Narrative and mathematics never the two shall meet?

A Narrative is composed of words. Mathematic equations have a language of their own. And never the two shall meet. But they need each other.

Dreams are composed of words. Dreams are narratives. In Circles disturbedmathematician and philosopher Apostolos Doxiadis searches the connective bond between the two. This leads to some interesting stories.



“Do not disturb my circles” Archimedes last words before he was stabbed to death by a Roman soldier. A circle is not only a mathematical equation, people can also be in their own circle of being right. And getting your words into a mathematical equation can help you understand the meaning of your words and the laws that they reflect.



Circles disturbed

One I want to share with you. In 1988 Robert Thomasson had a dream. Robert has been working on Grothendieck’s absolute purity conjecture. The assumption that when something happens it also happens in a particular codimension.

In his dream his friend Trobaugh that recently passed uttered (wrong) solution to the problem. But by doing that Thomasson was able to move forward in solving the problem. He honored his friend and his dream by putting the name of his friend on his paper.

This book takes you into realms of philosophy and narrative that will tune your mind in a different state of comprehension. I became more analytical in my way of solving problems. To see language as analytical tool to solve problems and discover the truth is a thing we all want to do.

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