The Spiritual Body: Our Connection to Food

This blog is a part of a 4-blog series about the body.
The first blog is about Body Image and Self Esteem
This blog is about the spiritual body;
The third blog will be about the dreaming body;
The last blog will be about the body of poetry.

For me, the spiritual body is the way we relate to mother Earth. The way we feed our bodies. The way we understand plants and trees. The way we relate to the cycles of nature.

So this blog is not about chakra’s or about the soma psuchikon (the animal body which is sown in corruption and dishonour) as Paul describes it in the bible. It is about our relationship with mother Earth. Honouring our bodies as representatives of Mother earth.


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If you are like me, you will not ever have perceived your body as representing mother Earth. We know all too well, the humiliation we have felt about our bodies since we have been young. Too big, too small, too fat, to tiny, when we look in the mirror we immediately see what is wrong. When we see a picture taken of us we think: OMGH, is THAT the way I look? I almost always feel so much prettier than I look on pictures…

With this blog I hope to show you how a simple girl like me, not very pretty with weird eyes that are too far apart, a funny turned up nose and freckles started to accept her body. But let’s first explore the origin of the repulsion of our own body: the Mother Wound.

Spiritual Body and the Mother Wound

Food and the spiritual body are interrelated. We learn at a very young age that we can ease pain, cold and loneliness with food.

My own struggle with food began when I was undiagnosed with type one diabetic disorder. I had no insulin, so my body could not process food. I began to become very skinny.

My parents did not notice that. When you see someone everyday that is getting bigger or smaller, at first you don’t notice that.

spiritual body

But I ate chocolate like a mad-woman. I stole chocolate from my parents and ate it all. They were mad as hell with me. From that moment on,in my parent’s eyes I had a complete lack of character. That was very painful for me.

Eating chocolate gave me into a feeling of bliss. The world was kind and good when I had eaten a bar of chocolate.

What has this got to do with the mother wound you ask? Mothers sooth their child with food. You get a desert when you finish up the meal on your plate.

spiritual body

From the days that we are a child, food is associated with comfort. So you can imagine how I have an unhealthy relationship with food (especially chocolate).

And who is responsible for your meals? Yes your mother. She gives you food, she decides if you get that desert, or the candy.

And I dare to bet with you that about 55-60 percent of our mothers struggled with their own weight.

Spiritual Body and Food

In 2010 I started to educate myself again. I had been a stay at home mother for five years and I wanted to begin my own practice. Advising people about healthy food and supplements.

spiritual body
Cartoon Creator Unknown

I graduated with honours. But I could not get any customers. Well, i had to become a member of an official institute for my potential customers to get their consults repaid by insurance. And that official institute charged a lot of money.

And after a client was gone I had to get into the whole process of finding new ones. The same thing that has happened to me in this company Mindfunda. The chase, the hunt for customers is not something I am good at.

Let’s get back to the subject of this blog: mother Earth and Food. In my education I found out that you are the stuff that you eat.

Garbage in – Garbage Out. It is not only psychological, it is also physical.

I have written a good blog about how Tryptophan regulates sleep. But bottom line: if you eat natural things your body becomes more healthy.

So I tried, honestly, to get my daily magnesium so I could skip the chocolate.
NOWAY! My body would not let that happen.

When I was approaching my fifties, I began to gain weight. I always had eaten a lot of cheese and chocolate, but now I could clearly see how that was affecting my belly.

spiritual body

I got all depressed because when sitting down my belly was hanging on my legs. I did not feel attractive at all.

I had to adjust to a whole new body image. My clothing style changed too. I used to wear cute dresses. Now I wore the uniform of ladies all over the world. The Jeans-Shirt uniform.

Spiritual Body and Clothes

I was so happy when I got money from my parents to buy my own clothes. Up till than, being the younger one in a big family of 7, my clothes had been wear me downs from older sisters.

It was the time when Madonna was emerging as an artist. She was showing off her boobs, shaking her ass and everybody, even the feminist movement thought she was strong.

spiritual body

I tied a ribbon in my hair, curled it, and I bought a long skirt with buttons and unbuttoned the last ones so my legs would elegantly be shown at each step. I felt reborn.

At my school they felt differently. Someone anonymous wrote some very offensive remarks in my school agenda.

My parents were offended too. “You should not wear make up” my father said. But I loved (and still love) to put on make up. It’s my creation time. I can understand why there are so many transvestites.

Anyway, the story about how I became aware of how male sexuality is tied to womanhood you can read in my first blog.

spiritual body


Spiritual Body and Friends

When I was writing this blog in my mind (Mindfunda is the blog by walking around: as soon as I think of a subject I take a walk and start to compose sentences and subjects) I could only think of times I got really hurt and disappointed in friendships.

How has friendship influenced the relationship with your body?

I always had very attractive ladies as best friends. Because I refuse to compete about men. (why on earth would I be even slightly interested in a man who has the hots for one of my friends?)

But it was inevitable that I would compare my body with theirs. And all spiritual schools say that comparison makes you sad.

spiritual body

But let me give you a tip. there is nothing more rewarding than spoiling your weight by drinking and eating and laughing with your friends.

I am glad you made it all the way down this blog! Share it if you have liked it and I hope you will leave a comment.

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Dopamine dreaming

During dreaming the dopamine pathway in the brain plays an important role. ‘Mr. Pleasure principle’ Mark Solms, the man who continues to put Freud on the map again, published this article about dopamine and dreaming. Once the dopamine pathway is damaged, dreaming stops.

Porsche researched the dopamine pathway in a very smart way. They made this film about how experiencing G-forces triggers the pleasure principle of the brain.
But unfortunately, most of us do not have the financial resources to buy a Porsche. How can you increase your dopamine level to get to vivid dreams?

Dopamine is build from Tyrosine. You can find it in food, you can add to your daily diet. Food that contains a lot of tyrosine is chocolate, almonds (they also contain magnesium that will help you with dreaming), avocado’s, egg white, cottage cheese, salmon, seaweed, banana’s pumpkin and sesame seed are a few examples.


Sleeping, exercising and having fun are other ways to increase the dopamine level. If you need any extra help you could consider taking supplements. You can add a B vitamin complex to your daily diet like for instance:

I always recommend you use a B complex because the B vitamins help each other. Another supplement you could consider is phenylethylamine : PEA

Phenyl-ethylamine PEA
Note: using the supplements is your own responsibility. Always make sure that your medical condition allows you to use it.

Chocolate: one taste is all it takes

Chocolate: in this film of Lasse Hallström Vianne and her daughter Anouk move into a small catholic French village. From the first scene on it is clear that Vianne Rocher is a Goddess. Her ancestry is from the old Mayan tribe that knew about the ways of healing with chocolate.


Chocolate: one taste is all it takes…

Did you know that there is a Mayan chocolate Goddess of fertility? Ixcacao. This Goddess lived among the people and listen to their needs. Look how Vianne listens to her customers. But Ixcacoa was not blessed for long. She had to marry the God of commerce. Patriarchical Kings demanded that a child would be sacrificed each year to ensure the return of the sun. Ixcacoa climbed up the stairs with them each year to make the path to death easier by feeding them chocolate on their way up to their fate. In the film, this plot is reversed. the crown, grandmother Armande (Judi Dench) sacrifices herself. She throws a party were Vianne cooks the most lovely chocolate dinner. But being a diabetic she does not survive. Her sacrifice is the key that turns things around. Vianne becomes a Matriarch, a Queen. She is finally able to restore her independence and settle down. But not only the Goddess/anima part is represented in a magnificent way. The animus is displayed in all its forms: Roux as the puer, the wandering fool; Comte de Reynaud as the enforcer of the rules and Serge, the irresponsible dronk. All of the males desperately need to connect with their anima. The sacrifice of Armande triggers a turning point in their lives… Are you a chocolate lover yourself? After seeing this film you want to make your own healing recipes: chocolate covered Katie is the lady who knows how to make chocolate that heals. Over 80 recipes that are good for you.

Chocolate healing


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