Eleventh Holy Night: Jan 04 – 05

12 holy days - 11th night

Tonight the moon is in the sign of Scorpio. A sign associated with transformation, death and rebirth. This night we focus on the month of November 2016. Preparation for winter. Dreaming with the Moon in Scorpio is associated with the deceased, so tonight we will incubate an a beloved deceased ancestor to guide us in 2016. Use the day to meditate on the incubation and make it your own. (accessible exclusively for logged-in MoreMindfunda members!)

Tonight we will focus on the month of November 2016 while the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, a sign also associated with November. Scorpio is a sign that rules money, sex and death. All the things series, films, and plays are about. A good story revolves around those themes. And your dreams are stories too.

We incubate to direct the energy of the story, and tonight we will focus our energy on an ancestor. A loved one. Maybe someone you have known in your waking life. Maybe someone you feel connected with intuitively. Recently, researchers have found out that your grandmother’s living conditions influenced your health. Epigenetic’s they call this science, it is really very fascinating to read about it. But biology is but one way the ancestors are still talking to you.

Artwork: familysearch.org

During the day, try to read the dreams you had so far. Is there a question you want to concentrate on today to ask your ancestor’s guidance on? You can also ask for guidance on the month of November, for most of us in the Western hemisphere a dark cold month. The lack of vitamin D in this period can make you slow and cranky, and craving for chocolate and other sweets. So concentrate on the wisest question to ask. Maybe it is the question: “What do I need to know?”. The symbols will come to you in your meditation and in your dreams. You will remember and understand them.


During the day, you might have a desire to meet a certain deceased loved one. If you do, sit down and write that person a letter. This will make your subconscious know how much you need a connection. Write down that you will meet each other. Think about the question(s) you want to ask and write them down too.

Start building a heart connection during the day. You envision your heart as a golden flower, displaying your light into the world. But not only the known world, also the unknown realms. You guide the light of your heart to the loving light of your deceased. You connect your heart with that person and start building a strong bridge of love and patience between the two of you. Tonight, in your meditation, you will use this love-bridge to reach the one you seek.

If you are not sure, just open up your heart. When you are in bed, envision a great green leaf at the place where your heart resides in your chest. That leaf shines a nurturing green light. The leaf opens up and radiates, but it also can protect your heart from hurt and danger. You feel completely safe and protected opening up this way.

When you have built a solid bridge using your mental energy, envision walking across this bridge. It leads to your lovely Tree of Life. You stand by your Tree and enjoy its calm energy. Its wisdom. It is so good residing here, at the core of your being.

All of a sudden you feel the energy change. It seems to grow. There is a light that glows and it connects with your heart. A golf of joy tiptoes through your veins, like an inner cheer. You turn around and there he/she is. You embrace each other. Long. You tell each other stories that can not be told in words. But you both understand.

When the first fuzz is over it is time to ask questions. You remember your question(s) clearly. You receive answers in visions, in intuitions, in feelings, in smells, or in sounds. You will remember them all. Your deceased one takes you into dreamland and gives you the dream you need.
You will remember and understand your dream.

Dreams of this night

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay): DRIVING A CAR (Holy Night 11)
January 5, 2015

In spite of careful incubation, nothing came to me by way of dreams that was in any way significant to the theme of connecting with an ancestor. Only in the past couple of years did I find out something of my grandparents, aunts and uncles from my father’s side, and my grandmother is someone I often speak to. I have never known her in life, and I have always felt that absence, that hole in my life. As the Incubation for this night suggested, I did write her a letter:

Zdrastutey, Babusha Anna (Hello, Grandmother Anna):

I am your granddaughter. To my great sadness I only know you through your son’s (my father’s) memories which he has imparted to me. As you may be aware, he’s still alive, and just celebrated his 99th birthday.

You may also be aware that I was not yet born when you passed over the Rainbow Bridge into the afterlife. I was told you had passed away from stomach cancer, and died in my mother’s arms. There is a lasting image these words have created in my mind, one of the links that ties me to you, a dark thread that is full of pain and illness. Among the bright threads are stories of your immaculate housekeeping, your children, and your grace. You were a scholar and were able to speak a number of different languages, including Russian and French. Not only speak but also read and write both in Cyrillic and in Roman alphabets. How marvelous! My dad tells me that I would have gotten along with you beautifully, because of our creative spirits.

You, dear babushka, are the one who I look to for ancestral wisdom. It seems to me you are always around, subtly guiding me. Now, tonight, I would love to touch your spirit more directly, through my dream. Tell me, what is it that I need? What do I need to become a better person, what kind of guidance should I give to others? With open heart and love I turn to you.

Babushka, please answer my call and visit me tonight.

Deepest love,
Your granddaughter Lida

Perhaps my previous dream of meeting my sister was sufficient for this dream as well. In that dream, the older woman whose face I never saw could have well been my grandmother. I often talk to her, since I instantly felt a link connecting us when my father spoke of her. Perhaps I had no need for a more detailed contact, since I feel constantly close to her.

Only two very short and vague images remain: In one I am driving a yellow car, and in the other, I have all sorts of papers on the table and I need to match them up in some sort of order.

As I wrote the dreams, it occurred to me that driving a car is rather unusual. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve dreamed that particular image, and to me it suggests that I am as much in control of my life as I can possibly be. The yellow colour also connects with the gold that has occurred in my earlier dreams.

Putting pieces of paper together also speak to organization of my life. Life is life, and there is always something to tidy up, sort through, and tidy up.


First thing that came to my mind is that paper is made out of a tree. Like you are orginizing your Tree of Life. The yellow color reminds me of the color of the sun, bringing new light in your life.

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay:

Interesting observation, Susanne. In fact, I made sure that I had some birch bark on my night table last night.


I did not dream last night. Although she is not an ancient ancestor but has been deceased for over 40 years, I decided to meet my mother. I had written out questions for her. I was really afraid as I thought about doing this, since the memories that came up were of being scolded, criticized, the focus of her anger, and of not being supported emotionally by her. So I pulled out all the stops, and invited all my inner support, ones who have recently shown up in dreams, white mouse, Bill Murray, other animus figures, my dogs, owl, and a best friend and a cousin who are very supportive in real life. I finally felt protected and safe enough to face this fear with all that support. I went through the meditation of gathering in my tree, but it wasn’t until I woke about 2 that I remembered that I had forgotten the shining green leaf in the heart. So I did that then. I had a sense of the other green leaf appearing out of the unseeable dark in a nanosecond. Leaping forward, as if waiting an eternity for this moment. It was my mother, appearing in a way that made me think of Tinkerbell, but not that small. I could not see her, but I knew it was her. We embraced, clung together, wept, did not need words, but I had the inner knowing that we were sisters. That the bond between us was immense, uniting us infinitely. We shared the same joys, creativity, beauty, profound and deep love for one another that we could not express in the human form. We shared the same grief, the human manifestation of our relationship. I guess as I write this that it was only our deep love of one another that could allow us to try this painful experiment that has been this life. And as I write this, it all seems a bit unreal. But also seems real. This was so profound, that I could not sleep. I got up and played with some yarn for a couple of hours until I could be ready to sleep again. Dreamless sleep. I’m grateful for this experience.


What a profound initiation your mother has given you. To realize that she ahs loved you in the only way that was possible for her: barbed wire love: love wrapped in criticism. It was what she was able to give you when you were alive and she gave in the best way she could. With the best intentions. And now look how your inner mother has grown and evolved. She is capable of giving magic and joy. She sparkles her magic around to make your heart lighter so you can clear up all the memories that had a dark lining around them.

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