The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There are two kinds of spurs, my friend. Those that come in by the door; those that come in by the window.‘ (Tuco).

Three men: Blondie, (the Good), Tuco, (the Ugly), and Angel Eyes, (the Bad), are searching for gold buried by Bill Carson. They pursue the journey of life by pure wits and end up (nearly) killing each other.

tarot, dreams, archetypes

(How) are you looking at spurs in your life right now? The tarot, besides a divination deck is a guideline to find the hidden gold. Mindfunda introduces a new online course about the Big Arcana to help you track them down: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good and the Ugly have a trick. One hunts the other, turns him in and gets a reward. When they are hung, the other shoots him loose and they flee until the reward is turned up higher and they pull the same trick again.

tarot, dreams, archetype
Clint Eastwood /Blondie as Magician in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The story told in the Western Classic the Good the Bad and the Ugly shows resemblances to life. That is why it became such a big hit. We all search for gold, we all have done things that path the time seemed right but in retrospect made us regret the action. We all betrayed our friends as well as ourselves. But always there is hope for a better life. This course promises you that you will get to know yourself better.

You are going to get 23 lessons, one each week. The first lesson is an introduction. It tells you about the tarot, its history and the decks we are going to use: the Rider Waite Tarot and the Tarot of the New Vision. Since this course will not be about learning how to use the tarot as a divination device, it is not absolutely necessary to have the decks at hand, tough I can imagine you wold want to look at the cards while reading the information in the course.

The Tarot of the New Vision shows the backside of the Rider Waite Tarot cards and is therefore a nice deck to become more aware of the shadow-side of the archetype depicted.

Tuco: You want to know who you are? Huh? You want to know who’s son you are? You don’t, I do, everybody does… you’re the son of a thousand fathers, all bastards like you.

You are likely to find out that you are marching to the drum of a variety of archetypes. Each week a lesson about a card from the Big Arcana, starting with the Fool who takes the step, right up to the card of the World in the last week. You will find out that this card will seriously help you find out more about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly living inside the depths of your soul. You are going to know more about whose son (M/F) you are.

In each lesson you will get:
* Information about a card of the major arcana, how this archetype is expressed in celebrities and in dreams;
* The symbols and their meaning on the Rider Waite Tarot Deck and on the Deck of the Tarot of the New Vision;
* Exercises to discover how this card manifests in your own life;
* An incubation to explore the card manifest in the realm of dreams;
* A dream sharing group on Facebook. This is a closed group so your dreams will remain in this group, and are not visible to the public eye.

If you want to, you are welcome to buy the Silver package: here you will get every lesson, the incubation and the dream group AND a written analysis of common dream themes in the dreams shared during the course. This is not an in-depth analysis of a single dream, but tying together dreams shared during the course .

If you want an in depth analysis of a single dream on top of the Silver Package, choose the Golden Package. This is the most elaborated version of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and ensures that you will reap the best benefit. In the Golden package is not only a dream book with your tarot dreams per card, and an analysis of how the archetypes express themselves, but also the opportunity to consult me about one particular dream during one our on Skype.

If this course does not appeal to you, but you have a dream that you want to know more about? You can book an online Dream Consultation with me. In a dream consult, you sent me a dream by email, we connect on Skype and we will talk about the dream so you get more insight, and the possibility to take action to change your life.

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