Announcing Holy Nights 2024: Hercules 12 Labors

If you are familiar with the Holy Nights of Mindfunda and want to sign up right away, you can do it here.

Have you ever noticed that your dreams become more intense during Christmas time? The twelve days of Christmas, from December 24 until Epiphany, Januari six is known as the Holy Nights. Mindfunda invites you to join Hercules as he performs twelve labors for his nephew King Eurystheus. Let Mindfunda take you on a spiritual journey where:

  • each night you read a blog (reading it will take you 10 minutes);
  • at night you listen to an audio incubation of 10 minutes that relaxes you and tunes your spirit into receiving dreams:
  • and 10 minutes to write down your dreams the next day and discuss it with your peers.

A simple thirty minute investment during the busy Christmas period will give you the time for inner nurturing. You will dive deep into your own soul while you navigate your path for 2024. You explore not only your own dreams but are gifted the dreams of other participants as well. It’s always a lot of fun. Almost halve a month of fun with soul-searchers like yourself. you need to have or create a Facebook account for this event, because we are going to share our dreams in a private Facebook group.

Hercules Labor 11
Art Nidhodge

Mindfunda has been organizing Holy Nights Events almost for a decade now. We have covered a range of winter Gods and Goddesses: Odin who rides the night sky during Yule, Frau Holle or Perchta who shakes up her pillow to make it snow; the Cailleaich from Ireland who reigns during the winter time, and many more. This year I have chosen heroic Hercules also known as Herakles, whom the Gods sent on a spiritual journey after he had murdered his family.

This year Hercules takes us by the hand to explore our inner depths and travel to realms of experience we might have heard of before, but never imagined to visit ourselves. If you are curious, I have created a Lovely Travel Brochure where you can follow the physical journey Hercules made and the spiritual journey we will experience in these 12 days and thirteen nights.

Apollo and Artemis
Brygos Louvre

Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths, Jospeh Campbell used to say. I think that we crave mythological stories. Hercules is, like so many of us, denied his legacy as King, driven mad by Hera and has to learn how to serve the community by getting rid of numerous monsters that plague the inhabitants. Almost halve a month we will explore our inner monsters and animals to see what they will give us.

rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Dream incubation is a technique where you focus your mind before you go to sleep on receiving a dream about a particular subject. During this Holy Night Event you will be able to access audio incubations, about ten minutes in lengt. You listen to the audio, relax your body, fall asleep and you will tune your mind into receiving, remembering and understanding your dreams. Participating in a dream group is a great way to rejuvenate your dream ability so if you have not remembered your dreams in a while, this could give your ability to remember dreams a new injection.

Join me this Christmas, we start December 24th 2023.


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