Spring: when Earth marries nature, or do your dreams change in tune with earth’s cycle?

Spring: I like this season. The temperature is easy: not too warm, not too cold, the Earth returns from the realms of Hades. During Spring several years ago I had this dream:

I am standing in a forest, surrounded by elves and fairies. I have the feeling I am "the chosen one" because it is not common for a human being to get invited to a ceremony like this. Even though I am not quite sure what is going to happen, the air is filled with expectation. I feel the tension of all the magical creatures that have gathered here this evening... Behind a tree a beautiful lady appears, dressed in a green gown. She is waiting, searching for her mate. Suddenly there is a zooming sound. I understand intuitively that this is what she has been waiting for. Her mate. a man dressed in brown, appears in the sky. Where did he come from? He just suddenly materialized.. The Green goddess and the brown man fly towards each other. When they meet in the sky there is a celebration of light: all colors sparkle in the sky...

I dream of Spring

I think this dream speaks of the marriage of the earth (in my dream symbolized by the brown man) with nature (the Green goddess). In her book “The Myth of the Goddess” Anne Baring says: Fire, light and the dazzling luminosity of the starry dimension are all images that were associated through the ages with the radiance of Wisdom, which, as a fusion of love and insight, or gnosis, expresses the union of queen and king, the highest feminine and masculine qualities of the soul”

The myth of the Goddess Anne Baring and Jules Cashford

So many times, after dreaming like this I look up information in The Myth of the Goddess. Anne Baring is a very well-educated, thorough analyst of ancient mythology, stories, poems and themes. She presents a wealth of information about the Goddess.

I recently interviewed Anne Baring about her book Dream of the Cosmos. I put it on my YouTube channel, please subscribe because I will be putting more interviews here soon. Dream of the Cosmos is, just like The Myth of the Goddess a valuable addition to your bookcase.

Dream of the cosmos Anne Baring


Spring is the time to become fertile again

Spring is the time for the Earth to flourish, to become fertile again. Being invited to witness this ceremony is very special. Being surrounded by magical creatures gives the atmosphere a special vibrance. Is spring also your favorite time of year? Do your dreams change in tune with Earth’s cycles? I think mine do! At the darkest times, Christmas, the return of the light changes my dream content. I have organized a Holy dreaming internet group for several years. There is an ancient believe that during the period surrounding Christmas the veil between the worlds is transparent. Information from the future can be dreamed of in advance.

What are your experiences? Does spring change your dream content?


3 thoughts on “Spring: when Earth marries nature, or do your dreams change in tune with earth’s cycle?”

  1. elainemansfield

    Such a wonderful dream. This time of year, I face the east for meditation to welcome the growing light. The Green Woman and Man will unite again and create their magic on the land. Thank you for sharing this with me. This morning, I see three red cardinals at the bird feeder. Red promises of coming green.

  2. What a wonderful dream – and post Susanne thank you … and for the Anne Baring interview .. enjoy your Spring! We’re heading into autumn down south here and already I feel the chill in the evenings. I’m not sure my dreams follow the natural earth cycles ..

    1. Thank you so much for your support Susan. Anne is one of my heroes. I am so thrilled she will be a keynote at the IASD conference in June in the Netherlands.

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