Solstice: the perfect time for dreaming

The winter solstice is a time when darkness falls across the land. The veil between the world gets thin. It is the perfect time for dreaming. Mindfunda invites you to become a Mindfunda More Member, and experience the depths of your dreams.

Solstice at Stonehenge

Dreaming at the winter solstice

Nights are getting longer, and around solstice the veil between the world is getting thinner. It is a perfect time to dream. Magic is all around, not only in Stonehenge, but also in your own backyard. You can tune into your own dreaming mind using my incubations and plan ahead for next year. If you join our group you will get a dream incubation every day that tunes in to the position of the moon, combined with the intention to gather information about the next months. Each night, you tune into another month of next year, with the intention of gathering information about things to come. Like Robert Moss is used to say: “Dreams are rehearsals of possible futures in waking life“. And the fact that you purposely tune into the possible future, will help your life for the better.

The winter solstice as unofficial onset of the Holy Nights

In our blogs about the Descent, the common theme is that the light within our souls shine brighter because of the darkness surrounding the Northern Hemisphere.

Rudolph Steiner dedicated several lectures to the Holy Night Dreaming. “The sun with loving light makes bright for me each day, the soul with spirit power gives strength unto my limbs. In sunlight shining clear I revere, Oh God, the strength of humankind, which thou has planted in my soul, that I may with all my might, may love to work and learn. From thee stream light and strength to thee rise love and thanks.”

Rudolph Steiner

Due to the powerful nature of dreaming in this period, I invite you to take the change and experience it for yourself. I was, many years ago, stunned, every year by the special, powerful, sometimes nightmare-ish dreams I had at the end of the year. In this period I dreamed about the circumstances of my father’s death, that was about to happen the following year.

My own Solstice – Holy Night Dreaming experiences

I pre-dreamed several business opportunities in the time period of the Holy Nights. And I also got dream advice about the health of my children. In one dream during the holy nights, I saw how my youngest son needed an allergy treatment in a dream where I saw tubes down his nose. That year his adenoids got removed, a standard procedure before starting a resistance treatment.

It has become a time when I dream and plan the year ahead. The dreams are all gathered in one beautiful map so I can re-read as the year goes by. Sometimes, the months are not correct but the events are. The first night of dreaming, December 25, will tell you something about the coming month of January, the 26th will tell you something about the month of February and so forth. In one of my dreams, I even had a Rudolph Steiner thrown to my head: Steiner means stone and in my dream a stone was thrown against my head.

I will carefully guide you through the process and you are welcome to share your dreams and talk about them. It is on a page that is not visible on the internet, unless you become a member. So your dreams are safe. As you go into the process you will see how much guidance and help your dreams can be for you. To help you set your goals for the new year. To ask your dreaming self for guidance this new year.

Mindfunda invites you for a Christmas celebration you will remember. For just 10 dollars you get exclusive access to a restricted private area on Mindfunda during the Holy Nights. Each night between December 25th and January 6th, I will share a dream incubation. We will talk about and reflect on our dreams. Ancient belief says that during these nights the veil between the worlds is thin. Register now as Mindfunda More Member, to experience the depth of your dreams.

4 thoughts on “Solstice: the perfect time for dreaming”

  1. Susanne, thank you for this. You encourage me to warch seasonal dream patterns. I hadn’t noticed that I dream more this time of year, but I’ll look at my dream notebooks to check past patterns and levels of intensity. It’s an interesting idea. It does feel that the veil between the worlds is permeable. Just before Solstice, dream Vic appeared in my bedroom–naked, muscular, vital, and oiling and fluffing long black curls into an Afro. He was delightfully relaxed and reminded me of naked male figures on Greek vases. I look forward to working with my therapist on this one next week. Wishing you love and light.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Susanne, it's very powerful. So interesting about the stone thrown at your head. I've had of tower of books collapsing onto me while on the tennis court in a dream – which I took to mean enough already with the 'book knowledge'. I know that my dream world enriches my life so much …

    1. Hallo Susan,

      It is an interesting image being on a tennis court. When I was doing a visualisation course, “hittiung an ace” was the symbol of success to symbolize whenever you wanted to succeed in manifesting a goal. Looking at your dream image in that way, if it wsa my dream it woudl signify a success in writing.

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