Conscious: our capacity to know about us

Being Conscious to me is knowing who you are. Having a concept of self. Being type one diabetic I have experienced first hand what can go wrong with this concept of self due to low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia). I remember how I, at one point in time, felt that I could not walk anymore in a straight line. I fell down.

Some teenagers started laughing because they thought I was drunk, or a drug user. I remember clearly how my brain reported back to




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And then he gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me.” 
Suzanne Collins, the Hunger Games


Today I will share an inspiring Ted talk by Ron Gutman. Ron Gutman is a personal inspiration for me because of his work on health and well being. At Stanford University he created a program called BeWell for students. Health depends on so much more then the body alone. We are connected with our environment in so much more ways then we realize. Click the link and enjoy. Ron’s talk is about how healthy smiling is for you. How you can predict the length of the life of a person on a photo judging by his smile. Smile as much as you can and feel the endorphines make you stronger and feel better…

After finishing my work on the connectio between dreams and health I was more aware then ever that my personality and my interpretation of things that happened to me affected my health. Listening to my dreams, like Vasily Kasatkin suggests in his book “A theory of dreams” helped me very much.
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