Film Feature: Four Stories about Gender

I want to thank Jungian Author Susan Scott, artist Brenda Ferrimani and Psychoanalyst Lou Hagood for their advice on Mindfunda Movie.

It is the season to watch a film. Days are getting shorter, evenings are getting longer. Nowadays films are easily found online, but these four classic films will be an asset to your collection. Mindfunda introduces Mindfunda Movies.

Two movies about the way our culture perceives women: Girl Interrupted and Pan’s Labyrinth. And two movies about the way our culture perceives men: Pulp Fiction and the Shawshank Redemption.

film about girls

Mindfunda Movie contains more than 30 pages of information. Even if you saw the film a couple of years ago, there is a short summery of the story to refresh your memory. I have added several questions at the end of each film interpretation so you can connect the film with archetypical problems and conflicts in your own life right now.

Pan’s Labyrinth is the story of a girl initiated into womanhood. When the main character of the film, Ofelia, lies in a pool of blood in the opening scene, you know that this is a symbolic representation of the first menstruation. It makes sense that the tyrant stepfather is the symbol of Western patriarchal society.


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This film is excellent and you won’t be sorry that you add it to your collection. In my review of Pan’s Labyrinth I invite you to explore your own personal mythology by asking questions like: How many times in your life have you been disobedient and followed your own intuition?  How did it work out for you?

In Girl Interrupted I invite you to get aquatinted with Vermeer, because his painting “Girl Interrupted at her Music” plays a key role at understanding the theme of the film.

Vermeer: Girl Interrupted at her Music

The painting is symbolically used as a transition between key scenes. Girl Interrupted asks you as viewer some profound questions about your vision on women.

How are women supposed to behave? When do they get sent of to a mental hospital? And how are Pan’s Labyrinth and Girl Interrupted linked to the other classic film about female initiation: The Wizard of Oz? Why is Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth dressed like Dorothy? You will find out in Mindfunda Movie

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Film about guys

Pulp Fiction questions the binary nature of western society; logos versus mythos.
Logos versus Mythos means Rationality versus cultural significant stories.
“The Shawshank Redemption is much more Western oriented: the answer to

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redemption lies hidden within the individual, but he can not reach it until he has connected with friends and lovers. Which vision attracts you more and why?” (Mindfunda Movie Shawshank Redemption).

Art by Doug Savage
There is only one Morgan Freeman

Is a man supposed to be a rational creature, a calculating hunter bringing home the meat? What role do fathers play in the initiation process of becoming a man?

Pulp Fiction is a film about how to differentiate yourself as a men from a moist, shapeless mass of matter.

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If you have to obey orders (and don’t we all?) Isn’t it better to obey the orders of spirituality?

Art by spot_on_george on
film as a personal teacher

Each time a film captures you, you know that an archetype is triggered within your soul. This set of films is aimed at (re)discovering your animus and your anima. How do they need each other? How do they interact? What is your own opinion about men? And your opinion about women? The fun thing about film classics is that they usually become a success because of the archetypical values they portray. Mindfunda Movie can coach you to look at a film classic in a whole new way.

Most of the films are available online or on Netflix. You might support Mindfunda Courses by considering these Amazon-links to purchase on DVD:

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‘Recently I had the privilege of reading Susanne’s in depth analysis of the movie, “Girl Interrupted” and it was a delight! Her insight enabled me to experience a layer of richness to the story I’d never appreciated before; for instance, my eyes were opened to metaphors written into the lighting, colors, and set design that had totally escaped my notice. If you are the sort of person who appreciates subtlety, likes to peek beneath, and soak up every nuance, you will love revisiting your favorite movies with Susanne. ‘

– Brenda Ferrimani


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