol of our true Self. Use the day to meditate on the incubation and make it your own. (accessible exclusively for logged-in MoreMindfunda members!)

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Libra and balancing energies



Tonight the Moon is in the sign of Libra. It is the sign of balancing energies. Tonight we will focus on an ancient mythological principle. In Ancient Egypt Maat weighs the soul against a feather, to see if it was good. In the Catholic faith, it was thought that Archangel Michael would weigh the souls on judgment day. Don’t worry I am not asking you to judge yourself today. People judge themselves enough. No, I am inviting you to become a spiritual explorer, discovering dream symbols that represent your true Self.

True Self

I know the term “True Self” is a vague one. How can you ever not be yourself? Even when you pretend to be something you are not, you still are your own Self. So it is time to define some boundaries. They are personal. They are by no means the one and only definition of the True Self. It is an invitation for you to define what you are.

My first requirement for a definition of True Self to emerge is that my ratio and my emotion support each other. Those are the times that you don’t have to “force” yourself to feel or do something that you don’t believe in.

The second requirement for True Self to emerge is that energy flows. Some people call this synchronicity. You want something, coincidences happen, you stumble across books and websites that help you, you ‘accidentally’ get funds to finance something… Energy flows, things come natural

The third requirement for True Self to emerge is when you feel the connection of things. I introduced this idea when we visited the spider Goddess. You intuitively comprehend that we are all acting in a web of connection. That the things you say and do have an impact, even when you think you are just a tiny unimportant person.


When you go to sleep tonight, rewind this first day of the year. Where you busy visiting or receiving people? How does your body feel? How does your spirit feel? Did you pick up stuff that doesn’t belong to you? Use the technique of gently breathing and circling your body with a golden spiral that sucks away all the things that don’t belong in your spiritual area. Let all the mess you picked up disappear through your root chakra, down into mother Earth. She knows how to deal with it.

You start concentrating on your breath and calm your body down. You count back from 10 to 1, while you imagine walking down a stairs. You know the path it leads to, your own Tree of life in the forest you have come to love this week. At the count of 1 you are at the root of your Life Tree and there you meet your spiritual helper of today. Your totem animal emerges before your mind’s eye. You know he is there to guide you.

He takes you on a hidden path in the forest to an open space in the woods. Here is a gathering of elves and fairies. You know something important is going to happen tonight. You are guided to a throne and you feel relaxed and comfortable.  But while you relax, you see several veiled beings. You are very curious about them.

Your totem animal crawls near your heart, you feel its warmth, with every heartbeat you take. “These are the symbols of your True Self” your totem animal says to you. You can unveil them if you like.

Tonight you will dream about the symbols of your True Self as they display themself in your dreams. You will have a clear vision and  a vibrant memory of your dream.

Dreams of this night:


I am in an aprtment building, together with a girl I really like to be friends with. She has got curly brown hair, nice eyes, a gentle smile and she is easy to get along with. I am a stranger in this town and she has offered to share her home with me. Now we plan to go upstairs, to meet the landlord to negotiate the rent. The dream ends when I take the first step upstairs.

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay)

January 2, 2016

The dream from last night is faint, and slipping away quickly. Here is what I remember:

I am in a university/collage setting, and it’s unclear if I am a student or a teacher there. Or perhaps both. I am in the company of three other people, a woman and two men, and we are working on a project of some kind. At times it feels as though the project has to do with a theatrical production, and at other times, it’s philosophical/psychological. The weather feels warm, and everything is in full bloom. I love wandering around in the shade of emerald leaved trees, sitting on stone benches while thinking of some finer points of the work we’re doing.

It is in one of those moments of deep thought, that I begin writing things down. It’s something new, something I have not thought of before, and what I write down is just the kernel of ideas to be fully explored later. Happy with what I have done, and almost floating with excitement, I begin walking again towards the white building where my companions are, so we can begin working out the details. I pass another small building set in a lower area. It has no roof, but is a marble circle, equipped with a stone table and several benches on the floor, and four pillars. Even before I get to it, I hear voices of three men, and they’re talking about exactly what I have just written down as though they had just thought of it that instant.

I go to them, and show them the paper. Instead of feeling as though my ideas were stolen, we all acknowledge that this was something that we thought of independently. We share the excitement of such a wondrous synchronicity and agree to get together later for further discussion.

Everything around me begins to take on a feeling of an ancient civilization; the buildings are all made of white marble, pillars and statues abound amid the green grass and trees. Even the clothing changes to tunics and chitons of loose white cotton or linen fabrics. I continue on my way to find my companions.

Time slips away quickly (or perhaps becomes a different dream). I am sitting at a table with my group, and we are making miniature pillars out of plaster, carefully cutting in details. In some way that made perfect sense in the dream, these pillars, about 18 inches tall, are important to whatever philosophical enlightenments that have come to my mind earlier.


It appears that I am one night behind on my dreams. Philosophical discussions were meant to be in last night’s dream, working with Sophia. The four pillars I see everywhere, as well as working in groups of four – stability, strong foundation and support – also belong there.

What is my True Self? Does my dream address this? What I incubated was not fully realized in this dream. However, I am sure that I dreamed what I needed to see.


If it was my dream, my true self would be displayed as the theatre of my soul. As in your last dream, here you are student and teacher at the same time. Don’t you love that philosophical thought of your dreaming mind? You don’t need to find teachers the answers are all inside of you.

You are able to play several roles in the mandala in which you are writing in scene two. Could the stones that made your mandala of the Self, be philosophers’ stones?

The idea of how thoughts are energy that can be catched by several people was the idea Mark Twain used to explain telepathy. He used to do telepathy experiments. Some of them were very successful. He used to write a letter to someone, but not sent it. On multiple occasions, the person he had been connecting with teleathically sent him a letter.

A final thought about this dream: I know you have been writing about dreams, I think this dream encourages you to write more.


Vicky: Eighth Holy Night Dream

I am in a room that has a layout and lighting like a classroom. There is a podium in the right front corner of the room, and at that podium is Mozzie, a character from a tv show. In the show, Mozzie is the sidekick to the main character, who is a thief who works for the FBI to help them catch white collar criminals. Mozzie is the one who accomplishes all the illegal details, so he has a somewhat dark energy.

There is a white mouse (again!) running along the floor in front of the desks. He is challenging Mozzie in some way. Mozzie does not want to show irritation, but the mouse is very defiant, and successful in his task. The mouse runs to the end of the row closest to Mozzie and produces a piece of paper with figures that disproves what Mozzie is trying to say. I can see the sheet of paper but don’t fully understand it. I am amazed at the bravery of the mouse.

Through the night, whenever I wake up, I keep going over this bit in my mind, so that I can write it down in the morning.

A later dream had my maternal grandfather reaching under a dresser and checking the doggie pee pads put there for Barney and Fred, our now-deceased bichons (again, white dogs). He said it was okay, but I could see my Gramp’s wet footprints across the carpet. So I reached under the dresser and pulled out the pee pads. They were full of about a gallon of pee. I had to carry them very carefully outside to dump them. I thought it was Barney who had peed so much, so I was wondering where Fred was so I could take him out to poddy.

Outside it was pouring rain and flooding. There were rivers of floodwaters in the low areas below our apartment. I was scared, and I was afraid the dogs would drown if they came outside. But when I looked down to the curb in front of me there were three white mice. They climbed on top of each other in a heap and became as one mouse. A male friend who was walking in the street witnessed this with me.

End of Dream

I saw a white mouse in my previous dream about my art. The mouse is a very small animal, not known for being fierce, so it is perhaps out of character for it to stand up to a human of questionable reputation. It is showing determination and fearlessness, and standing up for its truth. That is something I very often sacrifice in order to keep the peace. I think it is showing me to have my facts in order, write things down, and don’t budge.
The second dream had a water theme, and unexpectedly large amounts of water. I was having to be careful to cope with all this water. My grandfather was a no nonsense kind of man, very practical. He had made a mistake about the pee pads, and I knew they needed attention because of the wet footprints. When I got outside the water scared me, but the three mice appeared, perhaps showing me that with the blending of body, mind and spirit, I can be in my truth and deal with anything.

Susanne: In my book “Medicine Cards”, written by Jamie Sams and Angela Werneke, the message of the Mouse Card is: “Mouse is a powerful medicine to have in these moderen times.  Things that might appear insignificant to others take on enormous importance to Mouse… The chiefs tell us that without Mouse there would be no systemization of knowledge. There is always more to learn. one can always delve deeper and deeper”.

If it was my dream, my True Self seems to be my ability to figure out the energy behind the scene. Like Mozzie always saves the day for Neal. Always one step ahead. Never in the spotlights, but always the brainy one of the two.


Jenna: I’m sorry, I’m lagging behind in reading incubations and reporting dreams. I have a big family and some things that been happening with one of my sisters, and I needed to be a support to her.

Last night I had a dream about this shining person who was also sometimes dark. That is all I can remember about the dream, but the light and dark parts seemed to be in balance. Then I awoke to the words in my head: Be fierce about pursuing what matters; otherwise, be gentle. Wow! I didn’t get a chance to read the incubation for this 7th night of dream incubation, so I just set my intention, as I was falling asleep, to have the perfect dream for this holy night. Wow! I’d call this a synchronicity!


Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love, time is eternity.

Katrina’s Sun-Dial


In my dream numbers 18 and 22 important. I walk to a field where I see pictures on a wall like a collage near a pool of water where there is a Christmas tree lit up in the shape of Mary. The colored lights outline her silhouette.


The number 18 is considered to be a lucky number in China. In Hebrew, the number 18 is also the number of a prayer called the Shemmoneh Esrei: 18 prayers about happiness.

22 is a master number, representing God in a material plane. It stands for making your dreams come true on a material plane. So whatever you are considering to create, this sure seems like a heavenly approval. Your Tree of Life changing in Mother Mary: I think this dream will bring a lot of blessing once you will fully grasp its meaning.

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