The Apple tv: unlocking knowledge in a heartbeat

I am a fan of Apple. And I laughed just like you, about the ridiculous price tag on the Apple watch. BUT this watch will be able to monitor your health somewhere in the future Apple’s Tim Cook has promised.

My life changed for the better when we  got ourselves an apple tv. It is affordable, and I love it. Being an information addict, my life has changed dramatically in the past two decades.


The apple tv bundle

1. The Apple tv saves time

Having had over 20 years of education I taught myself to look at indexes, find out where the information was I needed to know, read it, analyse it and use it for my own benefit. No I have to admit that, getting older a book hardly ever catches my full attention. I know what I want to know, look for it and hardly ever take the time to read a book from A to Z.
Now I just easily search for a documentary, or a good YouTube instruction and play it on the Apple tv. There are Universities, BBC documentaries, all kinds of cool and instructive knowledge that you easily absorb.
Being the moderator of a Facebook group about Mythology I get a lot of information about ancient history and mythology from all over the world that is available on YouTube, Vimeo

2. The Apple tv gives you freedom

You do not need to stay at home at a certain point in time. You can watch what you like, whenever you like and you can make the choices your intellect craves for. Are you into the creation of the universe? There are SO many good films, documentaries and YouTube films about it that you can call yourself an expert in the subject in a short amount of time, if you choice wisely.

3. You will not be bothered by commercials

That is one of the things I like best. No more silly useless commercials. I always resented that.

4. You dive into knowledge

All you ever wanted to know and more about psychology using for example itunes university which is filled with classes you can follow for free;
science with Michael from Vsauce who goes into depth about any subject and always know how to surprise you,
mythology: on Netflix (you have to be a member of Netflix) you can watch the mystery files with documentaries about Joan of Arc, King Arthur, Alexander the Great. So you see that every aspect of Mindfunda: psychology, science and mythology are represented in the pool of knowledge to dive into. You will come out refreshed!

My husband and I have been loving this Apple television since we purchased it a year ago. It has been worth evey cent. If you want to buy one yourself plaese consider using the link in this blog, it will give Mindfunda a little kickback fee so we can continue our work: to make your life more easy by giving you the knowledge you need. A Mindfunda a day keeps the doctor away!






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