Ninth Holy Night: Jan 02-03

12 holy days - 9th night

Tonight the moon is in the sign of Libra. A sign associated with balancing energies and forces. This night we focus on the month of September 2016. Harvest time. It is the Triple Holy Night, a special time to detach from ego-perspective and take on a broader spiritual view. Use the day to meditate on the incubation and make it your own. (accessible exclusively for logged-in MoreMindfunda members!)

Edit: We will be back in 2016,  this year it will be available in Mindfunda Courses.


The number nine has a special significance. Three times three. Three is the first perfect number, the triad, the child that comes forth out of the union of 1 and two. says about the number nine: “When you multiply any number by 9, then add the resulting digits and reduce them to a single digit, it always becomes a 9”.

We have been dreaming about our True Self. Like the number Nine, a True Self is composed of many sub-persona’s, but they all add up to your True Self. But this also means that your dark side is part of your True Self. Tonight is focused on increasing your Self acceptance by detaching from your emotions. Not in a cold way. I invite you to observe some emotional conflicts during the day and in your nightly meditation without getting into the emotions of the conflict. Letting go of your usual way of reacting to trouble or challenges, will help you a lot. Using dream power to get guidance on how to accomplish this will be a gift you receive that can help you not only this year, but the rest of your life. You will get clear images in your dream, that you will remember and easily understand.


The moon is still in the sign of Libra. Most people born under the sign of Libra, have a hard time balancing things out. My mother was a Libra, so I have experienced it while growing up. Maybe that is the reason why I make decisions really fast. But I too, need sometimes, to take a step back when I look at my behavior and the emotions I feel. It is a healthy thing to do. We are on our way of being guided by our dreams into a spiritual Self that is ready for the challenges of this year. So tonight’s dream will be valuable, not only for September, but probably for the whole year.


Think about times that you acted real emotional and out of balance this day. Try to take the perspective of an outsider and look at what really is going on. What does the party you were annoyed with really want? Attention? Recognition? Or non of the above? There is no need to get angry again. You are here to observe and analyse patterns. Change perspective. Become your adversary. Look at the energy that was flowing between the two of you in the times of trouble and see if you can understand the other party better if you look at the conflict this way.

Now breathe deeply and let all of the trouble and excitement float away. Maybe you can breath it away, like clouds passing your head. Let the anger you might still feel flow deep down into Mother Earth, using your root chakra as a channel.

When you feel “clean” start doing your breathing/relaxing exercises. Use the ones that have benefitted you the most. Start counting down at each breath you take, while you imagine the staircase again. Count down from 10 to one. At the number one breath, you are at your own Life Tree again.

This time, underneath your Life Tree, there is a giant golden scale.

artwork: found on pinterest

Once you climb on one of the scales, there comes an image, that places itself on the other side, so you are in perfect balance. You start to experiment, and think about several experiences that come to mind. For instance: your last argument with your partner; or with a close friend. The way you feel when you get rejected. Each time, with each experience another image that balances out the negative magically appears on the other side of the scale. You consciously absorb the image and experience how this image is the perfect one to restore your inner balance.

Tonight you will dream about restoring your inner balance. The images will be clear and understandable to you. You will remember and understand your dream.

Dreams of this night

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay): MAKE-UP (Holy Night 9)
January 3, 2016

I am sitting in an audience while the contestants for the new season of Face Off are being chosen. The artists are excited and jubilant at the thought of competing against each other, and this night, before the competition begins, are just having fun.

One woman is particularly charismatic. She goes out of her way to engage the entire audience in her enthusiasm, turning her fun into a teaching session about the use of light and dark makeups, and the effects they would have on the audience. To demonstrate, she pulls me to be her model. I gladly go with her.

Before anything else, she examines what I’m wearing, and rejects it all. She tells me to undress from the waist up, including taking off my bra. Only for an instant I hesitate, then do as she says, and sit in the make-up chair. No, she says, for the first part I must stand. Since my eyes are closed, I have no idea what colours she is applying to my body. All I feel are the creams and powders brushing against my skin. Now, she puts me into the chair to complete the face. All the while, I hear occasional murmuring comments from the audience and the other contestants, who are having their first look at their competition in her.

Her voice, however, is the most prominent. She gives a running commentary as to what she is doing and why, and it’s up to my imagination to ‘see’ in my mind’s eye what she is actually applying to my skin. She answers questions, and gives advice to anyone who asks it, including her fellow-competitors. I feel more and more excited to see the final result. Eventually, she says she is finished, and pulls me out of the chair. I open my eyes, facing a mirror. I see a mass of dark bruises across my stomach, back and chest. My eyes are hidden behind dark purple stains, while the rest of my skin is a pasty, ashen gray.

Ah, I think to myself, she made me into a zombie! But no, it’s something more than a zombie which I just can’t identify as yet. But that’s okay – a zombie is good enough for me right now. I model her re-creation of me, striking stiff walking-dead poses for a while. Many take pictures of me, coming up close for detailed shots. Instead of feeling vulnerable and exposed, I feel proud, both of myself and of the artist. Eventually, she gives me a gray hoodie and points the way to where I can take a shower to wash all this away.

Almost reluctantly, I turn away from the theatre into the empty hallways, and into the shower stall…


Just a word of explanation first: ‘Face Off’ is a reality show, the only one that I love to watch because of its creativity. The contestants are special effect make-up artists who have to work through ever-increasingly difficult challenges and face elimination each week.

As far as the dream is concerned, I think this perfectly represents and externalizes the emotional brutality I have faced for many years. I was the face of domestic abuse here, presented in a fun and educational way. When I thought I felt I was more than a zombie, I didn’t quite catch onto the reality of what the dream was showing me until I woke up and began recording it.

Also, unlike the dream several nights ago when I was urged to take off my shirt, in this case it felt ‘appropriate’ that I do so, and I hardly hesitated; and in fact, instantly forgetting I was nude in front of quite an audience. This situation warranted such exposure.


To me it seems like this dream shows you your naked True Self. You wash all of your emotional garbage away in the end of the dream. Magnificent. What a gift.
Wat does a zombie do? What identifies a zombie? The fact that there is no spirit in it. No zest. But that was your way of surviving. And it was so smart. It made you into what you are today: a vibrant spiritual woman.


Vicki: I did not dream last night, as I have been sick with fever and sore throat. But I did think about the balancing yesterday. I like this concept. I had a recent experience with my husband where he accused me of misdeeds, without understanding. This always really upsets me and I don’t argue back so much because I am not so verbally agressive as he is. As a result I feel depressed. I tried to imagine being able to let all the feelings drain away. This may be harder to do in the moment but is a worthwhile thing to practice, so that I don’t spend the next day in a funk.

Last night when he was out for a walk, my husband called to tell me that the sky was really beautiful if I felt like going out to see it. I was touched by his call. He noticed something I pay attention to all the time, but it doesn’t seem to me when I am with him that he is very aware of the beauty of the sky. He noticed the sky, and he knew I would like it, and he told me about it. It was very thoughtful.

So the next time an argument comes up and I feel wrongly accused, I will practice to drain the feelings away, and recall this experience of thoughtfulness on his part to balance the accusation and anger that have been directed at me.

Another thing about this particular ‘offering’ from my husband is that it is about beauty, light and nature – a perfect balance for me for the negative energies in my life.


What a beautiful gift indeed! To talk with an artist like you about the light and the sky and how they are balanced together is like the perfect living dream to experience this night.



Ninth Holy Night

Dream I am in the kitchen. My Dad leaves to go to a party but returns after while I am preparing barbecue breaded chicken wings. I am saying still have to cook not ready they need at least an hour to cook. My Dad passed three years ago so I wonder what the message is? I thought maybe wings was important then seeing the eagle for tonight’s dreaming I am wondering if a lead to the message. Also thinking how wings two sides like Libra balance.


If it was my dream, the chicken would represent fertility. The broader spiritual perspective that this dream represents is fertile and almost ready to be eaten. It takes another 60 minutes; 6 being the number of completeness. For me, this dream symbolises the spiritual fertility that waits for you when you have integrated (fed) your animus side represented by your father. You need to grill it (barbecue it) so you can digest it all. To me it seems like the dream is advising you to think back about all the animus messages your father gave you and how you incorporated them. And how those messages shaped your life.

Carol: Susanne~Ah Ha
You said 60 minutes in a hour. Last night watched show 60 minutes while watching I was wondering if connected to my Dads message because I was thinking how my Dads message might be a food poisoning warning or getting sick from food. Last night on 60 minutes was a segment about Olive Oil from Italy being sold as olive oil but not really olive oil. I looked up the oil used to replace it to sell for a higher price olive oil but using cheaper safflower seed oil. Turned out health danger in safflower oil including kidney damage and more. So Thank You for pointing out the 60 minutes connection! Awesome!
Also now weaving in wondering more on my Dads message Olive Oil connects to Mt of Olives. So more to think about. Also also on 60 minutes there was a now famous boy jazz piano player and one of the people on the show said makes a case for reincarnation.


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