Are you able to dream about the health of another person?

This is the first Mindfunda Podcast: a panel about Dreaming and Health that I presented together with Patricia Garfield, Paul Overman and Sandy Sederberg Ginsberg. Patricia Garfield was one of the founders of The International Association for the Study of dreams (IASD) . Each year the IASD organizes a conference about dreams. This panel was part of the IASD Conference in Berkeley.

It turned out to be a fascinating discussion with the audience attending. A lot of questions where raised and we tried to answer them as best as we could.
An intriguing question was: “Am I able to dream about the health of another person“. I think you can.  Parents have an innate ability to have precognitive warnings about the health of their children.
Click here to listen to the Dream and Health panel:


My presentation was about the book: A theory about dreams written by Vasily Kasatkin. You can look at my prezi while you listen to the presentation. The connection between dreams and health is an acient one. In the ’60s there was the cold war which divided East and West. In the West, Bob van de Castle did research about dreams and health and in the East Vasily Kasatkin was writing about a long term scientific research about dreams and health:

Dreaming and health
Theory about dreams. A book about dreaming and health


Patricia Garfield was the next presenter. She told the audience how dreams help her on all important fronts of her life, and also regarding health. Once when she was mis-diagnosed after hurting her arm she had to be in the hospital and that gave her enough inspiration to write “The Healing Power of dreams”. She talked about how her dreams still give her insights and clues how to keep her body in the best condition possible.

Paul Overman, the dream listener, gave the Shamanic perspective of dreaming and health. Shamans have always been healers with knowledge about worlds that are hard to encounter for ordinary people. you can see his presentation over here.

Sandy Ginsberg had een empowering story to tell about how dreams guided her through a process of being ill. She makes art, and drawing her dream images gave her a lot of insight into the severity of her condition. Using a Gestalt technique she made the decision to have a surgery. After the surgery the doctor told her it was just in time.




And then he gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me.” 
Suzanne Collins, the Hunger Games


Today I will share an inspiring Ted talk by Ron Gutman. Ron Gutman is a personal inspiration for me because of his work on health and well being. At Stanford University he created a program called BeWell for students. Health depends on so much more then the body alone. We are connected with our environment in so much more ways then we realize. Click the link and enjoy. Ron’s talk is about how healthy smiling is for you. How you can predict the length of the life of a person on a photo judging by his smile. Smile as much as you can and feel the endorphines make you stronger and feel better…

After finishing my work on the connectio between dreams and health I was more aware then ever that my personality and my interpretation of things that happened to me affected my health. Listening to my dreams, like Vasily Kasatkin suggests in his book “A theory of dreams” helped me very much.
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