3 ways to unlock your creative potential (and a free bonus)

Sometimes you feel stuck... The same life, the same love, the same children, the same work. Here are three ways to get you out of your routine to get some creative sparkle in your life.

We all know those people who are incredibly creative. Artists, poets, painters. They produce work that is so good that we all feel that we will never be able to match it. But you don’t have to produce another Nightwatch. There are three things to bear in mind, if you want to live a more creative life. Simple things.

Being creative #1

Don’t expect to be another Rembrandt. One is enough.

Rembrandt van Rijn

You have your own style, your own expression. An artwork, a painting, a poem is never going to look as good as the one in your head that you try to re-create. So this self-disappointment is part of the deal. But you will discover unexpected things about yourself. You will resolve creative problems that you did not even knew they existed. So be open-minded.

Being Creative #2:

Become your own best friend and supporter. Talk to yourself in a kind and gentle way like you would talk to your best friend.


Supporting, always looking for the good things in your creative expression. Did you choose your colors wisely? Did you dare to combine colors, materials, themes that nobody else has ever thought of? Did you dance like nobody was looking? Please don’t stop doing that.

Being Creative #3:

Let your curiosity lead you. Not your passion. I know this might surprise you. Bur curiosity is a gentle energy that leads you to paths you never would have explored. Passion is like a hurricane sweeping away the things that you know. Passion make you want to sell your home and live in the desert. Curiosity makes you want to explore being in nature, exploring sun and sand.There is nothing wrong with passion. But it is not a very solid pillar to build your life upon.

Being Creative: bonus

Make an effort to remember your dreams. Your dreams are a portal into new worlds. Your dreams can unlock creative potential.


This picture shows some of the art works I created based on my dreams. I know a lot of people always want to interpret their dreams. It is not always necessary. The mandala on the left side of the picture I made when i read the book Personal Mythology written by David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner.

Personal Mythology

The book takes you on a journey. you get exercises (like making a mandala) so you are able to look at your life from a different perspective. That is creative…

The drawing in the middle is a picture of my soul: the veiled one. I made it when I was reading Jung’s Red Book and I was incubating dreams about it. It made me ask myself very interesting questions like: “if I have a soul, what does it look like?’

The clay work on the left side of the picture is the image of Odin. I met a one-eyed man in my dreams once. I thought he was a wanderer. I got into a supermarket to buy him some really nutritious food. We got out and he looked at me. One of his eyes was gone. it was a powerful dream.

One last bonus tip: the Psiber Dreaming conference, an online dreaming conference has an art gallery each year, just waiting for your submission(s). I submitted an artwork once, a drawing I made of a man standing next to a tree. He was teaching me about dreams. Psi means that there is a connection between two people, two spheres that connect in dream time. This is an online conference with two presentations each day. the presenters are available online to discuss their topics. The theme this year is to leap into the mystery. That is where you can find creativeness.

Leaping into the mystery

So, being creative is being gentle with yourself, being curious, and dancing like nobody is watching (or singing like nobody listens).

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