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I am in a room when all of a sudden a man dressed in black came running towards me and bumped hard into my chest. The bump was so hard that I had to recover from the pain and the dizziness. I tried to regain my balance while I clutched his chest and started to look into his eyes. To my surprise they where kind...

Heart disease is the number one killer in the world.


This dream is a typical dream that points at problems of the heart. Can you tell why? Astvatsaturov, Russian neurologist, believed ,,that during dreams with elements of fear of death, ending suddenly by awakening, indicate cardiovascular disease even in the absence of other objective data.
You can read all about how a dream can help you guard your health and that of your loved ones in “A theory of dreams” written by Russian psychiatrist Vasily Kasatkin.

In this book you will read lots of impressive dreams that saved the lives of the people who dreamed them. Vasily Kasatkin was a remarkable researcher that was the first to be collecting data about this subject. In this book you will read about the dreams that belong to a certain type of illness. From acute bronchitis to toothache and from illness of the heart to eczema.

Another article that might help you recognize that a dream is about health is this one: 7 symbols that tell you your dream is about healthYou can listen to more information about A theory about health, Vasily Kasatkin and the relationship between dreams and health in my presentation “Can a dream safe your life?”

The person that dreamed this took my advice and had her heart checked. Her blood pressure was indeed very high. She started with adjusting her food: less salt. She started to eat more salicylic food like apricots, berries, pineapple, almonds, carrots, pine nuts. She took magnesium supplements (500-100 mg)

Magnesium supplement

and added some vitamin C with rose hips because that enables the uptake of the vitamin in the body. High blood pressure puts strain on your veins.

Vitamine C with Rose hips

Magnesium and vitamin C keep your them more elastic. Within two months her blood pressure was down again: she had looked the intruder in the eyes and smiled at him.

A disease is a disturbance of the homeostasis. Illness is the search of the body gone wrong. A dream is a way of helping you solve the need of the body to restore the balance. Make sure that you are able to help your body!

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