Seventh Holy Night: Dec 31 – 01 Jan

12 holy days - 7th night

New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year Everyone, and thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey we began 7 nights ago. With the Moon still in Virgo, tonight we will focus our attention on Sophia the Virgin. This night we focus on the month of July 2016. The beginning of summer, ripening of opportunities, growth. We will use our dreaming mind to incubate a dream about what our souls need to know about the month of Juli 2016. Use the day to meditate on the incubation and make it your own. (accessible exclusively for logged-in MoreMindfunda members!)

Edit: We will be back in 2016,  this year it will be available in Mindfunda Courses.

Happy New year!

New Year’s Eve! I wish yo all the best. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I wish you all a year filled with creativity and thought-provoking dreams, that will juice up your creativity. Send me a mail on if you want me to review your book, or write a guest blog for Mindfunda.


In the former nights, we have traveled the first path of initiation, now it is time to meet the Virgin. A Virgin that is ready to conceive all of our creative ideas for the new Year. A Virgin that can guide us to the path that is best for our soul at this moment.

Sophia, the Goddess of wisdom is often regarded as the wife of God, or the female counterpart of our God the Father. The Wise King Solomon was considered to be married to Sophia. Hildegard von Bingen dedicated this poem to her:


You of the whirling wings,
circling, encompassing energy of God:
you quicken the world in your clasp.

One wing soars in heaven,
one wing sweeps the earth,
and the third flies all around us.

Praise to Sophia!
Let all the earth praise her!

-Hildegard von Bingen


When you retreat tonight, make sure your stomach is at ease. Usually during New Year’s Eve you tend to eat a bit too much. So make sure you are feeling OK when you go to bed. This is the time to look back, balance the scale and plan for the future. That requires wisdom. We are smart enough to call upon the most Wise Being around: Sophie.


This Sophia longs for the touch,
Even the merest touch
of her golden gilded consort.
She has searched the highest heavens
and found many a true lover,
And poured ever her infinite bliss
from the diamond studded chalice
of her being.

Some sucked her chalice dry
then placed her in a forgotten corner
until their thirst rose yet again;
Some tossed aside the chalice
only to smash it against the rough stones.

From each lover, indeed,
She has found and rejoiced in parts of her Divinity,
and in agony She pieces them together.
She longs from the four sides of eternity
For Osiris to rise within her yet again.

She who is endless Love waits to be Loved,
Not just for a moment, but Eternity….

Sophia, Waits……

SharOn Alder

Read this beautiful poem before you go to sleep and let your mind drift away… Lay your body in bed and take care that you breath regularly. Let your mind wander, and see your thoughts drift away. If you like it, you can use your breath to blow them even further away. Easily relax your body, from top to bottom.

When you feel relaxed, you imagine a stairway. Ten steps you need to take. With each breath you descend one step. You slowly count, beginning with 10, and ending with 1. On top of the stairs, there is the sea. Sophia is in the waters. In the distance you see a ship comming near. It approaches you, and you see it has blue sails. A little boat is coming your way, and your heart jumps with joy.

A nice helper, one you recognize from your dreams, lends you a warm hand and guides you in the little boat. The people roaring the boat count in a steady rhythm: from 1 to 10. You silently count and relax your body.

Then you are on board the big ship. You hear footsteps but you already feel her presence. You turn around and see the face of the gentle, knowing Sophia. You drink in her energy, her face, her presence. You noticed that she has been around you before. You make a spiritual note, so you will recognize the presence of the wisdom of Sophia when you need her help in waking life.

She reaches out and your hands touch. “What did you want to ask me?  “I need guidance for the next year” you say to her. Every feeling, image and story that is presented to you, you will remember and understand them. Even if you are not able to recall it during daytime, the gift of Sophia will accompany you this year.

Mail me your experiences and stories, and I will share them anonymously  in tomorrow’s blog. Or just leave it in our private area below (it will be sent to Mindfunda, and will not show public):
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Below we will share the results of day 7, only visible to the other participants.

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay) 

Holy Dream 7
January 1, 2016

I am with a large group of people in a beautiful basement room that’s either a gym or a theatre rehearsal space. It’s painted in the standard beige, with chairs scattered all over the place. In another corner by a door there appears to be a high stack of debris.

The people are all singing different things, and it sounds like a cacophony. It hurts my ears, and I shout for everyone to stop. “What the heck are you guys doing?” I ask, and everyone laughs good-naturedly. Some responds, “We’re just warming up, but we are thinking of doing something special.” Immediately, everyone goes back to the ‘tuning’ phase of a performance. Yes, I tell myself, this is something I’m quite familiar with, and just continue walking around listening to individual people as I pass them by.

Even in the dream I question myself, because it seems as though I am their leader, their conductor. Who gave me this position? Self-doubts and anxiety boil up in me. I have never conducted a choir before. However, the people are all very friendly and accept me without a second thought. So I continue my tour around the room, listening to this person or that, and when I reach the front of the auditorium, everyone just stops, as though they are satisfied with what they have done. I tell them what’s in my thoughts, and they get excited. “I was thinking it might be a good idea to first group you together by range of voice, then each group can work on a piece of music that’s suited to that range. Then, you will all sing your respective parts together.”

What am I thinking? It will sound awful, I think to myself. But everyone is eager to give it a try, and after shuffling around to group themselves, with a lot of joking and laughter, they all begin to seriously work on whatever they have chosen. And yes, it sounds every bit as awful as I had imagined. Shaking my head in dismay, I let them go at it.

The end result, however, is more magnificent than I could have ever imagined! It’s like a Bach fugue, different voices blending with beginnings and ends of other voice stanzas. While they each sang something different, it became cohesive, harmonic and haunting in it’s beauty. I could only sit there (they didn’t need me to lead them) and weep.

The last image showed me all the men of the choir cheerfully taking out all the debris that was piled by one of the doors, all the while making plans for a public concert that will feature this wonderful new creation…
If this were my dream (and it was!) I would say that it speaks to human need to connect with each other in peace and harmony (a very old and tired cliche, but one of profound importance anyways). We each sing a different song, we each see life in slightly different ways, but there is always a way to hear each other and recognize the importance in each other.

The end of the dream simply means I need to clean out some more trash that has accumulated in the dark corners of my subconscious.

Happy New Year, fellow dreamers!!


I enjoyed your dream very much. Unfortunately, just like last night, i did not remember a dream myself. This -to me- is a big dream.

The first scene of the dream puts you back down in the earth again. A Beige colored basement. Your own choir, all your inner voices singing together because you take leadership and true your intuition. They all sing somethig different: each aspect of your personality ahs got a different point of view, but together they can perform like no one else can. In my eyes the message of Sophia is: GO FOR IT 😉


I was making art, and decided to go in with a group of ‘local’ artists in a kind of lobby space somewhere, with nice light eggshell colored walls and bright lighting. With me were Ellen, a thin young man with long blonde hair and a beard who felt familiar, Eli, and Bill Murray.

I was overwhelmed with pricing things so Ellen started helping me – picking several of my pieces and adding touches here and there – putting some oil in a bowl to create a lamp. There was a lot of great camaraderie.

I had used some dyeplants and garden plants in my pieces and I was back to my garden checking on the plants. They were fading on top but dark green near the soil. I thought I needed to use them soon.

We were all figuring out how to place our work. I was hesitant, and I took things in and put them up after the gallery closed. I just wanted to see how they looked.

Then we ended up carrying everything to another space that would be our permanent gallery. It was a stone and concrete cottage with wrought iron framed windows, like a garden cottage. As I was checking with the person who was writing down items and prices behind a tall counter, Bill Murray came and stood to my right side and leaned into me in a friendly colleagueial way. That felt very comfortable.

Leah joined us at the cottage with her artwork, too, and we smiled at each other as we carried artwork in. As I walked in the door, I saw a white mouse with pink eyes in a white cage, running on a white wheel, in front of me, opposite the door, on the lowest shelf. He seemed to belong there. I said, “Hey, Mickey! How are you doing, little guy?”

I saw one of my paintings, which had olive green rectangular shapes on the left side and a black ink line drawing on the right and I liked it. I was carrying a doll I had made from muslin that had no arms, just little tabs at the shoulder. I thought, ‘I could add tea bags as arms! The string would be the arm and the little label would be the hand!’ I was excited about this.

Then I looked at my painting again as I woke up and thought, “I am painting intuitively!”


The dream starts out as being about art: introducing friends. Among them is Bill Murray. If it was my dream I would associate him with Lost in Translation. Since the incubation asked for clear intuitive advice for the month of Juli, in my dream Bill would act like a translator, facilitating the intuitive process of creation.

You combine creative abilities with entrepreneurship, but you get help so you don’t get lost in numbers. Ellen comes to help you. The name Ellen means “God is abundance”.

The next scene shows you how to find this abundance: in taken care of art, earth and numbers (finance). You take care of plants and you plan on using their energy.

Bill comes into the dream scene again, to make sure you feel right and accepted among this circle of successful friends.

Now white in the dream gets a dominant color. A white mouse (Mickey), a white wheel and pink eyes. Now white is not a color but a combination of them. Pink is a very intuitive female color. There is a reference to Walt Disney in this dream: did you know he got his inspiration from nature too?

Do you paint intuitively? Or would it be an option to explore, since the dream seems to point you in this direction?


No dream recall had to wake extra early so didn’t sleep much.

But I do feel the woman in my December 21, 2015 might be connected.

In the dream I was walking down a wide central like hallway calling A woman’s name out loud over and over. I looked to the side and in a cubby area I saw her sitting with other dreamers that I knew were there but didn’t see clearly. Once I saw her I said her name again loud enough so a group of dreamers I was with earlier in the dream could hear me like oh here she is! Then She showed me a round yarn stringed wheel saying to tell the other dreamers about it.


It feels to me like the Spider Goddess has reached out to you. The mandala, symbol of the Self is represented by the stringed wheel, that spins the fabric of life.

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