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Dreaming with the New Moon

I have always wondered if the Moon influences dream content and dream memory. Professor Cajochen found evidence in 2013 that the moon influences human sleep.
You just have to click the link to read the research yourself to find out more. The best way to find out if the phases of the Moon relate to dream memory and dream content is to dive in, explore and find out. I wrote I created a course Dreaming with the Moon in March.

We celebrate Easter the first full Moon after March 21, so this is another great way to tune into the patterns of nature and see if and how your dreams reflect the natural patterns. The Mindfunda dream courses all come with a unique audio incubation. This is a guided meditation to help your body to relax and focus on remembering and understanding the dreams that you have.

To my surprise, I am kind of skeptical, my first dream at the New Moon reflected a pattern that coincides with the first stage of alchemy. Yes, I know that nobody understands alchemy. But at its core it is transformation brought down to some easy to use archetypes. It starts at the bottom, the dark shit of the mundane earth, the nigredo. That is what I experienced in my dream. You have to reflect on your world, like the moon does, and the darkness turns to white: the albedo stage of alchemy. The next stage is the yellowing of the spiritual process, from black and white your thoughts come milder and you see the how working through your own shadow has turned your inner light back on again. In the last stage the passion is ignited: it is the red phase: the rubedo. If you are interested in a dream where I used alchemy: here is the story of my elephant birthday dream.

This is my dream:

I am in my home together with my friend. I see that the toilet is dirty: someone accidentally left some shit on the seating of the toilet on the backside. I dread cleaning it, and my dreaming mind wonders where I can find my plastic throw-away gloves, so I can protect myself against the bacteria. 

Meanwhile my friend isn’t bothered at all about the shit. “Are you going with us to party?” He asks. At the same time some other friends are walking in. I really want to go but I have to clean the shit up first, so I say to my friend that I will be joining them later.

These are my reflections on the dream:

The other night I dreamed about a bed with a clean white sheet: the albedo and now I get the nigredo, the shit. The gold is in there, rumor has it. I like the fact that the New Moon manifests itself as the darkness in the situation. In the dream I a sort of Cinderella. There is a party going on, but I got to stay at home and do some dirty work. In ancient times, wise women believed that the New Moon was the time to stop with things that are old and be open for something new. This dream suggests that I need to remember that there is always time to play, even though you’d have to do the nasty chores to keep your home clean. If someone has put some dirt on you, it does not define who you are. Like Cinderella, you can always put on your best behavior and celebrate life!

I can not wait until the celebration of Easter begins: it is such a blessing to be born around spring time in April. I am going to put on my party dress and celebrate adding another year of wisdom to my life.

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