Spiritual retreats for this summer

The summer is getting near. This is the month of June and on June 21 there will be the solstice. Time to take it slow and to retreat. Time to travel inwards preferably to a place that brings out the best in you. There are spiritual places where the earth seems to have an effect on your inner well-being. Here is Mindfunda’s list of 5 spiritual retreats.

spiritual retreats
photo @reikitummo-la.com

Spiritual retreats #1: Sedona

Sedona is a place that combines spiritual energies. Rumor has it that it resonates in Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy resonates in a physical body from the lower chakra upwards to the crown of the head. That experience is considered to be very enlightening.

spiritual retreats
Secret Sedona

In Sedona the earth is said to experience this same phenomena.  Your dreams will take on a new level of awareness and your physical well-being will flourish.

Spiritual retreats #2: Lourdes

Lourdes in the French Pyrenees has a very moving history. Way back in 1856 a small girl named Bernadette saw a young lady dressed in white with a blue ribbon. Mother Mary had appeared and started to perform miracles.

spiritual retreats
Lourdes travel guide

The lady appears several time to Bernadette. Miracles began to occur, people were healed. This beautiful remote town high in the mountains will charm you. Even though it has become highly commercial, the nature is beautiful and water has never tasted so good anywhere in the world.

Spiritual retreats #3: Delphi

spiritual retreats

The oracle of Delphi is world-famous. The oracle powers of  Pythia, who sat on a tripod inhaling gases that blew her mind. This is the place of worship for the ancient mother goddess. It is high on my list of places to visit. The oracle’s declarations could be mystical, like the one given to the Celts: “Care for these things fall on me”, but in hindsight they always made sense. The oracle had refered to several earth quakes that where about to happen.

 Spiritual retreats #4: Joshua Tree national monument

In the Mojave desert home for the Mohave people who lived alongside the river Yuman. Dreams where called su’mach, and seen as a gateway to creativity and knowledge.

spiritual dream retreats
Hidden Joshua tree

What we call now “Big Dreams” were seen as great tellings and where a guide to the tribe. Some people where better than others in conceiving these dreams and where selected. after a time of initiation they dreamed for the well-being of the whole tribe.

 Spiritual retreats #5: Australia

Australia is one of the most spiritual countries to travel. Dreamtime was considered the explanation of ultimate human reality. The tribes lived with the land. they listened to the rhythms of the land and saw them reflected in their own body.

spiritual retreats
Blue mountains

The blue mountains are considered a very spiritual place in Australia. The Gundungurra tribe thought it was the result of a battle the Mirigan and Garangatch, half-fish, half reptile.

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Aboriginal ancient secrets scientifically explained

Photo @aboriginal art australia

Homo Sapiens left Africa 125,000 years ago and traveled to South Asia and Australia about 50,000 years ago. The aboriginal legends can help science now, but like in the old days: knowledge has to be paid for.

You have to pay knowledge and sometimes more than that. Science has gotten into a project of paying with astronomical knowledge to the Gunditjmara, an ancient tribe who has a legend about a wave killing everybody. It tells about the people who fled way up high and survived this giant wave. Professor James Goff, who specializes in Tsunamis, researched the land in the vicinity to find a layer of ocean sediment. This suggests that the legend indeed describes a Tsunami.

Scientists now are starting to believe that these old mythologies tell about events that took place thousands of years ago. But not a lot of aboriginals who can speak their ancient language are left. And those who still hold on to their old knowledge are reluctant to share it with scientists. So the scientists nowadays trade in the old-fashioned way. They trade knowledge: giving the aboriginals their knowledge of astronomy.

If you want to dive further into the mythology of the aboriginal there are some very good books available:

Myths and legends of the Australian aboriginals tells about their ancient stories.
A lot of myths are in this book: animal myths, personal myths, the myth of Puckowe, the Grandmother spirit…


Myths and legends of the Australian aboriginals


Another book filled with information about aboriginal wisdom is Voices of the first day written by Robert Lawlor. The book is a guide to the essence of a culture that was peaceful, wise and filled with dreams.

Voices of the first day

This book tells you about the spirituality of aboriginals and their Dreamtime: alcheringa. Alcheringa is the word used to denote the mythic times of ancestors of the totemic groups. Connecting in a very ancient manor with the wisdom of the earth and tuning into Dreamtime in another way.


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