Is a Dream A Story? Philosophy, Dreaming and Literary Imagination

People are story tellers. I have always had that romantic notion of Homo sapiens siting around the campfire in ancient times listening to stories. Like we, in this day and age sit around our television set and watch story after story. In the night we follow the stories of our dreaming mind.

But why hasn’t there been any book that explores the intersection of dreaming and literary imagination. A book that draws together neurocognitive, empirical, philosophical and literary sources. Until Michaela Schrage Früh stepped up the plate and wrote this juicy, well written book.

Narrative and mathematics never the two shall meet?

A Narrative is composed of words. Mathematic equations have a language of their own. And never the two shall meet. But they need each other. Dreams are composed of words. Dreams are narratives. In “Circles disturbed” mathematician and philosopher Apostolos Doxiadis searches the connective bond between the two. This leads to some interesting stories.   “Do not disturb …

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