Hathor the Goddess of dreams

On January 6th 2015, Moon in Leo. In my dream I am on a farm. I cut open the stomach of a cow to put two frozen meatballs inside, so she will get pregnant. The meat balls are cold, they almost feel frozen so I try to warm them in my hands before I put them into their mothers' uterus. I close the uterus and walk out, only to walk back in again a few minutes later, to open the cow up again and double-check the eggs.

Hathor the Goddess of dreams


Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess was known as the Goddess of dreams. Depicted as the horned Goddess, she always reminds me about a dream I once had where horns grew out of my stomach. If you look at the recurring theme of stomach dreams I have had you can see how my dreaming mind connects horns pregnancy. The horned Goddess is an ancient Goddess. The horns symbolize the crescending moon. Pointing upwards they transport heavenly energy into the earthly realm. Dreaming while the moon is in Leo is dreaming about passion, about the heart, about new possibilities. They only need a bit of warmth..

Hathor worshiped not only in Egypt and Nubia but as far as West Asia and Somalia. Hathor the cow – goddess fed the pharaoh. She was an ultimate Goddess, mother of the milky way. Women in Egypt where glad to become priestesses of Hathor. I visited her temple in Dendra, last century.

I know how this dream became instigated. I read this book about Hathor:

Dancing for Hathor

Dancing for Hathor is a book that links her with the information about the great mother goddess. It enlightens us about the status of women in ancient Egypt: the Queen mother was very powerful, other women where less important.
You can see in my dream how the cow is a Queen mother in the making. It does reflect my own image as a queen mother. My children are growing up way too fast, just like my father always said about me.
Another thing about the book struck me. Remember that I had my dream with the moon in the sign of Lion? I want to end with this quote from the book:

When a man smells myrrh his wife is like a cat before him,
When a man is suffering his wife is a lioness before him

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