Little known ways to look at dream content

We always knew that dream work was essential for keeping an emotional and rational balance. Mindfunda will tell you about little known ways to look at dream content
. Dreams can warn us, help us when we are feeling down, correct us when we are being too stubborn. And now at last, science found evidence that the way people describe their dreams is an indicator of the psychological help they are best suited for. Looking at the patterns of words that are used and analysing  them to help decide which therapy will be sufficient for a patient.


Example of a word graph

In a recent study by Alex Berezow of RealClearScience, 60 patients described a dream. Some of these patients had psychological disorders, others didn’t. The words they used were put into graphs. After analyzing them the graphs of patients suffering from bipolar disorder and of schizophrenics looked different.

Schizophrenics tend to use few words to describe their dreams and people with bipolar disorder use more words and repeat themselves. The word graphs for undiagnosed people different from the two groups of patients, the Schizophrenics as well as the bipolar patients.
So before making hypothesis about the patient, a therapist would be working more efficient by discussing dreams with patients and analyzing the dreams inclusing their use of words. Read more by clicking here.

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