3 Secrets about synchronicity

The term synchronicity was coined by Carl Jung to describe “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” (source Wikepedia).
Living a life by synchronicity will change you. This blog will give you six easy steps to master the art of synchronicity, for it is an art. With a side effect: it will make your life more fun.

Secret #1 about synchronicity:
Pay attention to odd coincidences.
There are symbols that occur in my life and when they do I know I have to pay attention. For instance: in 2011 at the Conference of the IASD in Rolduc, I got an envelope from Rita Dwyer. Rita Dwyer once was research chemist at Thiokol Chemical Corp. in Denville, N.J. (source: Washington Post). She owed her life to a dream. Edward M. Butler saved her life because he had this recurring dream about saving her from a fire.
I had to deliver the envelope to somebody in my hometown, someone she met in a dreanm circle. So back in 2011, I got to his house, rang the bell, but got no answer. I left the envelope in the mailbox and forgot about it.
In 2014 I translated a Theory about dreams from Vasily Kasatkin:


A theory about dreams

Now a few days ago, this man came to my house. He said to me: “I want to buy your book, I have been searching my whole life for a translation”. I told him that I did not translate all of the book because it took up so much of my time. But it seems to me like the universe is telling me that translating the whole book is a very good idea.

Secret #2 about synchronicity:
Pay attention to dreams.

Carl Jung was convinced that dreams are containers for synchronicity, nce you know how to decode their message. He wrote several good books about it. This is one of the best: learn from the master himself.

Synchronicity: An A causal Connecting Principle Carl Jung


Secret # 3 about synchronicity:
Let nature speak.

We are energy. We live in a field of energy. We exchange information with our environment without even being aware of it and vice versa.
Stones are very good containers of energy. In my dream group we use a stone.
We hand it over from person to person and the stone helps us to listen to our inner nature. We use a specific stone. Pink Lepidolite. It helps you reconnect with mother earth and stimulates synchronicity in your life.




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