Chasing the Light

Be Aware!

You are going to be reading a promotion blog intended to make you see why you have to participate in this one month, four week traveling our spirits event. I don’t like selling, what I have to offer is just good. So I will not smooth-talk you into a purchase. But I do want to tempt you to tip your toe in the ice-cold water of Iceland after a long warm geothermal bath and enjoy the tension of the opposites. In the month of May 2023 we are going to dive into the mythology of Iceland. Each week of this month we are going to explore a myth, a saga, we are going to meet trolls and elves. We are going to dream together and practice holding the tension between the burning fire in our hearts and the ice-cold reality of this world.

Holding the tension


Photo: Cullan Smith

Iceland rests upon two tectonic plates: North American and Eurasian. Between the plates there is friction and that causes volcanoes to erupt. Marion Woodman said: “a life that is truly lived is constant burning away veils of illusion gradually revealing the essence of an individual”.  
It’s an arctic state, so ice is all around. Poet Letitia Elisabeth Landon once said: “A great change in life is like a cold bath in winter — we all hesitate at the first plunge”. Are you ready to plunge in?


Photo: Osman Rana

The water of emotions can flow in any direction. Sometimes it meanders like a little gentle stream, sometimes it builds up like a tsunami that destroys people and places you have known and loved. 
If emotions are cooled down, if we chill hard enough ice forms. The longer we detach our warmth, the stronger the foundation becomes to walk away from someone or something that does not feed our soul. 


Chasing the Light


The land of fire and ice. A landscape filled with volcanos and glaciers. The misty steam fills an island that is unique. The fire ignites action, while the ice demands cautiousness. To visit the country is not only 
a journey, it’s also a spiritual quest searching for your inner fire, exploring your emotions to find out where your inner stability, your inner ice is locked away. 
It was in the misty steam of his outside pool that the famous poet Snorri Sturluson was murdered. Because of Snorri we now know about Odin, Thor and all of the other famous Norse deities. 
I want to invite you to chase around in the forest of sagas and myths looking for the sparkles of light that those stories can reveal to us now. How do they relate to our current life? We are going to explore that by dreaming. Each week, on the website of Mindfunda, you will find the incubation for that week.
If you listen to it, you can use it to relax, meditate and focus on receiving a dream. Invite a dream to go out and catch you, sit around with you by the fireplace. 

It starts May 01 2023

(Click the link if you want to find out more.)

You need to have a Facebook account. If you join, you will get an invitation to a closed Facebook group where you can share dreams each week. Each week you can listen to a new audio incubation that captures the essence of the 
lesson and helps you remember your dreams better. This dream you can share in the closed Facebook group where people can reflect on it.

  • In the first week we will discuss Þingvellir (the letterÞ is pronounced as th). It’s the first still existing parliament in Europe. We will meet the most powerful man in Iceland in the Middle Ages: Snorri Sturluson. He betrayed King Haakon, the same man he once tutored only to find out that his own betrayal came back lake a snake to bites him where it hurts. King Haakon sends his biggest rivalry to take Snorri back where he does not want to be.   
  • The second week of May we will visit the hidden Kingdom of the elves. The elves are also known as the hidden people. They decide of you are allowed to see them. Are you able to allow yourself to become blessed and discover the magic hidden under the rocks of oblivion?
  • The third week we are going to explore the trolls. We will hear and read about the Bárðr Saga, and dream about it together. We will discover the troll who lurks outside looking for any form of weakness and search for it inside ourselves. We will delve into the story of Bárðr, a brutal killer but also a savior of people in distress.
  • In the last week we will explore the runes. Not in a magical way, we will not be throwing the runes. But as a way of enchanting ourselves and each other with words.

This event is open for everyone who is interested in dreams, history, traveling and exploring (your inner) symbols.

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