What no one tells you about religion

Most of us believe that civilization began when hunter gatherers invented agriculture. They settled down, founded cities and became civilized. But new archeological evidence points in the direction of religion.

Religion made people settle down

The earliest temple found untill this day was excavated in Turkey: Gobleki Tepe. Archeologist Klaus Schmidt has been romancing the stones found in southeastern Turkey. The almost 11,000 year old stones made up a temple that served to honor the death. because the stones are carefully arranged and much too heavy for a single person to move, a team of people must have worked on them.

Göbekli Tepe


Also recent findings reveal that Mayan civilization was centred among religion.
Ceibal, the oldest city of the Mayan society. Recent excavations have found evidence for the ritual use of Ceibal’s main buildings. Religion as the centre of civilization, food and agriculture as a by-product.
In our rational world today we seem to have lost a connection with religion, only to find that religion is innate. In the centre of our earliest civilization!

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