Dream music: listening to inner songs

Dream music: some people wake up humming or singing a song. What do you think: do musicians dream other music dreams then non musicians? Yesterday evening, I was interviewing Connie Kaplan about how the moon influences our dreams. I will put the interview on Mindfunda’s Youtube channel soon, so sign up for the channel. In her […]

5 series to watch

If you are interested in psychology, mythology and spirituality you are always looking for new inspiration. You do not like the average brainless series, you want a series that makes you think! That has a mythological edge. An unexpected vision. Here is Mindfunda’s list of 5 series to watch: Series to watch #1: Heroes Heroes is […]

Music: what does it mean to you?

Without music, life would be a mistake  Nietzsche I think music has a special meaning for us don’t you? We, Homo sapiens, made musical instruments as early as 75,000 years ago. Melody is emotion, communication, tunes unite; some say it even plays a key role in the evolutionary path we have undertaken. Sounds that are pleasant to us is […]

Tree of life: 3 visions on how climbing the tree of life can restore our well being

The Tree of life is a wide recognized symbol. The green of trees are healing, Research shows that it is one of the healthiest ways to spent your life. Surrounded by green listening to birds, enjoying the sounds and life around you. We are hairless monkeys with arms made to climb trees. Trees gave us protection. […]

3 Secrets about synchronicity

The term synchronicity was coined by Carl Jung to describe “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” (source Wikepedia). Living a life by synchronicity will change you. This blog will give you six easy steps to master the art of synchronicity, for it is an art. With a side effect: it will make your life more fun. […]

Anne Baring Dream of the Cosmos: 4 Intriguing Questions

“I must learn that the dregs of my thoughts, my dreams, are the speech of my soul. I must carry them in my heart, and go back and forth over them in my mind, like the words of the person dearest to me” Carl Jung Red Book Anne Baring Dream of the Cosmos: Question #1 […]

10 Dream books you should read

I have been working with dreams for several years now, and I read a lot of dream books. But sometimes there is that one book that really has a special edge. A way you have not looked at dreams before. Here is my list of 10 dream books you should read i.e. I can recommend all of […]

Shekinah, or how snakes sometimes are successful spirit guides

I interviewed Anne Baring yesterday (I will try to publish the interview tomorrow). She is the writer of Dream of the cosmos and she talked about the Shekinah. The Shekinah is an ancient Goddess, refered to in Judaism as the “dwelling particle of God”. The holy spirit in the Catholic church. The vision of Shekinah came […]

What your cd collection tells about your personality traits

Psychologist Sam Gosling wrote an interesting book about what your material stuff (your cd and book collection even your paintings and even your Facebook profile) tells about who you are. Snoop: what your stuff says about you: Snoop: what your stuff says about your personality traits   Sam Gosling assumes that your stuff gives a clear indication […]

A different way to look at clothes

Clothes make a statement. Like a two sided sword they say something about you and the group you want to belong to. What about
the clothes you wear in dreams? What message do they reveal?

What no one tells you about religion

Should we thank god for civilization? Archeological findings suggests that civilization occured among religious buildings.
Recent findings in Turkey and Mexico suggest religion plays a key role.

Are you afraid of death? she asked me…

Are you affraid of death? she asked me. A question so direct and so profound I was shaking to the core…

The Apple tv: unlocking knowledge in a heartbeat

I am a fan of Apple. And I laughed just like you, about the ridiculous price tag on the Apple watch. BUT this watch will be able to monitor your health somewhere in the future Apple’s Tim Cook has promised. My life changed for the better when we  got ourselves an apple tv. It is […]

What does my dream mean?

Imagine this: you have a dream. An actual dream not a phantasy about how life could be. Now you want to know What does my dream mean?. This article will give you a head start. What does my dream mean?   First of all there are, in general, four ways of looking at a dream: […]

Solar eclipse 2015: chance to turn the plot around?

My guys (11 and 9) have a “Newsflash” they read at school and this week it is about the solar eclipse 2015. I am not sure you will be able to see it in your part of the world. In my town it will be visible Friday morning. Solar eclipse: the chance for a plot twist? […]

Hidden meaning behind words: things you did not know about yourself

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.” Patrick Rothfuss, The name of the wind     There is a hidden meaning behind words. The words you use, in a talk, in a […]

Tarot Garden by Niki de Saint Phalle – Tuscany, Italy

Tarot represent the archetypical energies of life. Let Mindfunda help you use the tarot with a greater understanding of archetypical energies and how they shape your life. Nikki de Saint Phalle has lived the tarot; she dedicated her life to the tarot garden in Tuscany Italy. An impression from the grounds by Mindfunda.

Does tarot predict your future?

Do you think using tarot can predict the future? Find out in the Mindfunda tarot work-book. The first chapter is available for a free download if you signup for the Mindfunda Monthly!

Alchemy: transformation of matter and spirit

Alchemy for everyday use: beautiful jewelry to help you transform your life

Music-heart connection
 of Beethoven

When the music of Beethoven is analyzed researchers claim that Beethoven not only suffered from deafness but also had heart problems.


People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile. ~Lee Mildon
In his inspiring Ted talk Ron Gutman explaines why smiling can make you live longer. You have to smile when you listen to the talk:
Mindfunda Montly takes good care of you 😉

The secret trick to understanding dreams you dream

Dreams tell stories but who is the storyteller?

What does my dream mean? Four ways of looking at a dream.

“I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research.” – Albert Einstein Is in our modern era the question “What does my dream mean?” still a […]

Our dreaming mind by Robert van de Castle

What I like about “Our Dreaming Mind” by Robert Van de Castle It was many years ago that I first took a copy of “Our Dreaming Mind” home from the library. I can see in my later bought copy at home it is from 1994. It would be years before I did actually meet Dr. Robert […]

Looking for Valentine day gifts ideas? Here’s a Mindfunda guide!

 Looking for original Valentine Day gifts ideas for your loved one? First you might want to know what the origin of Valentine’s Day (as it is often written) is. Well, at first it was all about poetry. The oldest Valentine’s poem known today, was written in the 15th century by Charles, Duke of Orleans, who was […]

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