Improve dream recall: 10 easy suggestions

dream recall

Some people think they never dream. But we all do, each night. What can you do to improve dream recall?

Improve dream recall tip #1

Take some vitamin C , magnesium and B before sleeping. This helps your body to build tryptophan, an essential amino acid. It has to be part of our diet. It helps your body to make serotonin, that not only reduces aggression but can be transformed into melatonin. In this process of making tryptophan magnesium and vitamin B and C are needed. Please do not only take vitamin B6, as is often recommended because the B vitamins really need each other.

Improve dream recall tip #2

During the day, several times make a resolution that you are going to remember your dreams. “Tonight I will remember my dreams and I will know what they mean”. For me this little trick has proven to be a success many times.

Improve dream recall tip #3

Set your alarm clock 5 minutes early. You can now take the time to lay in bed and ask: “What was I doing” and try to walk your way back into your dreams. This happens to me nearly every morning, for me it is a very successful way.

Improve dream recall tip #4

Lie in bed in the same position as you awoke and make an effort to remember your dream. If there is no memory, ask yourself how you feel. Dreams are about emotions, and your emotions can lead you back into your dream.

Improve dream recall tip #5

If there is no memory you might want to take another position in your bed and see if this brings back a memory.

Improve dream recall tip #6

Take a shower in the morning and make your mind as blank as possible. While relaxing, often ideas and dream memories surface.

Improve dream recall tip #7

Write up a story as if it where a dream. Write a story in the morning (or use an app as Dragon: it writes down what you speak) and treat it as if it was a dream you had that night. This way you are creating a habit that will probably increase your dream memories. We are creatures of habit.

Improve dream recall tip #8

Join a group of dreamers, online or offline. The IASD (International Association of the Study of Dreams) is a very good organization where you can find a lot of dreamers, (some professional) and join a real life group or an internet group. Dreaming together will increase your dream recall.

Improve dream recall tip #9

Read a lot of dream books. What you are doing all day will linger in your mind at night. I have written two nice books about dream as well. One about dreaming and health. This book tells about a thirty year study of a Russian psychiatrist Vasily Kasatkin (Here is a link for Dutch people) about the relation between health and dreams.

I also wrote a book about dreaming about our deceased.

 improve dream recall
A dreamers guide through the land of the deceased

In this book I look at our dream stories using them as a guide map to uncover the “journey” our deceased make after their death, according to our dreams.

Improve dream recall tip #10

Make a dream journal. You can by a nice book to write in, or download an app like Evernote that enables you to add photo’s and drawings when you are using an Android phone or tabloid. I usually write text on the right side of the book, and use the left side to make notes and to write what I did the evening before I had the dream.

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