Second Holy Night: Dec 26 – 27

12 holy days - 2nd night
Tonight the moon is in the sign of Cancer. Dreams during the moon in Cancer have a tendency to be about light-dark issues. “How does the silence and the darkness of the Earth in this season affect my spiritual being” might be a question to meditate on tonight. You can invite ancestors or lost loved ones to meet you tonight and give you guidance for the year to come. The incubation I share below (accessible exclusively for logged-in MoreMindfunda members!) is focussed on the month of February 2016.  Use the day to meditate on the incubation and make it your own.

Edit: We will be back in 2016,  this year it will be available in Mindfunda Courses.

The Earth and our spiritual being

“Now, when te light of the outer sun is faintest and its warmth feeblest, now is the time when te sould withdraws in the darkness but can find within itself the inner, spiritual light.”

Rudolph Steiner


In a fascinating research, Professor Stanley Krippner discovered a relationship between telepathic dreams and the Earth. During decreased geometric activity there is more telepathic dreaming. In our incubation tonight, I will invite you to go down into the warmth of Mother Earth, ask the guidance of a loved deceased one and plant the seed of your spiritual well-being in the ground. You can, during times when you need spiritual help next year, use the meditation again, and see your inner growth. If you carefully guide the precious spirituality deep inside you, and give it nourishment, it will help you during depressing days and events.

“It is important to develop the feeling that in reality the inner spiritual psychic development of a spiritual psychic being is connected with the transformation of the earth at the different seasons of the year; a psychic spiritual being is connected with the earth as a man’s soul with his physical being”

Rudolph Steiner

Today is a good day to take your time to re-read your dream journals to see if you can detect the voice of the earth in your dreams. Does your dream content reflect the seasons?
In the spring time, do your dreams reflect new light, new beginnings, birth and or babies?

In the summer, do your dreams reflect themes about responsibilities, about taking care of people or projects?

In the autumn, do your dreams reflect ripening, harvesting; literal or symbolical, are there more ancestors or older people in your dreams?

In winter, do your dreams reflect stillness, darkness even, do they reflect more on times gone by?


The Earth’s connection to your ancestors

The shadow part we will investigate today is our connection with death. We will build a heart connection with a deceased loved one that will guide us through the inner realm of Earth. The loved one will be clear to your heart, and will appear before your mind’s eye in the meditation tonight. Let the loved one guide you while you plant your spiritual seed for this year.




Spirits ever watchful,
Guardians of their souls
May your vibrations waft
To the Men of the Spheres committed to your charge
Our souls’ petitioning love:
That, united with your power,
Our prayer may helpfully radiate
To the souls it lovingly seeks! 

Rudolph Steiner in “The Forming of Destiny and Life after Death”


This evening, when you retreat to your bedroom, think about the dreams you read today. Envision your dreams to be images, hanging on a long rope of the web of the universe and feel how they all make sense. Don’t think about meaning or symbols, just feel how they perfectly mach into the fabric of your life.

You will dream about your spirituality and how you can nourish it. You will understand and remember your dream.

While breathing slowly and regularly, you bring your attention back to your body. Concentrate on your root chakra, and gently connect it with the earth. With every expiration, you sent troubles and anger down below to the earth.

Next you concentrate on your Splenic chakra. Envision the color orange as a band in your pelvic area. Remember how you dance, how you seduce, love and create.

Now you concentrate on your Plexus Solaris, the area around your belly button. You envision a big yellow sun flower and feel its warmth and healing qualities penetrating your stomach.



The pleasant feeling this sun flowers radiates, travels upstairs through your heart. When you concentrate on your heart, you imagine a big green fresh leaf that lovingly cherishes your heart. While you breath regularly, you connect with your heart and ask if it is ok. Does it need anything physically? Is it feeling nourished spiritual? The leaf feeds your loving heart with a protecting green energy, so you can open up without getting hurt.

Now you start concentrating on your throat chakra. You envision a blue scarf, wrapped around your throat. This energy will enable you to keep silent when it is needed, and to speak up when it is necessary.

Now concentrate on the area between your eyebrows. Envision a window there. Rub the window clean with a purple cloth. You can use your third eye without trouble.

On the top of your head is your crown chakra. Open it up and let golden light flow in your body, connecting all your chakra’s with golden light and sending the energy back down to mother earth. Take the time to connect yourself with father in heaven and mother in earth, for they are here to guide you.

Now that you are completely relaxed you envision yourself back at the path you took yesterday. You search for the Oak tree and walk slowly towards it. You see a hole in the ground, inviting you to go deep into Mother Earth. You count down the steps, from 10 to one.

You arrive in a majestic chamber where you see a deceased loved one. You feel your heart connecting with this person. You ask this person what you need to know at this moment. Let the answers come to you. Take as long as you need.

When your questions are answered, your loved one reaches towards your heart. You see a seed laying in the palm of the hand of your loved one. You know this is the spiritual seed you need to plant in the realms of Mother Earth. You search a good place, dig with your fingers and feel the earth its nutrients. You feel the moist of the earth. You carefully plant the seed and your loved one gives you a watering can. You give your seed enough water to enable its growth.

You will dream about your spirituality and how you can nourish it. You will understand and remember your dream.


Mail me your experiences and stories, and I will share them anonymously  in tomorrow’s blog. Or just leave it in our private area below (it will be sent to Mindfunda, and will not show public):
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Her are the results of day 2, only visible to the other participants:

Our incubation was about going down into the earth and planting the seed of spirituality for 2016. We met a deceased loved one who helped us do this.

My own dream (Susanne) this morning had to do with the importance of time. I remember getting a lecture on time from an elderly lady. She was telling me about the laws of time traveling, and about the importance of living in the now.
I think this is a clear answer to my dream incubation about how to nurture my own sense of spirituality. Live in the present, not the past, not the future, not some fantasy life I hope to have one day.

My story: HOLY DREAM 2

Name (optional: Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay)

December 27, 2015

I am just walking into the backstage area in a theatre, and am met by a very pleasant young woman. She immediately becomes very friendly with me, and bends down to remove my shoes. She says she wants me to be as comfortable as possible. When she straightens up again, she suggests I also remove my shirt, since it’s so very warm in here. My first thought is, “I don’t have any appropriate camisole to do this,” and refuse her with a shake of my head. It’s obvious she is more than friendly – she is coming onto me in a very blatant and obvious way. Feeling rather flattered, but also confused, I quickly look down at myself – a straight dark gray skirt, and a white cotton blouse, proper attire for any business situation.

She shrugs cheerfully, not taking offense to my refusal, and takes me further backstage. I am told that I will be a personal dresser for the lead male singer in the opera production. Now I’m on very comfortable ground. This is a job I’ve done often, and know exactly what is involved. She leaves me in a small dressing room. I immediately see a messy stack of notes, books, and music scores, and I begin to tidy this up.

Another woman enters (Yvette), and I immediately stiffen up. I know her. We have been friends before, but now are not. She smiles at me in a very nasty way, and deliberately takes the books and drops them on the floor. Then, all the while hurtling insults at me, she takes a small bunch of yellow flowers off the dressing table and waves them very close to my face, as though I were a dog and she was disciplining me with a newspaper. I am now angry, and tell her to stop and get out. This is my job, and she has no business interfering with it. She laughs, and slams the flowers between two books. At least I think they’re books, but they turn out to be two thick pieces of glass, fusing the flowers between them. With a scornful look, she now marches out the door, leaving me shaken and angry.

To collect myself, I begin to gather up the books and music sheets again. I turn my attention to the job at hand, and am looking for some sign of what opera is in production, then turn my attention to the wardrobe rack. Only two or three outfits are hanging there, all made of rich fabrics like velvet and silk. The door opens again, and a large man walks in. When he sees me, his eyes light up and he greets me with a warm smile. He’s wearing one of the costumes, a deep burgundy doublet and breeches over a white linen shirt. I introduce myself and ask which opera is it that we’ll be working on. To myself I think, “I know a lot of operas by Puccini, Verdi, and Mozart, and of course, Wagner, among others.” He stands by the mirror (which somehow becomes a window) and says something like, “Oh, you know, the one that has the Irish drinking song in it.”

I shake my head. No, I don’t know any such opera. Could it be some-thing from ‘Norma’? But no, I don’t think it would have drinking songs in it. How can I do my job appropriately unless I know? Somehow, I can’t read what is written on the books or music, so I confidently face him and say, “I need to know, I need to have the script so I can break it down appropriately.” He laughs, “Script?” “Okay, libretto, then,” I answer, becoming annoyed at the game that’s obviously played here. “Your outfits suggest something from the Tudor era.”

That catches his attention, and for the first time he looks at me with respect. It’s obvious I know what I’m doing. I go on looking straight at him, silently demanding an answer. Just before he’s about to speak, he notices the bouquet of yellow flowers squashed between the glass, and becomes upset. I tell him what happened, and he relaxes. “She was a nasty one,” he responds, and goes on looking into the mirror.

Once again, I firmly ask, “Which opera?” as I wake up, still without an answer.


I am wondering about the yellow flowers. This is the second night I have dreamed of them, in two different contexts. Even though the flowers were now forever encased in the glass, they made a pleasing arrangement, and will forever be preserved with their colours intact.

The most obvious observation I can make about this dream is that it’s a reworking of memories I have while working backstage in theatre, TV and movie productions. I couldn’t ‘read’ what was in the books and music because, as I understand it, that function belongs to a different part of the brain which does not interact with dreams.

On a deeper level, this dream is showing me how much disrespect I used to put up with, but refuse to any more. It showed me how even my knowledge has been waved aside. That is the way I was ‘broken’ (from the Diamond dream), and then made whole again. Even though I ask the question a number of times, however, I do not get a reply. This makes me question what it is that I need to ask now for myself. Am I asking the right questions? Am I asking the questions in the right way?

Susanne: If this were my dream, these are my projections on it. Your dream is your dream, this is just an interpretation. Lidia, in the first scene of the dream, you meet a goddess. She is even coming on to you! You have serious plans when it comes to spirituality girl!
She removes your shoes: your soul touches the earth. You have to get naked: get real. That heats things up and you don’t feel comfortable. She leaves you in a mess: does this reflect to your life right now?

In scene two things are getting worse. Here you meet your shadow self. She is not nice. She is everything you don’t want to be. She destroys beauty. But on the bright side: she is in your dream theatre, playing her role like no one could just do well as she does. How does this shadow of yours relate to your soul, to your nakedness? The scene is very Gestalt like: with top dog and under dog. But her function gets clear to me at the end of the scene: she shake you up. Spiritually, what needs to be shaken up in your life? Is here maybe an old conviction that you should get rid off?

Now your animus comes in, still a great advice for planting your spirituality: connect with your friendly “let them all do what they want to” animus side. He is testing you, that is animus behavior. You successfully make his test and he is glad and accepting. He is looking in the mirror of your soul at the end of your dream. I think you will need to develop your connection with the archetypical animus man to help you cope with the shadow part Yvette displays.


Hello again: I am deeply moved by your notations on my dream. Lately, I’ve been thinking about spirituality, both on a personal and communal levels, trying to get some answers. I was so starved for spiritual nourishment, I actually attended a Christian Christmas Eve service! The chaplain spoke of the Mystery involved in trying to understand certain spiritual aspects. You saw much more in this dream than I did. Whenever I dream of Deities, They make Themselves very clearly known. Why is it that I didn’t recognize the Goddess here? Is this perhaps a new level I need to aspire to? I have no problem ‘getting naked’ but in this dream it just seemed somehow *inappropriate*. I have to meditate on this. I worked a lot with reflections (still do). Again, why didn’t I recognize this in my dream? Yes, I think it’s a brand new level that I must become acquainted with. I truly appreciate your comments and insight.

name (optional: Jenna Ludwig

My story (private): This is so cool, Susanne. I couldn’t see the Dec 25th message on the 25th, because I couldn’t log in here. So, last night I had a weird dream and wondered where it came from. Now, I know that I was dreaming as if I were combining the first night, Dec 25th, Shadow dreaming with the second night, Dec 26th, planting the seed for spiritual growth:

“Shadow Flower”
I am in the dark, and the moonlight is shining down on a silver-looking flower. It is somewhat like a daisy, but not a ‘real’ flower I’ve ever seen before. The colors are the dark of night, moonlight, and the silver shining flower. I am to heap all my Shadow qualities on the flower for them to be transmuted by its energy and the Love deep within the Earth where it will send them through its roots. I witness someone, maybe my own hand, hitting the flower, like you’d hit a pillow instead of acting out on anger against someone. This doesn’t hurt the flower. It absorbs all negatively, and moves it down through its roots for transmutation. (EOD)

If this was my dream, I would say that the theme of flowers is surfacing again! Lidia has dreamed about flowers as well the past two nights. Flowers do indeed have the reputation of absorbing the negative. That is why we give flowers when somebody dies, or flowers when we want to make something right. I love your dream and the silver color in it.


Jenna, I loved your dream and the magical atmosphere you experienced. I often hold a stone to absorb my negative feelings, much as you struck the flower. Thank you for sharing!


Hi Susanne~I am following along and dreaming sorry I behind on writing my dreams and experiences. Thank You for making this amazing space for us : )

Dream I see children each with two bright lights shining from their foreheads.

Dream I see a boy laying on a floor he is holding a box of some kind. I look inside and see a book with a title written in raised gold lettering something with the word PLANET…?

Dream I see a woman in a room by a table. She is upset about something and I am trying to talk her into letting it go. She reminds me of a mother I know but looks like the woman in a show I saw night before “Coat of Many Colors”.
On wake up I thought how she reminded me of the moon Goddess Hera.

Dream I am by a shoe store I bought my children first shoes in when they were younger. There is someone there sitting in a car. They are waiting seems as long as I am waiting for a group of people in the deli there. The person moves the car forward so they are in front of a place called Amerigos after getting written a ticket for parking where they were by a blue mailbox. Then I am in a car with the group I was waiting for and milk spills by a baby seat in the back. I clean it up as a woman from the group goes into another deli to get more. She reminds me of the woman who played Clara the teacher in the movie Back To The Future from the 1800’s when the famous clock was made. She married Doc and they had twins Jules and Verne.


The thing I see as a common theme in these dreams is “duality”. The connection between animus and anima is for me an underlying theme… I am aware this is my interpretation, you are the expert, it is your dream.
First you see children with two lights at the place of their third eye. To me, this symbolically asks you to use your intuition this year with every new step you make, every new opertunity you go into in 2016.

The second dream about Hera who needs to let go, is about moving on from motherhood (of children, of a book, of a process) to exploring your own possiblilties. The table is a very positive factor in my eyes, it has the four edges Jung felt were nesecary to balance out new projects.

The last dream show the duality quality again, making it a nice rounded dream circle. The duality in this dream is the anima, a tecaher named Clare who gave birth to the animus Jules and Verne, a nice combination of anima care and animus rationality. And milk is spilled: to feed the new project. I think your animus side needs you to balance your rationality with your intuition (believe me that might be the hardest endouveour you might accomplish! But to know when you have this inner balance so you can act might be the greatest thing this inner balance might give you in 2016.

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