4 Secrets about Male Mythology: What you Should Know Before You Get One



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This is the third of a six part blog about Mindfunda Mythology, an online course that will make your life easier:

The Creation myth: Genesis and The Big Bang
The Amazing Animal: The Animal in Mythology
Mythology of Men 
Mythology of Women
Mythology of the Trickster
Mythology of the Grail, Pulling Out the Sword
Big Hero 6


Male Mythology in Four Easy Parts

A Male is not easy to understand for a woman and a woman is not easy to understand for a male. But once you are knowledgable of the mythology of this society around gender, your life will be so much easier. This blog will lead you through the contents of a course I have written about the Mythology of Modern life. My next blog will be about the mythology of women.

When I was a little girl I seriously doubted if men had any significant use in life. I saw boys as annoying brainless creatures who spent their time shooting each other with imaginary guns. Some decades later I fell in love with a man, only to find out he was a boy. His mother did not approve of me, so he broke off our relationship. My assumptions about the stupidity of men seemed to be confirmed. Than someone pointed out the book by American poet Robert Bly to me: Iron John: A Book About Men.

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In his life, each man has to break free from the dreams his mother has about him. Iron John has to steal the key from underneath the pillow of his mother, to escape his golden cage. My first lover did not have the guts to steal the keys away and be initiated.

male Mythology: Secret #1 biology

What does the third lesson of Mindfunda Mythology course has to offer?

We explore, in a biological sense, what determines the sex of a fetus. We start at the root of gender differences, and work our way up to the (expected) role of men in our current society.

Most people see a dream as a symbolic message. The next section is  devoted to an undervalued messaging system in our body: hormones. And to be specific: the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is often associated with enhanced aggression and sexual drive. Why is dreaming often a “female” thing?

Male Mythology Secret #2: Hormones

In the next paragraph I will introduce the first model of typology for males. It is based on hormonal levels in people, males as well as females. It was composed by Helen Fisher, PhD, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Internet dating site match.com. It is the first way of classifying males in your environment. This is an invitation to look at male characters in your life and in your dreams and determine what motivates them. The Explorer, the Builder, the Director and the Negotiator. I choose this typology because it is so intuitive. Everybody is almost instantly able to determine what type of person he/she is dealing with.


Cartoon found at mattblease.tumblr.com



Then I will discuss the second model of male typology. Four male archetypes as Jung has defined them: the King, the Lover, the Warrior and the Magician. These topologies have layers.

Cartoon: Hallmark Licensing LLC


A King has a good and a bad side. And so do the Lover, the Warrior and the Magician. Of course during his life Jung himself had developed into a mythological figure. Which male archetype do you think suits him most?

The next step in the course is to use the mythology of Iron Hans to describe the Western path of initiation from boyhood to man.

Male Mythology Secret #4: the animus

The next paragraph focuses on the animus in women. While Iron Hans gave the male version of initiation, it is the animus in women that can make her personality stronger, more powerful and more resilient.

The  last paragraph is focused on gender identification in dreams. More specifically, we will look at dreams were someone is a dream character of the opposite sex to determine how our dreaming mind plays with gender identity.

What are your thoughts about men? Love them? Hate them? Let me know in the comments.

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