Dreaming with the Moon in March 2024

I want to invite you to a month of dreaming and dream sharing that starts March 10, 2024. Four weeks long through the month of March until April 02, 2024 you will read a short mythological story and get an incubation. An incubation is a story you can listen while you fall asleep. An incubation helps  you to remember and understand your dream.  You can post your dream on a private Facebook group and reflect on dreams shared by other participants.

I am convinced that the Moon and dreams are connected. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey through the celestial realms? As March unfolds its journey, we invite you to join us in exploring the profound connection between dreams and the mystical phases of the Moon

New Moon (March 10)

As the lunar cycle begins anew, so does our exploration of dreaming with the Moon. The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, or a rediscovery of old wishes. We go back to the innocence of the Maiden who trusts upon the protection of Mother Nature. Join us as we delve into the sacred significance of the New Moon and learn how to harness its energy to set powerful intentions for our dream journeys. We will meet the mysterious black-eyed Maiden and allow our intuition to guide us to new paths.


First Quarter Moon (March 18)

As the moon waxes and grows in strength its ability to reflect sunlight increases. Will your dreams do the same? Will you receive dreams that invite you to reflect upon your inner truth? I am convinced that our body has wisdom and that this wisdom sometimes expresses itself in the language of dreams. At the First Quarter, we stand at the threshold, holding the tension. As Carl Jung once said: “But there is no energy unless there is a tension of opposites; hence it is necessary to discover the opposite to the attitude of the conscious mind”. Explore with us as we learn to navigate this pivotal phase, harnessing the moon’s luminous energy to propel us towards our dream visions.


Full Moon (March 25 )

The Full Moon is known to have its effect on dreamers even though there is no scientific data to back that up. I am inclined to think the moonlight wakes people up more often, which results in a better recollection of dreams. Full moon nights have a magical charm about them that inspires poets

Moon: reckless heart in heaven,
why do you row towards the west
in that cup filled with blue wine,
whose hull is defeated and sad?

Moon: it is no use flying away,
so you go up in a flame of scattered opals:
maybe you are my heart, who is like a gypsy,
who loafs in the sky, shedding poems like tears!…

Cesar Vallejo, Neruda and Vallejo: Selected Poems, trans. by Robert Bly.

Could the full moon be the harbinger of magic? I remember in the past I was involved in an online dream group that gathered during the full moon. It was always so much fun and I learned a lot from the people that contributed their dreams. The full moon lasts three days, make sure to post your dreams within that timeframe.

Last Quarter (March 31 – April 02)

The lunar cycle is almost completed. The light that the moon reflects diminishes. It’s an invitation to reflect on the intuitive goals you remembered during the dark moon and reflect on its progress. The moon invites us to let go and to surrender to the unknown. Join us as we journey inward, exploring the wisdom of letting go and making space for new dreams to take root.

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