Tenth Holy Night: Jan 03 – 04

12 holy days - 10th night

Tonight the moon is in the sign of Scorpio. A sign associated with transformation, death and rebirth. This night we focus on the month of October 2016. Harvest time. The sign of Scorpio was once perceived as the Eagle, so tonight we will incubate an Eagle’s perspective to guide us in 2016. Use the day to meditate on the incubation and make it your own. (accessible exclusively for logged-in MoreMindfunda members!)

Edit: We will be back in 2016,  this year it will be available in Mindfunda Courses.


We have planted the seed of our spiritual being safely in the warm ground of Mother Earth several nights ago. This night you will revisit the plant that has grown out to be your Life Tree and climb up to the sky. When you climb up, you will be accompanied by Eagle.


The Moon is in Scorpio this evening. Scorpio is the only sign that is associated with more than one animal. The Scorpio, the Eagle and the Snake. For tonight’s incubation I have chosen the image of the Eagle because one of our dreamer already met the Eagle in her dreams.

The Eagle can see the world with a bird’s-eye view. Eagle can foresee certain chances and opportunities. In the book Medicine Cards, Sams and Carson write: “Eagle is reminding you to take heart and gather courage, for the universe is presenting you with an opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of your life. In learning to fiercely attack your personal fear of the unknown, the wings of your soul will be supported by the ever-present breezes which are the breath of the Great Spirit.”


When you have the feather of an Eagle around, carry it with you today. Lie it near to your pillow when you go to sleep. The energy of the eagle will support you in your sleep.

When you retire, mentally shower off the remains of the day, using the image of a golden cleaning spiral, sucking all that does not belong to you up and moving it down below, into mother Earth. She will know how to restore that energy to its owner.

Once you feel clean, start paying attention to your breathing pattern. Breath in for 3 seconds, hold your breath for 3 seconds and exhale 6 seconds. Concentrate on this pattern until your body is relaxed.

Now you count down from 10 to one, imagening your stairs that lead to your Tree of Life. On the count of one, you stand before your Tree of Life. When you look up, you see a majestic Eagle. You look into each others’ eyes and you feel like your are glued to this bird’s energy. Together, you are one of a kind. You climb on the Eagle and you just fit perfectly. You feel its muscled body and you are lifted up into the sky. The Air Gods are guiding you and you look down upon your Tree. You see it has 10 branches now, and 2 tree buds. The Tree looks healthy and fierce, and you feel proud of all the loving care you put into it.

Art: mushroomstone.com

High up in the air, you see energy patterns surrounding your Tree. Some are filled with energy, others look grey and lifeless. You whisper your Eagle to fly closer. You suddenly have a golden knife in your hand and you cut away all the energy that does not feel right. You create a vibrent package of energy that reaches into the world as a source of wisdom and energy.

The Eagle takes you down and sits next to you. You look at each other again. You know that this is the time to ask Eagle and its wisdom for the Guidance you want to receive in 2016. The answers will come to you, intuitively or in tonights’ dream. You will remember and understand your dream.

Dreams of this night


Oh this reminds me of my Philadelphia Eagles dream so I will look for my dream connections and/or story continued : )

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay): MEDITATION
Holy Dream 10
January 4, 2016

I cannot remember having a dream last night, but my pre-sleep meditation brought some incredibly clear images.

As directed, I approached my Tree. For the past three nights, I saw my tree as a graceful Birch, with the silvery bark and slender leaves, without a doubt a female and inhabited by an Elemental I have yet to meet. When I need to go inside and down the stairs, there is no door, no opening of any sort. Instead, it’s as though my molecules rearrange themselves to pass through the bark of my Birch. Like the Doctor Who’s TARDIS it’s much larger on the inside, taking whatever form I need. There I met Mercury feeding me berries, and sat in the large scales to balance myself, and yesterday, I was met by the great golden Eagle.

The vision then took on a life of its own, and all I can do was try and keep up.

Climbing onto the Eagle’s back, we flew out. For an instant we were in my bedroom, and then soared right through the windows and spent some time simply enjoying the flight above the city. Eventually, the landscape below me changed, and I saw my Birch Tree standing gracefully in a clearing. I looked down on her with love, as I leaned over the Eagle’s outstretched neck. The ribbons of energy (as I always see them) were flying into and out of the tree. It looked like a Maypole! Among the brightness of clear green, blue, turquoise (health colour), red, yellow, and purple, I saw three faint gray ones. These were the ones I needed to get rid of.

I asked my Eagle not to be afraid by what I did next, and slipped off his back. Here was my joy and freedom! Now, instead of flying on him, I flew next to him. I corkscrewed upwards, and swan dived down, We flew around each other, and played tag. Eventually, we began to descend, and floating about my Birch, I carefully pulled at one gray ribbon, and sending it into Mother Earth, repeating this action twice again, asking our Great Mother to heal whatever these ills were.

The Eagle and I stood in the clearing beside the Tree for a few minutes, saying good bye to each other. I hugged him, petting the soft feathers in parting, while his fierce beak was lowered to my neck. I took off, flying effortlessly upwards, while my bedroom materialized about me.

I was sure I would dream, and perhaps I did, but have no memory of it whatsoever. Instead, I shall share here the last dream that I had about flying (it was a very long dream, and I’m just posting the last part of it):

February 27, 2015

The performance is over. It is closing night, and the troupe is celebrating their triumphant show with the audience in a lavish reception. I am still left breathless from the experience, seeing how everything came together in such an amazing way – the acrobatics, the singing in strange harmonies that has left my heart weeping and laughing at the same time, the words of power that flew out of the actor’s throats.

It was all too much for me. I go find a relatively quiet corner to let it all sink in. For the first time, I wonder about my own home back in Canada and wonder if anyone misses me, for I now have been gone for a long time without contacting anyone. Somehow, I almost instantly realize, that all is well. My family and friends know what I’m doing and where I am. The concept of a ‘telephone’ or ‘computer’ is non-existent here – I must physically write them all a letter, I think to myself.

Finally, as I take the last sip of my drink (very alcoholic!) I get up and join my ‘troupe family’, all smiling and chatting with various groups of people. Eventually, the crowds thin out, and we go back to our home in the woods, to relax and share in our good fortune. Already, the actors are talking about their next play, planning and plotting, while the crew just laughs and shakes heads, longing only for a solid night’s sleep. Two other women and I go out onto the balcony and breathe in the beauty of the night air, full of exotic fragrances and sounds of night creatures. We lounge back in the deep comfort of the outdoor couches and chat about simpler things.

Suddenly, I look around my environment with new eyes, and say to my companions, “This is all my dream, you know.” They look shocked, but take it to mean that this is what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I shake my head. “No, *this*,” I wave my hands to take in the forest, the mountains, the seashore glittering under the full moon, and the house, “All this is a dream from my own mind. There is only one way I can prove it – I’m going to fly.”

I stand up, and with a smile at my companions, my wonderful friends, I simply lift off the ground and gently guide myself up, up higher than the large house, until they look tiny below me. The air is so crystal clear and yet dense with individual scents and sounds that it’s like a living entity of it’s own. After a few loops and swirls, my soul joyfully open to all around me, I slowly make my way down again to stand on the balcony.

All my friends, the entire troupe, is now on the balcony watching me with eyes wide and mouths open in wonder. “Shall I do this again?” I ask, and before anyone could respond, I take flight again, this time with more speed. I choose a tall palm tree close to the house, and land like a ballerina on the top-most leaf, lighter than a feather, and wave to them. Once more I come back to the balcony, and notice everything is now fading. I have only enough time to bid them all farewell, and tell them I’ll be back – or rather, I’ll bring them all back into another dream soon, before the morning light gently wipes out the whole environment out of existence, and I wake up.


Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.



The Director

I asked eagle for guidance about work, or how I would have financial abundance. My dreaming began with a young woman, brown-eyed, brown haired, director, who was failing dismally with her project. Then she called all the actors together in a large old hotel ballroom, and told them that her boyfriend of many years had left her just before she had moved to this new city to direct this play. She was still reeling from the end of the relationship. Most of the people in the room could feel her pain and were very supportive now that they understood.

One male actor in his late twenties, however, was talking loudly with his friend while the director was trying to describe her vision for the play. She walked over in front of him and spoke loudly, “Would you please be quiet and listen to me?!!” (I did not feel that I was the director in the dream, I was watching, but when she was walking over to confront the young man, I was beside her, I felt myself as separate, yet not visible maybe, and I was yelling, “Shut up!”). When the director returned to her place in front of the group, she said to the man, “That audacity will serve you well as an actor.” I thought that was a great move, to find a way to compliment this guy on his poor behavior, and thus dissolve the stigma of being called out for being rude.

During the next part of the dream I/we went back to the director’s experience of the breakup with the boyfriend. She lost all interest in living. It was through beginning to notice small things, the smell of coffee, the way the sun shining through the leaves made patterns on the floor, that she was drawn back into life.

Later I was following along as she was going to dinner after one of the rehearsals. She was with a group of women from the play and they had a reservation at a restaurant in a brownstone. The hostess met them at the door and let them in. Another young woman who was not with the party was behind them, smiled knowingly at the hostess, and entered the next building. In a few moments she came back out, and headed into the restaurant. I yelled “Bitch!” It was always hard to get a table at the restaurant and I was indignant that she was trying to slip in with the director’s group.

I went into the restaurant, and found the hostess and the woman who was not part of the directors group in the back room. The woman who had just entered the restaurant was naked and was kneeling on a couch covered in sheets and had scratch marks along each of her ribs. I thought they had been having sex, but then realized she was getting a massage, and the hostess was a masseuse. When the hostess/masseuse finished the massage, she wrapped the woman all up in a little bundle of cloth, and she was the size of a large mailing box, maybe 12″ by 17″. I said, “We should flip her over.” Initially I could not move the bundle of the woman. But when I got my hands under the correct layers of fabric it was very easy. The hostess asked me, “Why do you think that was so hard for you (to move her)?”

In the last scene of my dream, I am in another restaurant. I am very clearly me this time. The director is sitting on the floor in a corner one table behind me. In front of me, a young man has come in and is talking with an older couple about a sailboat that he wants.

I am also sitting on the floor instead of at a table. I am painting with a brush already filled with paint on a textured canvas. The color is all coming out as a soft gray. I have the feeling that I am painting the young man’s sailboat into being. I fill three canvases with the gray paint. Then the color begins to change to a coppery gold and metallic pinkish red-orange. The director and another woman who has joined her, are still sitting on the floor, but have moved away from the corner and are encouraging me to keep painting. End of dream.

As I am typing this, it just occurs to me that the director might be my mother. This brings tears to my eyes. I had a difficult relationship with my mother, she was not supportive, she was angry, she became alcoholic, and she died at 44, just after I graduated high school. But this seems like the person my mother could have been or maybe really was. Doing something she loved, happy with friends, engaged with life and flexible, speaking her truth, and I want to forgive her for not being the person she could have been, for being the person she was. I don’t know what stopped her. And then as I write this, I could be writing about myself. And I do know what has stopped me, but perhaps the dream is pointing me to forgive, accept my mother within me, let her be supportive of me, to paint my life into being. To take heed of every little beauty in life, to paint with the beautiful colors, to create things.


The dream starts out with a young woman who is failing with a project. The dream scene at first is a hotel bathroom. Bathrooms are places to get naked and clean up. For me, this is the theme of the dream.

The director has a vision on a play. You describe her as your mother, so in my eyes the dream shows you how you are still living up to her play, her act. The things she wanted you to be.

Your animus side, the young man in your dream, has a vision of his own. You have needed him more than once. To get out of plays that did not suit you right. But in this dream you are going along with the director. Beacuse she has a broken heart. And it are only the small things that can bring her back to life. The mouses in your other dreams. They also were small but very significant in bringing happiness.

Who tries to slip away? There is a shadow side of you that does not want to play along. Maybe she is interested in dating the actor who has audacity? Which parts of you do they display? Do they get enough attention?

I think this is such a loving dream of forgiveness to your mother. How much pain of her broken heart did you catch being a little girl? Were you her little white mouse bringing her back to life with little things?

The dream in my eyes is a plead to combine the little things in a big animus matter. Those little things you give can have so much impact on the hapiness of people around you. You create beauty. Let that young actor speak out and proclaim the good things you have to offer.

I associate the number 12 with the Hanged man of the tarot: accepting things as they are. The number 17 for me is the number composed out of the strong number one and the magical number 7: a composite of the small and the strong.

I hope my interpretation has helped you because i was very impressed with your own vision and you are the only one that truly comprehends the message of your dream.


Susanne, I really appreciate your comments. The question of carrying my mother’s pain, in context of the dream, and my life story, is made very clear. I do not think I was able to bring her back to life. I did not think she liked me at all. That has always felt like a failure.
I am fascinated, and had not at all considered, who did not play along with the rest of the group. Lots to fathom there. Nice to have animus represented again. He keeps showing up, bit of a trickster here!
The concepts of small and strong are great to think about and explore. Thanks again for your juicy comments!


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