Four Fabulous Food Tricks



Food. We all have a complicated relationship with it. Blame it on our mothers: we got something sweet when we were sour. This blog provides you with four tips you can immediately use to start feeling better.


Food, fat and facts Tip #1

Optimize your intake of good fats.

Remember when we were told that we where all getting to fat? It was back in the eighties of last century. The fat in our food was bad.

Fat is one of the three macronutrients: fat, protein and carbohydrates. You may notice that two of the three macronutrients have gotten a bad rep now: fat and carbohydrates.

The fact is that there are a number of fats. I usually divide them in two simple groups: healthy and unhealthy.

I know there are saturated and unsaturated fats, but this is a simple tips and tricks blog. Do feel invited to share your food knowledge in the comments: what food has improved your health?

Healthy fats are Omega three and Omega nine fats. You find them in fat fish like sardines and mackerel, as well as in walnuts. Omega nine is present in the delicious macadamia nuts.




You want to avoid the omega 6 fats. They promote inflammation. Almost everyone eating a Western Diet eats too much omega 6 fat.

Food that contains omega 6 is: fatty animal food, sunflower oil, safflower oil, margarines and sesame oil. Try to minimize your intake of these foods.


Carefully balance our intake of carbohydrates. I am still just scarcely eating bread, because it increases my blood sugar level fast.

In 2010, I started changing my diet. I reduced my intake of carbohydrates. It made me lose weight. But whenever I got back on my old diet, on holidays, I gained it back again. And never lost it.

Cartoon: Emma Correll


I put my body on scarcity mode. Our bodies are built to endure times of food deprivation. If you eat less carbohydrates, your body will do anything to retain enough fat to get you through this rough period.

Gluten is a protein that is found in the grains wheat, barley, and rye. A large number of people with Type one diabetes suffer from celiac disease. I got myself tested to see if i would benefit from a gluten-free diet. The test indicated that it was safe for me to eat grains.

FOOD, Energy AND effort TIP #3

Eat the food that gives you energy.

Have you ever noticed that some food seems to wear you out? I usually get really tired after I have eaten meat.

Getting your portions from plants seems to be one of the healthiest ways of living. I can not get myself to eating vegetarian completely, even though I am not happy with the way animals are treated.

I usually eat grass-fed meat. But I do minimize the intake of meat as much as I possibly can.

Food And Movement

Do your daily exercises before you eat.

You increase health when you exercise before you eat. Not the other way around. We used to hunt, and get rewarded by eating the results.

Try this tomorrow morning when you wake up. Go out and take a 30 minute brisk walk. Than prepare breakfast.

I usually take care that at least 2 of my three main meals contain fruit or vegetables. I saw my skin clearing up after I changed my diet.

My breakfast is a shake filled with bleu berries, avocado and lots of healthy fruit. Halfway through the morning I have a second breakfast. Usually an apple with some cinnamon.

My lunch is usually a salad with protein. Once a week I eat shiitake with Cocos, because shiitake helps the immune system to work better.

Diner usually contains protein and vegetables too. If you have kidney trouble this diet is not good for you.

The kidneys are a colander. Protein is a big molecule and if the colander is already weak, it can enlarge the openings in the colander. That is why protein in your urine is always a sign of kidney trouble.

I would like to know if this post has been useful for you. What foods are good for you?

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Tryptophan, the royal road to sleep


Sleep is vital to our health. Recent research says we need at least seven hours of it. If dreams are the royal road to the unconscious as Freud once said, then tryptophan is our royal road to sleep. This Mindfunda will tell you more about this essential amino acid. I wrote before about sleep: how long can you stay awake and 15 other secrets about sleep and about how neurons get trained during sleep. Sleep is important. Let us explore tryptophan, the royal road to sleep

Tryptophan,the royal road to sleep #1

The first step in understanding tryptophan is understanding amino acids.  There are two kinds: essential and non-essential amino acid. The essential amino acids who find in our food, we have to eat them. Our food consists of three groups: fat, carbohydrates and protein. To understand the tryptophan pathway we focus on protein. Your body uses tryptophan to make proteins. Protein is build out of amino acid.

Non essential amino acids are quite important for your body, even though their name would imply that they where just fun to have around but non-essential. But your body can build them no matter what you eat. Things are different for essential amino acids. In total there are 20 amino acids. 13 of them are non-essential but 9 of them you have to digest in your daily meals. Our little friend tryptophan is one of them.

Why do I focus on tryptophan? Because tryptophan is the building block of melatonin. The stuff that makes you drowsy and guides you into sleep. So how does that happen?

First you need to eat food rich in tryptophan. Cashew nuts, bananas, spinach, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, mozzarella, tuna fish, eggs. You can create some delicious meals with tryptophan rich food. But I know what you are going to say now. Tryptophan is not melatonin. I need melatonin to fall asleep when it gets dark.

Tryptophan,the royal road to sleep #2

The second step to creating melatonin from tryptophan involves vitamin B3. A bit of tryptophan “leaks away” into the production of Niacin (vitamin B3). that is why it is sometimes a good idea when you have sleeping problems to take some 5 htp. That way there is no leakage of tryptophan into vitamin B3.
And that is why I always advice people to use a good vitamin B supplication whenever they are having problems sleeping.
Using this a substance called 5 hydroxy tryptophan is created. If you have trouble sleeping you might want to consider taking 5 htp as a supplement.

5 htp

It can also help you reduce food cravings and aggression.

To create serotonin from 5 htp your body needs zinc, magnesium and Vitamin C. vitamin C with rose hips is easier for your body to use so always make sure that when you want to use a vitamin C supplant you search for one with that ingredient.

Vitamin C with rose hips

Only when these substances are available in your body serotonin can be build. So mak sure, bu healthy eating or using supplements that your body can compose serotonin.

Tryptophan,the royal road to sleep #3

The last step is creating melatonin from serotonin. That is easy. You need two things. Movement and darkness. So when you eat the right foods, use supplements when you need them and you still can not fall asleep: start moving when it gets dark. Go for a walk in the dark.


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