Shekinah, or how snakes sometimes are successful spirit guides

I interviewed Anne Baring yesterday (I will try to publish the interview tomorrow). She is the writer of Dream of the cosmos and she talked about the Shekinah. The Shekinah is an ancient Goddess, refered to in Judaism as the “dwelling particle of God”. The holy spirit in the Catholic church. The vision of Shekinah came to her in a dream. A life changing dream that took several decades to show its meaning. Anne told me that “This was not only a dream for me, but a dream for everybody in the cosmos”. A Big Dream.

Maybe, just like me, you can grasp Shekinah intuitively. I always thought of God as the goodness of all living things on earth, combined into one energy. It makes sense to me to call this energy Shekenah. In early Judaism she was known as the Wisdom Goddess, later also known as Sophia.

The cosmic Shekinah

Because I am a curious person, I bought myself one of the best books about Shekinah: the cosmic Shekinah. A dove is on the book cover: there is a special relationship between Shekina and the dove. Here is the writer David Rankine explaining this himself. The Dove used to be a bird of wisdom. Remember how Noah sent out a dove to check if the waters had lowered enough?

In this exciting book Sorita D’Este and David Rankine show how Shekinah is related to Isis the Egyptian mother Goddess, to Inanna the Sumerian Goddess that had to decent to hell to find life and to Astarte, the goddess of fertility in Canaan.

The snake we all know from the bible as the bad guy who seduced Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit, is the companion of Shekinah. But as a symbol of healing. The snake is the symbol of life after death and resurrection. Sometimes in churches, Mother Mary (the most modern expression of the ancient Mother Goddess) stands on a snake. The snake as a symbol of power.

I can recommend this book to you if you want to know more about the divine feminine. And Anne Baring re-defined femininity. It is not about women, not about power. It is about fertility. It is about growth. About nurturing. About the inner light. In both males and females.

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