A Dreamers’ Guide to the Land of the Deceased

I am Susanne, i am book addict.
Always reading several books at one point in time.

Often, the daily blog on Mindfunda is about a particular good book that has triggered my mind, or made me look at things from a new perspective. I have written two books myself. Well, actually I wrote one, the other I translated.

My first book is called “A Dreamers’ Guide to the Land of the Deceased

dreamers guide to the land of the deceased - back
I did a reserach on dreaming about the deceased. From over hundred dream reports I analyzed, a pattern emerged. I call it the “Infinity pattern”.
If you look at a dream, almost always a difficulty comes in the story. The infinity pattern makes sure you keep the energy floating (energy is never lost, my science teacher used to say). You look at were the blockage occurs in the story: in the image of self? In a social setting? With a certain person? And you figure out an action in the waking wrold to get the energy in that area floating again.

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