The Moon in the holy nights

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moon - david joaquin
moon – david joaquin

Dreaming during the Holy Nights is starting at December 24th with the final day on January 6th. This day will be used for inner reflection on the dreams we have dreamed. An invitation to look back to the past nights, and to look forward to the New Year. In my incubations I will divote some attention to the Moon.

The Moon has a special relationship with dreams. Or is it the other way around? For me the relationship is symbiotic. The Moon, with its cycle of 28 days, represents the woman’s cycle of 28 days. The hormones of your cycle influence your dreams. Connie Kaplan, in “The Woman’s Book of Dreams” distinguishes special qualities dream content can have during it’s cycle.

And in the time period of December 26 through January 6th, the Moon travels through six signs:

1: December 25 – 26; Cancer
Each month when the Moon is in Cancer, dreams may bring forth the dreamer’s personal relationship with the light and dark cosmic dance” Connie Kaplan says.
These two nights our incubations will focus more on acknowledging our own darkness and finding strength in it. Without darkness, there would be no light.

2: December 27 – 28; Leo
The ruler of Leo is the Sun. In our western society we have attributed the animus to the sun. We will focus in our incubations on the conscious part of our being. We will contemplate on how to act, on what we want to achieve this year.

3: December 29 – 31; Virgo
Virgo is perfectionism. Rules, schedules, all the things that you need to be structured in life. But Virgo dreams also have a physical aspect: Virgo rules the intestines and the pancreas. Food dreams can be possible while the Moon is in Virgo.

4: January 01 – 02; Libra
Libra represents life’s balancing force. Dreams can reflect unbalanced energies you had during the past year that you need to attent to. I will invite you for a journey into the underworld to find hidden treasures.

5: January 03- 05; Scorpio
Anchor points of Scorpio are transformation, death and rebirth. We will focus on these qualities in our dreaming. We will look beneath the surface, visiting our inner cave of wisdom. Meeting our guide, our inner Shaman to give us advice for the year ahead.

6: January 6th; Sagittarius
On our final day we will evaluate our dreams, look for common threads and evaluate. Connie Kaplan considers dreaming while the moon is in the sign it was when you were born very special dream – power nights.

You can research your own birth Moon sign using the link.


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